Tuesday's Question...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I love Tuesdays.
Mainly because of Tuesday's Question.

I love thinking of a question and posting it on my blog
and reading everyone's comments.
And I love when my friends on 
join in and comment there as well!

A few weeks ago I posted
THIS question and received quite a number of responses!

So I thought it only fair to post today's question:

What was your FAVORITE gift you received THIS Christmas?

I received a lot of wonderful gifts.
And it was VERY HARD to come up with ONE gift!

But I really love the gift my sister-in-law and her family gave me.
This beautiful "prim" candle holder...

It's so me.
And I found the perfect place for it, right in our entry-way
next to the antique wash stand...

So, what was YOUR favorite gift you received THIS year?

Leave me a comment and let me know.
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And if you want to know the worse gift I've ever received
for Christmas, go HERE!

Enjoy your day!


  1. My favorite Christmas present this year I would have to say is the framed print my mother gave me...the print is by a local artist of the old one room chapel (Hanes Chapel) my husband and I were married in. I just can't wait to hang it up in our living room!

  2. Good morning! My favorite gift is the calendar that my youngest son and his family gave me, where they used their most recent photo sessions to make up all the pages....perfect! Such a good idea....

  3. I loved all my gifts this year! I would have to say my favorite was digital photo frame that my hubby gave me:)

  4. My favorite gift came from my girls. They made a recording of their Dad's voice for me so I could hear him anytime I wanted. I'd give anything to have him but this is a very special gift.


  5. I love the unusual candle holder your sister gave you. She knows your tastes.

    And I have something wrong with me - I know - but the thing I liked most was seeing Andy's face when he opened his presents - he was sooo happy and he just danced all over the room - so sweet.

    Love, sandie

  6. I got so many nice gifts I can not choose just one.
    I guess if I had to pick something it would be having the family all together this year.
    It is getting harder and harder to get them all together anymore.

  7. What a beautiful gift, I can see why it's your favorite!

  8. I received an HP tablet.It's very special because it's a gift of trust from my parents.Also now I don't have to wait for my turn to blog(I have many siblings that I usually share our computers with), I can instantly use my tablet.It's also my very first super neat electronic device!:-)That is one of my favorite gifts this year, but I will not forget the top gift that we all received on Christmas day many years ago!That gift is God's own son!Jesus!

  9. I love your new prim candle holder--and it looks so nice where you put it! My favorite Christmas gifts were the primitive country decorations I got from my family--a hanging lantern, prim electric candles, and a lighted wooden saltbox church. I know that's 3--but I love them!

  10. I loved all my gifts and it's hard to pick one. The biggest gift really is just having my little family together and having fun and watching them open gifts!

  11. Hi Lois, thanks for your visit. I loved the darling measuring spoons and cups I got..they are Gant and they have roosters and hearts engraved into them. Also the plaque that my husband game me, it says; "To the world, you are a Mother, to your family, you are the world." Happy New year to you! ;D

  12. Dear Lois, I really have only one Christmas gift that comes to mind and that is the gift of my children and the blessing to be here with them. It means so much to me.
    I wish you Lois the best Christmas season with many good memories made and a Happy New Year. Your friend, Catherine xo

  13. My most favorite gift was having our daughter here to spend so much quality time with her. God was so gracious.
    I love the candle holder, enjoy.
    Wishing you and your family a very blessed, and Happy New Year, Lois.

  14. Hi Lois, That candle holder is perfect for that spot.

    After 19 years of marriage, I broke down and purchased myself a slow cooker and love it!!!