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Gingerbread House

A few days before Thanksgiving the Colonel came to me and said 
that he wanted to build a Gingerbread House this year.

Nothing new here. 
We've built one for many years.
I even had a kit in the garage from last year.
But no one wanted to put together a Gingerbread House
with the Colonel in Afghanistan last year.

"No," he said, "A real Gingerbread House."

And so the planning began.
And the baking and the building and finally the decorating...

I found a simple recipe on line for gingerbread...

The Colonel cut out some plans...

Cutting the dough...


Melting candy for stained glass windows...

Now the fun part...DECORATING!
But first we need to put this house together.
And try as much as we did, nothing worked UNTIL
we got the GLUE GUN out and used hot glue!
Please don't tell MARTHA!

A wreath for the front door...

Battery operated lights inside to shine through...

It was a lot of work, but FUN.
We loved the way our FIRST homemade
Gingerbread House turned out.

It was even our centerpiece for Christmas Eve dinner...

We're already talking about making another one 
NEXT year!

The Colonel brought home some fresh pine to put around the house
and I added some red Christmas balls and stars to dress up the house...

It looked really pretty as the centerpiece on our table.
And when the sun went down we switched the battery operated
lights on and it was really beautiful.

Enjoy your day!


  1. This is so sweet Lois, there is so much love here. A job well done, Oh! I bet Martha has used a glue gun a few times too. Smile~ Happy New Year to you and your dear family.

  2. Oh my...I am totally impressed. It is soo good! I can't even work the kits, haha. Mel & I attempted it a couple of times, but it was just soo frustrating when it just kept toppling over. Should have pulled out the old glue gun, haha. Enjoy your day! HUGS

  3. Your Gingerbread House looks GREAT!! How fun that Colonel gets involved in your plans.

    Can't wait to see the one you build next year. This was just practice.

  4. Love it! I have never built a gingerbread house. Come to think of it, I am not sure I have ever seen one that did not come from a kit. What a wonderful family tradition!

  5. Wow that is so impressive!! It turned out beautifully.

  6. VERY cool!!

    How long did you dry the gingerbread before you began building? We learned to make the 'real' houses 5 years ago and the lady who helped give a crash course said to dry the baked gingerbread for at least 3 weeks before building...but I don't have anyplace where I can sit trays of baked gingerbread for that long undisturbed. :/

  7. Looks delicious and very pretty!!!

  8. Looks amazing! Very impressive Gingerbread house. Great idea with the pizza wheel.
    Have a very happy New Year!

  9. Now THAT is impressive (and I won't tell Martha!).
    What a joy to make something so elegant together and what a joy to share it with your family.
    Don't tell me he's thinking of making a doll-house sized one next year? (hee hee)

  10. You guys seem like honeymooners - how long have you been married - you are so cute together.
    Happy New Year.

  11. That is a beautiful gingerbread house! Mary and I did a kit this year but maybe when she gets a little older we will try making one from scratch:)


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