My Son...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As I mentioned in Monday's post, I've been a little sick.
And I missed wishing my son, Michael, a Happy Birthday on Saturday
here on Walking on Sunshine.

I love this boy so much.
Here is what I wrote about him a few years ago on his birthday.
It deserves to be repeated...

Happy Birthday to my son MICHAEL!
Michael's birth was very unpredictable. 
I actually went into labor with him 8 weeks early 
but was able to hold on till his due date.

However, by the time that date arrived I was very huge. 

I guess that's what 8 weeks of bed rest does!
Anyway, during Michael's birth he somehow managed to get stuck...
he was just too big, he weighed 10 1/2 pounds! 
All of a sudden 3 nurses were on top of my belly 
trying to push him out, 
his heart rate had dropped tremendously and 
I was in the worse pain I ever experienced as the doctor 
proceeded to break Michael's collarbone to save his life. 
He was born with no heart beat, not breathing and quite blue.
Thankfully the Lord had HIS Hand on my son and they were able to revive him. 
He has been a joy to us ever since!

Olivia and Michael, Easter 1999...

Six years ago pumpkin picking at a farm near our house...

Earning his brown belt two years ago...

Camping trip with the Royal Rangers from church...

With his sister, Olivia, last Thanksgiving...

With the Colonel last Easter at my sister's house...

Last summer in Phoenix, Arizona at the National Fine Arts Convention.
The temporary tattoo says, "Forgiven..."

And a picture I found on Pinterest 
that says it all...


  1. Happy Birthday to your amazing son!

  2. Happy Birthday to an awesome young man! :)

  3. Awwww.... what a sweet post! Very handsome young man~ I know you must be so proud of him.
    Happy Birthday, Michael!

  4. WOW...what an amazing birth story. How scary. Your son is such a cutie. Nothing quite like a son is there? Happy birthday Michael! And may the Lord richly bless him always! HUGS!

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  5. Happy Birthday to that handsome guy! I have three son's and the pinterest quote is so very true! My last child weighed 10 lbs too, so cute he was:)


  6. Your son sure sounds like a keeper! Happy Belated Birthday to him!

  7. A fine looking young man. Hope he had a great birthday. Feel better soon.

  8. Happy belated birthday to a handsome young fellow, and I hope you get to feeling better really soon!

  9. Happy Birthday to your precious boy, what a scary birth and Thank God it all turned out fine, he's turning into such a handsome young man:)

  10. Happy Birthday to an amazing son. The very last paragraph in your post brought tears to my eyes.

  11. What an incredible birth story! Your son looks so much like you, it's incredible.
    Hope you are feeling better, and hope Michael enjoyed his special day!

  12. Happy Birthday to your handsome boy! I remember reading that story before but so blessed to read it again. God is so good!

  13. Happy Birthday to your son! What a scary way for him to come into the world! Hope you're feeling lots better!


  14. What a fine young man and such a blessing to your family. Hope you feel better soon, Lois.

  15. Happy birthday to Michael. Hope it was a good one.

    What a rough beginning for you all, but he is indeed a blessing!


  16. Oh what a sweet sweet post!! He is so handsome and sounds like such a blessing. Hope you are feeling better.

  17. Awe - my great awe moment of the day. What a great tribute to your son. I hope you are feeling better. And I sent that quote to my daughter. Happy Birthday to him. sandie

  18. happy birthday to your son...and congrats to you for raising such a fine young man!

  19. Happy Birthday to your handsome son! Hope you are soon feeling great again. Take care!