Tuesday's Question...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"If there were only 3 words that could be said of you
at YOUR funeral,
What would you want those 3 words to be?"  

Took me awhile to really come up with just 3 words.
I first thought of...

"Saved by Grace"

Then for fun...

"The Colonel's Wife"

But in reality, the 3 words I want said at my funeral are...

"All her life..."

as in...

All her life she followed Jesus.

Please leave me a comment and let me know!  


  1. "Loved Her Savior". I love that picture, btw! ANd my hub would probably say: SHe killed him...lol. We joke about this stuff all the time.Have a blessed day, Lois!

  2. Good question! I just went to a funeral visitation last night.

    The very first thing I thought of was She Trusted Jesus. But I also like Walked By Faith. :)

    Have a wonderful day, Lois!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  3. Good morning....I like your answer, but I think I would go with...She knew Jesus.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. "She looked great!" Just kidding Lois. I hope my life will reflect my love for the Lord and His love for me. I hope someone will have a pleasant memory in their life because of something I did or said. Instead of the the opposite. Good question.

  5. good question! I'm thinking: "Safe with Him"

  6. He loved God....

  7. My first thought before I even read yours was "saved by grace." Or another would be "a good person". "Loved her family" would be the ones that my family would choose for me, I think. Any of these would suit me fine!

  8. AW Tozer is buried in Akron,OH (near us) in a small, unpretentious grave. His headstone reads simply: A Man of God.

  9. Love this Lois! .... I need more words....lol..... ~loved her God~
    Thanks for this thought provoking post. I will be thinking more today about what will actually be said.~smile~

  10. Great question, Lois!
    I like your suggestions and I'd probably go with, 'Saved by Christ'
    but it's a tough one to settle in 3 words!

  11. New Address--Heaven

    Now attendees might say
    Who was she?
    Looks great, considering
    We'll miss her
    Was so tenderhearted
    A good friend
    Can we go?

  12. Wow! What a heavy topic to discuss. Definitely takes some thought for sure. I think I would like something along the lines of 'Child of God', or 'With our Father'.

  13. Without a doubt "woman of faith" is what I hope would be said.

  14. Lois, consider I am reading this when I am tired I keep thinking....going, going, gone....and that is not even funny....I feel like I need more than 3 words ..but probably Child of God!

  15. I came over to see you because I loved what you posted on Cheryl's page today.

    Three words? "Friend of God" or "Lived for Jesus"

    So nice to meet you!

  16. All the above answers are great and well thought out. The three words I would like to think some would say is, "She led by example" or another,"se strove to be Christlike".

  17. "She loves the Lord", ah that's four words. But it's true!

  18. God's grace saves - that is the one for me.


  19. What a great question....love thinking on this one for awhile. I have to agree - my first thought was "Saved by Grace" and is probably my favorite. But I could also be happy with "Reborn. Reunited. Rejoicing." or "Kept the Faith" or even "Let Eternity Begin" :)

    Hope you are having a great Tuesday! Loved reading all the other comments.

  20. Mine would be "She Loved Big"......

    Hopefully our funerals won't come that soon! :)

  21. I too would want my three words to speak of my deep love of Christ. That I walked beside my sweet Savior. :o) And then my love for my husband and children. I suppose that is more than three words isn't it? ;)

  22. Hmmmmm....tie.
    "She's finally home"
    "She lived big"