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Scripture Sunday...

This week's Scripture Sunday is a special one!
My college roommate, Shelly, is our special guest blogger!

ONLY, she doesn't have a blog yet!
I'm hoping after TODAY, she'll get one up and start posting!
Here we go...

It’s almost the middle of January and I’m wondering how many of you 
have already given up on that New Year’s Resolution?  

I’m not really one to make resolutions, but decided this year to do something different.  
I’m calling my goal for 2012 a New Yield Resolution, and to take that a 
step further I want to talk to you about 
Gaining by Giving up.  
The idea is, rather than go after the things you want for the New Year, 
to challenge you to yield things to God in this New Year.

Today, I have a sign with me, this particular sign means, slow down, 
and be cautious unless you’re a man and then it means accelerate! 

The dictionary gives us some better definitions and they are:
  to give up, as to a superior power or authority: to give up or surrender (oneself): 
to give up or over; relinquish or resign.

 Now let’s say you are sick and tired of being told what to do, you snap and all of a sudden 
you decide that rules do not apply to you, not even road signs.  
Well, after they release you from the hospital, or after you get that ticket
 or worse yet after they pull your body from the car, 
you might have a different perspective about choices and rules, even road signs.  
Safety in a car comes from yielding to all the signs on the road, not just the yield signs.

As followers of Christ, our lives draw similar parallels.  
We choose to become a Christian, but still want to do what we want to do, 
no rules, just forgiveness from sin.  

Jesus said we must be willing to pick up our cross and yield 
our lives to him to get what we truly need.  
It’s not about what we can get out of life; 
it’s about what we gain when we give up our lives. 

In order to follow him, we have to deny ourselves, take up his cross and follow him.  
I like what Luke 9:23 says, and take up his cross daily…not just whenever, but daily.  

That’s truly yielding your life to Christ, to choose daily to deny yourself and follow him.  

How many times have you promised yourself you were going to really live for Christ, 
trust God and NOT get in his way.  
We all do it, the problem is we lack patience; 
we want what we want NOW instead of
waiting for God to bring it about in his timing.  

We have to remember there is so much to gain, when we give up 
or yield and let God handle everything.  

I’m sure most of us could share a time when we got ahead of God?
Gaining by giving up is a difficult concept, but when we yield to the things of God 
and yield or give up things to God,  God promises to take care of us.  

We live in a world of entitlements, a world in which people expect to get, get, get, 
so to be deprived is unthinkable. 
You are probably thinking why would anyone want to give up their rights 
and place themselves under someone else’s control?
But think of it this way: 
When we decide to yield to someone we are putting our lives in 
that persons hands, so why not that person be God?

God is asking us to yield all areas of our lives to him.  
Put our hurts, pains, frustrations, dreams, in his hands.  
I know I’m carrying some burdens that are just too heavy, and today I need to practice 
what I preach and yield those things to him.  

Possibly you find yourself overwhelmed with a situation, yield it to God today.

My challenge to you is list out the areas in which you need to 
yield to God and write it on your yield sign and carry it with you in your 
Bible, or notebook or place it near your mirror,
 so you can see it every morning and be reminded that 
God is calling you to yield and listen quietly to his voice and
 be willing to give up in order to get what 
GOD has in mind for you.

Thank you Shelly!
Now, get blogging! 

Let's show Shelly some Walking on Sunshine LOVE
and encourage her to start her own blog!

Leave Shelly a comment!
I know she'll appreciate your kind words!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Yes have a call to share more of what God has in you to us. Thank you for giving the Word of the Lord to us today! Blessings, K

  2. Good morning! I loved this. Some really good thoughts here, all soo true! How much better off we would all be to yield to His power? Why do we fight it so? Sure hope you do decide to take up blogging. You would find it a wonderful place!

  3. Wonderful thoughts this Sunday morning about yielding our lives to Him~ thanks for sharing your heart with us, Shelly!

  4. Great post Shelly...... Now get blogging and let me know when you do so I can come and visit your blog.

  5. Shelly, It is obvious you should have your own blog! I like the focus of Yielding for the New Year. It is a nice compliment to my own God given word for the year which is Less! Yes, they compliment one another! Let us know when you get going and stop by to visit me as well!

  6. Shelly - welcome - what a good friend you have here. I hope you start blogging - it is so much fun and you get to meet the most wonderful people.

    Now I love your thoughts today - it is not what we can get out of life at all - when we give up our lives to Jesus - we get so much more.


  7. We are doing a financial freedom study this month at church. That is another area that we need to yield to God. We would all say that we believe everything we have is God's, but we don't always live that way. Thanks for the good word!

  8. Hi Shelley,
    How true, how true, your word are,
    God always put back more than He asks us to yield.
    You have a voice my friend that really needs to be heard. Lois was very wise to inlist you in this post,
    she knows a good blogger when she sees one, so get that blog started
    and please be sure to let me know... as I would gladly be a follower.
    Thanks for the great post,
    Blessings, Nellie

  9. Beautiful! Loved reading this! Looking forward to visiting your blog again!

  10. Ok Girl, go for it. It is a wonderful opportunity to share your heart and lend encouragment to others. I promise to follow your blog.

  11. Welcome Shelly, you really need to start that blog. Your thoughts on yielding are so inspiring. You have a gift for putting your thoughts in written form.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. Hi Lois,
    I sent you a long e-mail that just gave back undeliverable.
    Send me a test e-mail to and I'll forward it again. Thanks1

  13. Shelly this was so good. You simply must start a blog of your own and write more challenging posts! (:>)

  14. Lois,

    Great post by Shelly. My word for the year is GROWTH - Growth in faith, growth in health, growth in family... Sorry the Colonel is sick but there is nothing like homemade chicken soup. Here is something that my Mom did with chicken soup. She would make mashed potatoes and put the chicken soup over it like gravy. My favorite way to eat chicken soup! I know it sounds weird but it tastes great. You make a well in your potatoes and fill it up with the soup. My Dad used to call this a "swimming pool". I even have deep set plates to eat this in. I don't know what these plates are called officially; they are a combination of plate and bowl and my ham and cabbage is great to eat out of these also. I hope the Colonel feels well soon. Hey, Lois, I live in PA too, in Grove City; where are you guys?



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