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Welcome Home...Sort of!

Yes, my Colonel is home.  

Well he WAS home.

He left Afghanistan on 12/26 and arrived in the good old USA, 
Georgia to be exact, on 12/29.  
Five hours into his out-processing he was told that 
they were closing for the holiday on 12/30 and would reopen on 1/3.  

He was also told that HE would have to wait for them
 to come back on 1/3 and continue his out-processing.  

Well, that was NOT acceptable to my Colonel.
I mean, you would think the military would have 
their out-processing centers open 24/7 to get these servicemen and women 
back home with their families.  
He proceeded to get a 3 day pass and was home New Years Eve.  

It was so nice to see him.  
Even though we knew he had to go back and finish his out-processing.  
Which should have only been another 48 hours.

Instead my Colonel has been down in Georgia 
for a week waiting, waiting and waiting.  

For what?

A signature.  

That's right.  That's all he needs...a signature and he can come home.  

Oh and he's been waiting for this signature since LAST Wednesday. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting. 

Did I tell you he starts a new job this week?


And he's still in Georgia waiting on a signature so he can come home. 

Something doesn't seem right when you make your servicemen 
and women sit around waiting to get back home with their families
 after risking their lives for over a year.  

I hope to have good news in a day or so that he is home for good!
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