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Tuesday's Question...

Happy Tuesday!

The sun is shining today here in PA and all the snow
that fell on Saturday is almost gone.
A little sad about that, but glad the sun is shining.

My Colonel has now lost his voice.
Well, almost lost his voice.
So this should be an interesting day of classes for him!

Have I mentioned before that he NEVER gets sick? 

For this week's Tuesday Question, I'm asking something that 
I've thought about a lot.

"What is the one thing you would grab if your house was on fire?
Everyone is out of the house, you can go in 
and grab ONE thing.
What would it be?"

Growing up we lived in a very old parsonage that was right next
to the church that my dad pastored for over 30 years in
Queens, NY.

When we moved into the parsonage I was in second grade and at that
time it was over 100 years old.
It was a beautiful Victorian house that had 3 floors, a scary basement and even
one of those old-fashioned doors that opened from the floor in the back porch.

Here's a picture of the house that I took when we went for a visit last year.
My bedroom window was on the other side of the house...

When I was 13, the playroom became my room.
I was thrilled!
But it was on the third floor, right next to the attic.
I remembering asking my dad if the house was on fire, how would I get out
if the stairs were blocked.
He didn't pause one minute and told me to climb out on the ledge
outside my window and wait for the firemen or my dad to come get me.

Now, don't worry, the ledge was big enough to be considered a little balcony.
But, being the fearful girl I was, I always thought what I would bring with me
on that little "balcony" while I waited to be rescued.

My one item has changed throughout the years, naturally,
but if I could only grab ONE item NOW this is what I would grab...

My Bible.
My parents gave it to me in 1977.
It's the Bible I've been using ever since.
And, yes it's falling apart.
It's not even attached to the leather anymore.

I have it in a nice pink Bible carrier, but no longer carry it to church.
I use it only for my devotions every morning.
Here's a picture of the inside..

My dad wrote what he wrote in every Bible he gave to anyone,
and as a pastor of a large church he gave a lot of Bibles as gifts to people...

"This book will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from this book."

THIS is what I would grab if my house was on fire.

Thankfully, I no longer would have to sit on a ledge outside
my bedroom window waiting for the firemen to arrive.

Leave me a comment and let me know YOUR answer!
And if you want to leave me a comment on Facebook,
that would be great also!

On the menu at our house tonight:

Spinach Quiche
Tossed Salad with Italian Dressing

Not sure if Michael will eat the quiche, but there's always leftovers.

Enjoy your day! 


  1. I love nothing more than a well worn bible. I also love what your father wrote in it. Such good advice.

  2. Hi Lois! I love that Bible and my own well worn Bible. I have so many scrapbooks and a trunk of journals with my writing. But the one said one thing and everyone was out. That includes my pets, right? That would be most important : us and my precious animals of course. This is something I think of because of the many writings which are mostly dialogue with God, poems, stories in the making. I can get a new Bible even though I love mine. A lot. I have thought about this and I can't come up with one, it pains me to think of the writings and pictures gone but I guess I just think it's all stuff. Too overwhelming for me to choose. As long as my fur kids are set and of course my family. I am good. All else will be burned up someday anyway. Am I too morbid? I will have to ponder more, ok? Maybe even blog it!

  3. You made a very good choice, Lois. God's word is something we can always rely on. Just to be a bit different, I'd probably choose to grab my big stack of diaries. So many memories!

  4. Lois my answer would have to be a huge box I have filled with family pictures, videos, and important papers. I would miss those things terribly!!!

  5. Morning Lois,
    Thanks for your visit hon, glad you liked my new look, it does feel very fresh to me, and I will try to remember to take pics of these chairs beforehand, sort of embarassing they look pretty bad, but they are clean even tho they are stained!! lol

    Well, in answer to your question I think I would have to say the same,
    because my bible was given to me my the Pastor that taught us most of everything we know about Christianity, but mostly because God says the only 2 things that will last are love and the Word of God. So that prioritizes things pretty simply.

    Love your questions every week, it was a great idea.............

    Love and blessings hon, Nellie
    P.S. and how is Olivia doing??

  6. Hi Lois,
    So glad to hear Olivia is doing so well, accept for the sickness, but glad she is doing much better, that is hard when they are away and sick,
    Cause they want Mom as much as we want to get to them!! lol
    Sounds like a great set up with her apt and room mates, and nice it has a sitting area too. That makes it seem a bit homier too.

    Oh yea, and I meant to tell you the house you used to live in is gorgeous. I absolutely love old homes like that, and have always thought it would be so neat to have one, but since I have found out that some can be quite the money pit, so decided oh well..........
    on that one!!

    Have a great day sweetie and thanks for coming by to fill me in.
    Love and blessings, Nellie

  7. I'll take his spinach quiche if he doesn't!

    I would definitely take my scrapbooks with my kids baby pictures.

  8. I would probably grab my box of memory books--These can't be replaced, and as I went by my computer I would snag my back up drive. If I had time for a second trip, I would get my tote that has the pictures, I haven't yet scanned. Everything else can be replaced, and somethings I would be so glad to see go--the decision finally out of my hands.

  9. I know others have asked this question and I've never really stopped to think about it...humm...Ijust asked my hubby and he said he would grab his MacBook and if he had a second chance, he'd grab one of his guitars. Me? I'd probably grab my computer since it has 14,000 pictures on it! But I just don't know. My house is full of things I love that aren't valuable in terms of money. I'd probably go for some scrapbooks or photo albums! Good question Lois!!

  10. Precious indeed to make sure you get your Bible! Mine's in about the same condition and even tho' I received a lovely new leather bound Bible for my birthday my 21st b'day bible is more like a trusty old friend!
    Have a lovely day

  11. I'd grab one of my guitars. I bought my guitars when I was young and single and could spend money on toys.

  12. Your choice is prefect and precious, Lois.

    I would grab my fire proof safe. It has every photo negative and backed up zip drive we have ever had. The photos I have taken since the children were born mean so much to me and the thought of losing them forever would break my heart.

  13. How wonderful to still have that old Bible...I would love something like that too. I had one that I used for years and years. It was old, had MANY of my personal notes etc., and I lost it! I left it at a women's convention I had gone to...just laying on the table where we were having coffee afterwards. I got distracted (soo me) and when I came back for it, it was gone. It never showed up. How weird huh? It took me a while to get over it. Anyway, what would I grab? I think (if I only had a minute) I'd grab this lap top as it has literally hundreds of my pictures on it. My other memory books and baby books and the like would NOT be a quick grab and then where would I be? haha. Maybe this means I should organize things a little better. Good question...and btw Spinach Quiche sounds great! What time is dinner? HUGS

  14. Your old Bible is very special...and I can see why that would be one special thing you would want.

    That is such a neat house that you lived in. And how wonderful that your dad was a Pastor! I grew up without a dad...and I loved our Pastor like a grandpa. He was a wonderful man.

    I'm not sure what I would grab. Except my husband. We would want to be sure that we had each other and that we made it out safely. Our God would go with us of course...and He would see us through it.

  15. What a great choice and such a precious gift.
    I have to say that I would get my box of pictures as when I first got married I lost all of our wedding and # 1 sons baby photos due to a flood.
    I don't think I'd eat that quiche as I don't care for spinach at all.

  16. The way this weather is in Pennsylvania it is a wonder we aren't all sick.

    I have been using grapefruit seed extract and it seems to be working well for me.

  17. The Bible and people that have lived through disasters say to grab your photo's , everything else can be replaced but your photo's. Enjoy your blog!

    God Bless!

  18. It would be a toss up between my car keys and my maybe I should just say my purse which usually has both in it. I love that you still have that Bible from your parents... I am sure you will always treasure it.

  19. Just a heads up that there is an ad for the series Californication on you blog. It seems so contrary to all you post that I thought maybe you are unaware. If you are aware and choose to have it on there, then my apologies.

  20. Love this post! And I can totally relate to what you'd take if there were a fire. I bought a new Bible about 5 years ago, but I just couldn't get into it because in my old Bible I know where everything is, can picture verses - which side of the page they're on, etc. I have tons of notes in my old Bible (which friends give me grief over). It is really irreplaceable.

  21. Yeah, I remember that day when DAddy told us what to do if our house was on fire, I had to climb out my window and then climb down those pine trees, remember, I probably would have just jumped! I remember cause we just got done watching that episode when the Walton's house burnt down.....don't like that one, so scary even when I see it now, then our neighbors house back at home burnt down, and here too across our street our NOW neighbors house burnt down.....I don't know what I would go back in for probably my kids adoption papers..... :)

  22. I have all our family photos in one cabinet, including our wedding album and children's baby pictures. If accessible they would be easy to grab. All other things could be replaced.
    How special that you still have that precious Bible!

  23. That is a very precious Bible, very good choice. I honestly don't know what I'd grab, probably pictures.

  24. I love what your Dad wrote in you Bible, what a truth! I adore your home that you grew up in Lois, and no doubt about it, my Bible would be the one thing I would want to save.
    Praying the Colonel is feeling better.
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. I love what your Dad wrote in the bible. When I sent my daughter off to collegethis year, amongst all the 'supplies' I sent to stock her dormroom, I tucked in a small,pocket-sized bible. In it I wrote...."ALL the answers are in here, if you just take the time to look."'s comforting to know that He is watching over my daughter when she's away, even when I can't be there. Great question, by the way...still pondering what the ONE thing would be... Have a great day!!!

  26. I think I would grab my case with all our pictures saved on CDs and DVDs.

  27. It would be whatever photos/albums/memory books I could grab in my arms. I keep them in the closet right beside my bed for that reason! :)


  28. Okay I must be tired - but if I had my family out - there is nothing else I'd take - sandie


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