Scripture Sunday...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

There have been a few occasions this week where the following verses
have come to my mind and I thought I would share them today.

"Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile."
Psalms 34:13


"If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue,
 he deceives himself and his religion is worthless."
James 1:26

Lord, help me to always be mindful that I represent YOU in all I do,
in all I say and, most importantly, in every area of my life.

On the menu at our house tonight:

Roasted Potatoes
Green Beans

Enjoy your Sunday!  


  1. Happy Sunday Lois

    I can totally relate to both of those verses.

  2. Indeed, good words. A worshipful morning here in RI as well. SO grateful for my Pastor's teaching and heart!

  3. Very well put, Lois...and a lesson we can all learn from!

  4. Very wise verses today. The pork looks delicious. Have a wonderful evening.

  5. Such a good reminder to watch our tongues and to be careful what we say!

    Thanks for posting those verses!

  6. Dear Lois, Wonderful words to keep in mind always.
    Delicious looking pork loin.
    Have a blessed Sunday, Catherine xo

  7. Gotta love that James! Great verse. No need to translate. Thanks Lois.

  8. I am loving James right now too. Such profound yet simple truths! Your dinner plans sound wonderful! Hope your week-end was good...HUGS

  9. The dinner looks yummy...and I also like the scripture that speaks of Bridling our tounges..a need at times! ;D

  10. The tongue can get us into more trouble! Great reminders that we are ambassadors for Christ!

  11. I LOVE the quote by St. Frances of Assisi. How very very true. sandie

  12. Wonderful words of wisdom we ALL need to be reminded of because we all struggle with keeping that tongue under control. Thanks so much for your post!!

    That pork loin looks MIGHTY FINE there, and I just scrolled down and saw those Peanut Butter Blossoms....YUM!!

  13. Hi Lois,
    I have always loved that quote by St. Francis as well. Great verses too.
    Our pastor is encouraging our church just to brag on Jesus wherever we go and in whatever we do. He said bragging on Jesus to unbelievers is witnessing, and bragging on Jesus to other believers is encouragement, and
    bragging on Jesus to Jesus is worship. Love that!!

    Funny We had a pork loin roast, mac n cheese and green bean casserole sat.nite for dinner, as Scott and Megan came over to visit. Great minds think alike they say!! lol

    Have a great week ahead sweetie,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  14. Great verses! I love the reminder to speak with honesty and kindness!

  15. What a great St. Francis quotation! (and of course the Scripture). Have a wonderful week!