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Tuesday's Question...

This week's Tuesday's Question is a 

Nothing serious this week!

So let's have a little fun when
answering this week's question, okay?

"If you could have ANYTHING for Christmas this year,
what would it be?"

I know there are a lot of us who really would love to
answer this question in a "proper" way.
You know,
"If I could have anything for Christmas, I would want a cure for cancer."
Or world peace.
Or an end to world hunger.

I understand all those answers and
even have a few myself.

for today, let's concentrate on something FUN!

So, if you could have anything this year for Christmas,
what would it be?

I would want to redo our finished basement and
make it into a home theater room
complete with a new, COMFORTABLE sectional sofa.

Doesn't that look like the perfect place to enjoy some
while watching a great movie?

Well, I can dream!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you would
love for Christmas this year!

Make it fun!

If you want to really make me happy
please join me on
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Walking on Sunshine!

On the menu at our house tonight:

Roasted chicken breasts
Twice baked potatoes
Tossed Salad

ENJOY your day!


  1. If I could have anything *fun* it would be screening in our back deck and making a 'Florida Room' with glass sliding doors and full view windows and of course a hot tub. :D

  2. Oh wow!! I just told my Hubs that there is nothing I can think of that I want or need.... but if cost were no concern. I would want a beach house, probably in California or maybe Florida.

  3. I would want a new truck for my husband. I get to drive the new car and he keeps on driving his old dodge without complaining. Maybe some day.

  4. I would love to build a fireplace with bookshelves on either side in my master bedroom! I just mentioned it to Ray just the other day and he just rolled his eyes! LOL

  5. I want a buyer for our home so we can get moved to the other house we have bought! ;D

  6. Okay if you want fun and honesty - besides the right things to ask for - I'd like a million dollars. I have so many things I'd like to do.
    That is kind of shallow - sorry!


  7. If I could have anything it would be a professional organizer to help me make sense of all my stuff.

  8. A job.

    Lost mine 2 days before Thanksgiving.

  9. I would like a magic wand that I could wave over my bathroom and "poof" it would be remodeled! Oh, and while I'm dreaming...I'd have the whole house remodeled with new carpeting and new windows!

  10. something fun? hummm.... I'd like to get the 1st thing knocked off my bucket list...a trip to Israel for me and hubby!!!

  11. oh yes since it is fun I would love to have a new camera that takes really beautiful photos.
    I would also like to be in a much warmer climate for the winter.

  12. I really would like a buyer for our "extra" house. We moved to a new house in a new town without selling the old one first. Tired of driving a hour each way to cut the grass, wash floors, or what-have-you. Without the burden we will be able to work on our new house instead.

    (Part of the renovation, if money is no object, will be to transform the attached granny flat into a professional kitchen. baked goods and take'n'bake casseroles would be such a great fundraiser but we have too many pets in our house to pass any sort of inspection. All the money would go to charity.)

  13. If I could have anything my first choice would be to have my husband back. I wish for this everyday! If I could have something fun I also would like a new sofa.


  14. Okay - so first I was going to say I want a clean result on my husband's biopsy.

    Then I kept reading, and the "unproper" answer would be, "I want a trip to Germany to go down that really cool Alpine ski lift roller coaster.

    Then I changed my mind and thought, "Now I just want some snickers popcorn" :)

  15. My immediate answer to your question is my wish that my daughter and her family would move from KY into our neighborhood in GA. How wonderful it would be to be in walking distance to our kids and grands. Makes my heart all warm just imagining it!


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