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Mashed Potatoes...

Last week I mentioned my love for mashed potatoes
but also my "dislike" of peeling the potatoes in order to to enjoy 
my favorite side dish.

I found this great video on You Tube with Maryann of Gilligan's Island
showing a different way to peel potatoes and I told everyone here that I 
would try this new method for dinner.

Well, I did and let me tell you THIS is how I prepared our mashed potatoes 
last night for my daughter's birthday dinner...

That's right, the good old fashioned way with a potato PEELER.
I really did try the way Maryann showed us in the video.

I placed the potatoes in boiling water just as instructed and set
my timer for 15 minutes.
I had to do my potatoes in batches because for some reason all 6 potatoes
would not fit in my pot.  
That should have been a warning. 

I then put the potatoes in the ice water and TRIED to peel them.
Well, let's just say I needed my paring knife to get them 

And to top it off, they still needed to be boiled AGAIN
to be soft enough to mash!
So back into ANOTHER pot of water (because I was still boiling potatoes to be peeled)
 the potatoes went and after another 10 minutes
of boiling they were FINALLY ready to mash.

Only because they were boiled TWICE they didn't exactly
taste quite right.
They had a weird taste and I found myself adding more
butter, more half and half, more salt to try and cover the strange taste.

I thought today I would show you how I usually make mashed potatoes
and how I made them last night. 
Nothing fancy, except my beautiful RICER that I've been using for years...

If you want "lumpless" potatoes, you need a ricer,
well at least I need a ricer.  
I could never get the potatoes smooth enough with just an electric mixer.

Once your potatoes have been boiled and are fork tender,
place them in the ricer and push the potatoes through...

The boiled potatoes come out through all the little holes in the ricer...

This only takes a few minutes and you have your potatoes all
"mashed" and ready for you to make them yummy...

I usually add melted butter, salt and half and half...

So easy and delicious.  
Makes any meal even perfect...

And Olivia really enjoyed her birthday meal last night of
pot roast and mashed potatoes...

How do YOU mash potatoes?

Enjoy your day!


  1. I have been wondering how that went. Now truthfully, it DID occur to me that not many potatoes would fit whole like that in any pot I use, unless I was making mashed potatoes for just my hubby and me which truthfully I usually don't. When I am going to the trouble of making them it is usually for a crowd. And it also kind of occurred to me that would they even be done in that amount of time considering I usually cut mine up and they take a good while to boil?? Soo I see these thoughts were problems, haha...Your ricer idea however is a WONDERFUL one, other than I don't have a ricer. But what a great idea. I rarely (if ever) have completely lump free potatoes, so this could be the answer to that. Have a good day Lois! HUGS

  2. Olivia's special meal looks wonderful! I confess that I rarely make mashed potatoes for just the two of us. Growing up they were a favorite of mine!

  3. I love mashed potatoes too.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving your nice comments.

    Have a great week.

  4. Love, mashed potatoes, Lois, and do them old way peel, boil, and mash with a potato masher, me thinks i need to come into the 21st century. ~smile.
    I am so glad Oliva enjoyed her special day.

  5. I was wondering about this also.
    I do not have a ricer so I do it with an old fashion potato masher.
    A friend told me that you should have a few lumps so that people know you use real potatoes.
    Racheal Raye also mentioned the lumps in potatoes one day on her show.
    Your daughter does look happy about her meal and it does sound so good.
    PS Happy Birthday to such a beautiful young lady.

  6. My grandparents always used a ricer for their mashed potatoes. I just peel my potatoes with a knife then cut them into small pieces to boil. Works well for me!

  7. That does sound like too much work. It would be quicker to just peel them! That's what I do, peel, boil, then mash. Sometimes I use a mixer and whip them.

  8. I use the ricer. But I have seen that video, but I've never tried. Mashed with Pot Roast is a real comfort food feast! Looks good.

  9. I wondered if that worked or not. I don't use a ricer, but I just peel and boil and mash. Sandie

  10. I too like mashed potatoes, but I like lumpy mashed potatoes. When my mother was alive, she wouldn't let me mash them because I left lumps.

  11. I never, never, never peel potatoes. I boil them skins intact and them put them through my ricer. The skin stays in a nice sheet inside the ricer that will fall out after each potato. ;)

  12. I wondered if that potato peeling really worked. I seen Mary Ann's way a few times and just didn't give it a try. The rice thing you have what exactly is it and where do you get one?


  13. Oh your mashed potatoes look great and your menu for tonight sounds awesome!! Looks like Olivia really enjoyed her birthday meal.

  14. Lois,

    I must try using my ricer! I bought one years ago but never used it. Yours is much nicer.



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