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Happy Birthday...

My Sweet Wonderful OLIVIA! 

19 years ago we received a wonderful surprise.
Olivia decided she could no longer wait till the middle of February to be born.
She wanted to meet her mom and dad a little bit early, six weeks to be exact. 

She was six pounds at birth...quite big for being so early 
and only had to stay in the hospital an extra three days after I was released. 
A very hard three days! 

We had nothing ready for her! 
I thought I had all the time in the world to purchase 
whatever I did not receive at the baby shower...that was scheduled for the weekend she was born! 

The past few months have been hard for me 
as she graduated high school and is now attending college
down in Florida.

But I'm thankful her Christmas break allowed her to still be 
home for her BIRTHDAY.

We celebrated with my family last Monday, with my niece Grace,
who's birthday is in a few days.

My mom had a cake for both the girls
and they had fun each taking a turn blowing out "their" candles.

I'm very proud of the young lady she is becoming.
She's hysterical and has me laughing all the time.
Although, I really wish she would FINALLY inherit some 
of my organizing and cleaning genes.

Yes, this is her room before she moved to Florida.
I use to close the door so I wouldn't have to see it when I walked by...

I posted this picture to her Facebook wall the other day...

Today I will prepare her favorite meal,
Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes.
And we'll have a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and
open gifts when the Colonel comes home later tonight
from his reserve weekend. 

Always know how much you are LOVED
Livie Girl!


  1. Happy Birthday, Dear Olivia! :)

  2. How beautiful your daughter is, she takes after her mom.

    Don't fret about her room. Once she gets out on her own, things will most likely change and she will keep things spotless. I know my daughter does and her room was always a disaster.

  3. Happy Birthday, beautiful Olivia!

    What is it with girls and their rooms! ha!

  4. Oh Lois she is soo darling! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet Olivia!! You have gotten such a nice L O N G visit..soo happy for you. Enjoy your day... HUGS

  5. Happy Birthday to her, what a beautiful young lady! I love the sign about the messy room, lOL!

  6. Happy birthday to your big girl. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up? My messy kids grew up to be clean freaks, go figure.

  7. Such a sweet sweet post! She is so pretty and what an awesome smile she has. I hope that she has a wonderfully blessed birthday!!

  8. Happy Birthday Olivia and Grace. I know you miss Olivia so much but I'm happy you had such a fun Christmas break together. She is beautiful and such a blessing! Your dinner sounds delicious!

  9. Dear Lois, Thank you for sharing this post. I wish your Olivia the happiest of birthdays and a blessed year ahead. Your friend, Catherine xo

  10. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Happy Birthday to beautiful Olivia, and to Grace too, what a joy for me to have seen Olivia grow into such a beautiful young lady.
    Don't worry about those organizing skills they are there, she is just enjoying her life.I like the sign,

  13. Happy Birthday to sweet Olivia!
    Time sure flies doesn't it, Lois?
    She'll have her own home before you know it and those genes will kick in!

  14. Awe - that is so sweet - Happy Birthday Olivia and many many more. sandie

  15. Hi! That's wonderful she's going to college and I'm glad you got to see her and share some time together. Pat

  16. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Nice that she was on break and home for her birthday. Mine will be in college in September, I'm looking forward to straightening up her room, LOL!

  17. Lois,

    I hope this time it works - every time I try to write it gets erased somehow! Love the tips on peeling potatoes. I hate, I Hate, I HATE peeling potatoes!!! I figured out a way to make tons of mashed potatoes and freeze them but still had to peel the stupid things. Now maybe I won't. Going to try the pork with the balsamic vinegar and the pasta fagioli soup though I'll have to put rice in it instead of pasta.
    We found out that my daughter can't eat (are you ready for this?) ANY wheat, ANY dairy, and ANY eggs! We haven't removed these totally from her diet but they are greatly reduced. Jac is autistic and has been diagnosed with Aspergers; she also takes seizures and since these dietary changes her cognitive skills have improved.
    If you want to know how I do my potatoes please e-mail me back. I enjoy sharing!
    Love the site and I'm so glad the Colonel is home safe and sound from Afganistan and the entire family was home for christmas.
    As a retired military wife I understand your relief when he walked over to you safe, sound and whole.



  18. I love hearing about the relationship you have with your daughter, and what sweet pictures!

    Happy Birthday, Olivia!

  19. Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is so pretty.
    I found you through Dan's Blog and I noticed that you are waiting for extra money for a door box. I made a easy tutorial last year and I shared it for free, LOL. So you can try it, this is my link.. If you made it send me a pictures of it.

    See you, Eve

  20. Belated Happy Birthday to your beautiful Olivia! I remember how hard it is when they go off to college. Do I ever! I grieved over missing my twins for just about all 4 years of college. Its all better now though...except they are still in different states. And/but happy. Lots of phone calls & video chats from time to time. Our daughter is flying up to be with us for a week for my birthday. =) This Wed.

    I hope you run across a 'dot to dot' calander at the sales like I did. I found this one at Barnes & Noble. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. Comments are smile makers aren't they.


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