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Tuesday's Question...

Another FUN question!

"What was the WORSE gift you've 
ever received for Christmas?"

This was an easy question for me to answer
and I know all my friends and relatives are waiting to see if
it was one of THEIR gifts!

Our first Christmas as husband and wife,
my mother-in-law gave me a ROBE.
But not just any ROBE.

This was a MO-MO.

A big maroon robe and WAIT...  
It gets better...

It had this zipper from the bottom of the robe up to the neck.

AND it was a SHORT robe.

That's right, it came right down to my knees.  

I really didn't know what to say.
I politely smiled and told her how lovely the robe was. 

And to make things even more uncomfortable,
my mother-in-law proudly told me that she 
bought the same one for herself!

Just what every NEWLYWED wants!

I asked the Colonel today's
Tuesday Question
to see if he would know what the worse gift I've ever received was
and, of course, in true typical MAN-thinking,
he promptly said,

I explained to him all about the robe and he started laughing
and told me that he didn't remember this at all!


I told him it was promptly exchanged for a lovely purse and umbrella!

And just for the record, my mother-in-law 
is really my husband's step mother.  
My husband's mother passed away when he was only 20.

Phil's father remarried Virginia a year before the
Colonel and I were married.
She is a very lovely lady,
 who currently lives in Washington State,

Please leave me a comment and let me know
Or, if you're a follower of
Walking on Sunshine 
leave a comment on my page!

On the menu at our house tonight:

Garlic Bread
Tossed Salad

Come back tomorrow when I share 
"Christmas Baking with my MOM!"

Enjoy your day!


  1. I am having a hard time thinking of the worst gift I ever received.

    Your robe... I remember those robes. LOL... they are like one size fits most.

  2. Ha~ I was wondering why you were so brave to post who the giver was! To funny!

    I will have to think about this one!

  3. Ha! Lois that was a funny post! My mother-in-law gave me a snap on towel for Christmas one year...and the worst part is that it was an itty~bitty thing that did not even go around my body!

    I think that one was the worst present ever!

    (I Loved my Mom-in-law very much...and she is in heaven she won't be reading this.) (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. Good morning! HAHA...on the robe. Yes, I remember those robes too...haha. Let's see....I am going to have to give this some thought. I'll be back later. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  5. What a really funny story - i think we've all been there!
    My late MIL also gave me a few 'choice' gifts!
    Best wishes

  6. Oh this was an easy one for me! My gift also came from my MIL. It was a huge plastic terrarium that looked like a giant white ball, well the top half was clear, on a white pedestal that stood about 3 ft or so high and looked like something from outer space. It was hideous! She knew I loved plants and thought I'd like it. NOT!! I hated it! But I had no choice but to set up the ugly thing in my house so she would see it. My SIL got one like it and she hated it, too. It got knocked over in a couple of years and got broken. Awwww. LOL!

  7. Husbands...don't they give the funniest gifts?! One year I got a one piece, horizontal stripped jumpsuit! One year I got a thick, long maroon bathrobe and a box of chocolate caramel year I got the very same thing!!! Men! ;D

  8. Hi Lois,
    Loved this post, it was hysterical,
    and I was thinking her Mother in law must have passed away already!! lol

    I think I might have pulled that same thing with my daughter in love to be....
    Last year my daughter was wanting to know what I wanted for Christmas as we were all sitting around at the table after Thanksgiving dinner.
    Megan had on this lovely sweater set and she and I have very much the same taste in things, and I love how she dresses, so I said I wouldn't mind having a sweater set
    like the one Megan has on, and she
    volunteered that they had it in 3 colors, grey, which she had one,
    and navy and plum or maroon I think it was, I said I would like the Navy, so Dee got it for me, and I wore it the night we went out for her birthday dinner just a few weeks ago, and now she is my daughter in love, hope she wasn't thinking OH NO!! lol

    It is a classy looking sweater set,
    not a MO MO for sure!! lol
    Am hoping she was flattered I like her style, but maybe not.......
    never thought of that!!

    I can't really remember getting any
    terrible gifts other than a pizza
    my elderly neighbor brought over cause she didn't like it, but it wasn't at Christmas time........
    but the pizza, had anchovies, so
    we didn't like it either!! lol

    Well........have a sunshiny day!

    Merry Christmas to you, and hope
    you never get another Mo Mo in your life. lol

    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  9. So funny, and I remember it! Well, my first Christmas with my hubby and as a newly wed I received a gift that made me cry....but i won't say from who, cause they own a computer. The gift was pot holders and an apron! I was so upset! It's ok, cause it was our first Christmas together, and my hubby made up for that awful gift! But I do remember your awful ROBE!!!! HA!

  10. But wouldn't you like an apron and pot holders NOW? HA! And Susan told me on Facebook that she received the same robe but kept hers and wore it a few times!

  11. I've been lucky I guess. I'll have to think about that one! sandie

  12. LOL!! This was too cute!! The worst gift ever.. how about the funniest? You reminded me of my own dear sweet mother-in-law's gift to me many years ago (I do miss her so with all my heart!). She bought me some scanty undergarments and said she thought of me when she saw them. What?! I never quite figured that one out, but it's given hubs and I something to laugh about through the years ;) Merry Christmas, Lois, to you and your wonderful Family!! -Tammy

  13. The worst gift I recieved was from my mother in law as well. Skibbles was one to give a very religious and stuffy gift, then an absolutely atrocious gift for the sake of 'Santa'. My first year married to my husband she gave me a necklace that belonged to my husbands great Grandmother was a cursive J. I loved the sentiment of it, then I was told that when Great Grandma Jennie died they had her wearing that very necklace at the calling hours. Ummmm, I was more than a little skeeved knowing I had just been given a necklace a dead woman was wearing at calling hours. MIL had taken it off the body, wanting something personal to remember her Grandmother with. If that wasn't awkward enough, I opened gift number two...a bright green Christmas thong with brightly colored jingle bells sewn all over the crotch region. I don't know what gift upset me more. But having my husbands family see me open the thong was mortifying...I was so embarrassed. Definitely worst ones ever!!!

  14. Dear Lois,

    I just as of five minutes ago found your blog. I am a wife of a military man as well. He was in the Air Force for almost 25 years.

    The worst gift I ever recieved was from my grandparents. Loved them to pieces but they were amazingly tight with their money and my cousins and I recieved a lot of junk over the years - it got to the point where I thought about how I would rather recieve a sincere "Merry Christmas" than "just something small" from them. I don't mean to sound like snob, but by the time I was 17 I had voiced this to my Mother. Anyhow, when I was 15 I think, my gift was a bottle of mens cologne. Around that time demonstrators of different independent companies would host "shows" in other stores. These "shows" could be found in Sears and Penney's. We didn't have Walmart yet and there weren't even infomercials on TV yet. I know -the dark ages! :) At one of these shows for the price of one bottle of regular perfume you could buy four of these. Since there was four teenage grand-daughters, they got one of each, wrapped them up and passed them out. They never even looked to see what they were giving. As the packages were distributed they said (and I quote) "I don't know which one is which so if you don't like what you have then see if someone will trade." About four months later my Mom and I were in Sears when this man was setting up a table to start his "show". Not knowing what it was I stayed and watched and saw the same bottles of "such a great deal" being promoted. When I met up with my Mother, I told her about it and she and I had a great laugh. This taught me hard lesson in that I don't give cheap gifts and run from anything tacky. I have no problems with practical gifts - I have a divorced sister whose ex didn't pay her child support for months and instead of buying her a necklace or something I spent the money on cases of canned goods one year and the next I gave her a years worth of laundry soap, stain remover and dryer sheets. I'm happy with an oil change for my car or even stamps to mail bills with, but don't spend $3.75 (made up number) to buy me something "little". If that's all your determined to do, don't waste your money - put it in the Salvation Army kettle and help someone else and wish me "Merry Christmas" instead.
    The next worst gift came from my Mother-in-Law. I was engaged to my husband at the time and she gave me something for the house we going to have someday. My gift was a fly swatter, but not just any old fly swatter - this one came with a pair of built in tweezers to pick put the smushed bug and a clip-on dust pan so you could sweep the dead bug up and not have to touch it. I still have the fly swatter - I never throw anything away. At the time it made me wonder just what was in the future as far as holidays were concerned.
    Sorry I'm so long winded - none of my stories are short- but I hope you at least got a chuckle out of this one.


  15. Lois, what a great post! Yes, I can relate to Mother-in-law gifts! That's why I try my best to NOT GUESS AT ANYTHING for my daughters-in-law! A nice gift card fits all! The worst gift I ever received was in 1986 which was a padded toilet seat. What a gift! :) Merry Christmas!

  16. How funny and I remember I got one of those Robes also!!

  17. My grandmother-in-law, two Christmases ago, bought for me, at the cost of a dime, at a yard sale, a little plaque like you would hang in a little girl's room, with ballet slippers, and my name, spelled incorrectly.

    Then she told me she *knew* it was spelled wrong, but that I could "use it anyway."

    When I asked Mr. Not what to do with it, he took it, and promptly deposited it in the trash bin.

    Yay family!


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