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Homemade Chicken Soup...

This past Saturday we had our first snow storm of the year.
It was the perfect day for 
Chicken Soup for dinner that night.

I had no leftover chicken,
which is what I usually use when I make Chicken Soup.

No problem at all.
That morning I took a FROZEN chicken breast out 
of the freezer and placed it in my CROCK POT, 
on low for a few hours...
The only thing I added to the chicken was season salt.
I know you see something liquid in the bottom of that crock pot!

It's the delicious broth that the chicken produces
while it cooks slowly in the crock pot...
Not much, but I added it to the canned chicken broth I had
simmering on the stove.

After a few hours of cooking, I have 2 cups of delicious, 
moist chicken for my soup...
NOW on to the soup!


Two 32 ounce cartons of chicken broth
1 cup chopped carrots
1 cup chopped celery
1 container Knorr Home Style Stock
1 to 2 cups chopped cooked chicken
1 1/2 cups cooked egg noodles.

Empty the cartons of chicken broth into a pot and bring
to a boil on the top of the stove.

Chop the celery and carrots and add them 
to the pot of chicken broth...
I thought this carrot reminded me of my spine...
Continue to boil until the carrots and celery are fork-tender...
I never add the cooked chicken until after the 
carrots and celery are completely tender.
You can dry the chicken out if it boils AGAIN.

I usually add a Knorr chicken bouillon cube
for extra flavor, but I had a great coupon for their new product, 
"Home Style Stock."
I added one container to the chicken soup...
Add the cooked chicken...
Add the cooked egg noodles...
At this point you would add your chopped parsley
IF you had parsley!
No problem, I added a chunk of frozen chopped spinach to the pot...
Once the chopped spinach defrosted and cooked in the chicken soup,
NO ONE knew the difference.
Season with pepper and salt, if necessary.

Now, doesn't this look like the perfect meal
for a snowy night...

Feel free to sit by a nice fire while you enjoy your soup... 

I've been making this soup for years
and have at times added cooked potato gnocchi or
cooked cheese tortellini in place of the egg noodles.

Everyone has been talking about the snow we had last weekend
and how UNUSUAL it was for it to snow in OCTOBER.
BUT...I remember another snow storm in October of 2009
a few weeks before the Colonel left for Afghanistan.  
You can read about the snow storm HERE . 

Come back tomorrow for
Something Yummy for My Colonel's Tummy!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Yummy Yum Yum!!! I can almost smell and taste it!!

  2. Appreciate your spinach 'drop'..I do that too ;)

    This WOULD be yummy w/gnocchi!

  3. Looks delish! I'll have to try it!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Chicken soup--just the thing for a cold evening. You inspire me to cook.

  5. That sure does look yummy and I love chicken soup on a cold day.
    Your fireplace sure does look inviting also.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. No wonder chicken noodle soup is a favorite of so many ~ simple and delicious.

    A fire to warm your piggies and great soup to warm your tummy. I'd say that is perfect!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Super simple recipe! Love the idea of substituting, too. I bet cheese tortellini would be yummy in it as well. Wish I had that fireplace, though! Very nice!

  9. P.S. I clicked on your ads! ;)

  10. Your soup looks so good! I think you have put me in the mood to make some for myself. I can't believe you have snow already. It's something I'm not looking forward to. I hope you are having a good week.

  11. Ohhhhh. This sounds good. I am going to try this one next. Thank you Lois! I love the idea of cooking the chicken breast in the crock pot! Jani

  12. Okay now you have taught me something new today - about chicken - no water - and crock pots. I didn't know that. Thanks.

  13. That looks like a delicious recipe. Cannot wait to try it out. Come visit. We have cranberry wontons on the menu today.

  14. You have the perfect spot to warm up on these cold days! The soup sounds delicious and very hearty. Thanks so much for the recipe. Hope you have a great weekend coming up.

  15. Oh there is nothing like a good bowl of homemade chicken soup.....LOVE IT!! I sometimes put a potato or two in mine as well. And don't ya just love the bread that you can dip in it and eat. Yum.....I can smell it now too!

  16. You know, if you keep posting these yummy looking and detailed instructions, there is hope for me in the kitchen YET! lol, YUMMY.
    Thanks, Dawn

  17. That spot in front of your fire looks so inviting - and like such a great place to curl up with a cup of soup!! Lets hope it is a while before we have more snow!!

  18. I love chicken soup! Tomato soup and chicken soup are my most 2 favorite soups. I always feel so good after I eat them:)

  19. Your son will feel better in no time with this soup and your love! That is all anyone needs!


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