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Christmas is HERE!

CHRISTMAS has arrived at

Our Christmas tree.
Yes, it's a Christmas tree,
not a Holiday tree as many people would love to 
change the whole meaning of Christmas...

Our tree is full of ornaments that Olivia and Michael
have made and even ornaments that I made
when I was a child and throughout the years.

I took pictures the other day of our
tree and house and realized that I neglected
to get close-ups of some of our ornaments. 
These may be from a few years ago, but they're still on our tree!



A reindeer with Olivia's "hand prints"...

Santa Claus I made as a child...

I made this the first year we were married...

Michael was 2 when he "painted" this one...

A pretty lamb...

A simple star which reminds us why we celebrate

I love our tree.
I love our ornaments.
Nothing fancy,
just simple treasures that show our love for each other
and our love for our Saviour.

It's Christmas!
No matter what else is going on in our lives
we need to take the time to celebrate our Saviour's birth,
because without HIM we would have nothing.

Without HIM we would have no PEACE to help us through 
the difficult times.
Without HIM we would have no HOPE to help
us go through the hardships that I know 
so many of you are facing.

And without HIM we would have no Salvation.
Because without the manger,
there would be no CROSS.

"And the angel said unto them, 
Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, 
which shall be to all people.
 For unto you is born this day in the city of David 
a  Saviour, 
which is Christ the Lord."

Luke 2:10,11

On the menu at our house tonight:

Michael has an after school orthodontist appointment
and needs to be back at school early for practice for his
Christmas Concert tonight at the high school.
Michael plays the clarinet.

The Colonel has a meeting to attend and won't be home till
just in time to go to Michael's concert.

So something easy for me tonight! 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lovely tree!! Our tree is covered with ornaments we made as children as well as ones the kids make each year. It's so much fun every year to get them out and remember who made what and see the kids reactions to different ones and hearing what one is their 'favorite' this year. lol

  2. Your Christmas tree is very pretty and I enjoyed seeing some of your special ornaments. Those will become more treasured as the years go by. Have fun at the concert tonight! (Subway sounds good!)

  3. Gotta love Subway! your tree is just beautiful, love the homemade ornaments the best, I still have a few that my son made when he was little wee:)Have a wonderful day!

  4. Those special ornaments saved throughout the years bring so many happy memories back. It's like replaying an old movie, one that you love.

  5. Your Christmas tree looks beautiful. Ours is full of homemade ornaments, too--which makes a Christmas tree even more special, I think :)

  6. Amen Lois! Too many are forgetting the reason for our celebration. My dad was watching a program and the host was asking random people what the meaning of Christmas was to them and he said it was so sad to hear people say "family" and "gift giving".
    Your tree is just beautiful, full of beautiful memories and the love of your family. Blessings to you, the Colonel, Olivia, and Michael as we celebrate our Savior Jesus' birth. Merry Christmas.♥

  7. You have a beautiful tree and I really loved seeing all those precious ornaments on it.
    Blessings to you all!

  8. I love when people use ornaments that have special meaning to them. That is one of best things about your tree.... Beautiful!!

  9. I love easy! Subways make a great meal. I am facebook friends with a daughter of a friend and she posted a Merry Holiday greeting to everyone and explained why she did so. To include everyone celebrating the holiday season. She didn't want to leave anyone out.She posted that if Jesus were alive today and someone wished him a happy birthday he'd respond with,"Dude, I call it my birthday and I'm Jewish." I was interested in some of the responses that she got.Sadly, ONLY one mentioned the real reason for the season and that one should always wish a Christian a Merry Christmas. Maybe I should wear a tee shirt that says, I'm a Christian or I might get a happy holiday greeting.

  10. Wow Christine! I also am finding it amazing how so many people don't want to offend anyone and just make it a generic greeting. But there's nothing generic about Jesus' birthday. My back doctor last year told me that his family is Buddhist and Muslim, but they are not practicing either religion. He said that they have a tree in their house and is teaching his kids to say, "Merry Giftmas" because that's what it's all about, giving gifts to each other. I told him it's really not about that and he looked at me and said, "Yeah, I know, but that's what we're teaching her." I really was at a lost for words, for the first time!

  11. It's always great to see homemade ornaments :)

    I still love looking at my mom's tree and seeing that she kept all the ugly stuff I made lol.

  12. Your tree is beautiful! I love the reindeer one with the hand prints. I know Mary would love it too. So, I am going to make one with her:)

  13. Such a lovely tree with so much love for one another and for Christ our Savior. Our local Subway has cold cut and meatball 6" subs for $2 and that's what we had on our way home from the dentist!!! Enjoy!

  14. Your Christmas tree looks great! I love all those homemade ornaments!

  15. So tickled to see your tree!
    I love my tree too! Most of the ornaments are from different places that we've lived. And there are some felt ones that were made specifically for us as a wedding gift by Hubby's scoutmaster's wife. Such a wonderful time of the year to remember the people that GOD has blessed us with!
    Christmas Blessings from me to you~

  16. Gosh I must be going crazy I thought I had read and commented - but I am going back thru and don't see it.

    Anyhow - I said that I think made ornaments are much better then store bought -because along with them - come all the memories of when they were made!


  17. Hi Gal! Pretty tree! Looks a lot like ours looks each year. We use sentimental ornaments,too, and ones that reflect the birth of Christ.

    What a joy! Hope your Christmas is merry and filled with love, laughter, and fun new memories!!

  18. Beautiful tree. I love it with all the lovely and sentimental treasures!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  19. Dear Lois, A beautiful Christmas tree filled with loving memories. That is what life is about, making memories. Blessings, Catherine xo


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