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Thanksgiving Cards

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Yesterday I asked for YOUR favorite
Thanksgiving Scripture Verse
and told you that I would show you what you
could do with all these wonderful scriptures
to make your Thanksgiving special.

Thanksgiving Scripture Place Cards
This is something our family has been doing for YEARS.
Well, actually for as long as I can remember we've had these cards on
our Thanksgiving table.
My mother begin this tradition of writing out 
Thanksgiving or Thankful Scriptures Verses
on cards and using them as place cards
for the table.

We each take turns reading our scripture,
usually ending with the "head" of the household who
then prays for the meal.

Even the youngest can participate.
Usually it's just a word,
Hallelujah or Praise the Lord.

Here's what you need.
I found these "gift cards" in AC Moore.
Card stock and stickers.
Some form of glue or tape.
I used mounting squares... 
And of course, your Bible...
I started with a master list of scripture verses and 
who would get which verse
because I'm insanely organized...
Now, you can just write the verses out on the cards 
but I chose to type and print them out on the card stock...
Cut the scripture verses out to fit inside your card...
Using the mounting squares, attach the 
card stock to the inside of the card...
Now comes the fun part!
Decorate the front of the card...
All done...
Here's a card from a few years ago
done using the computer for everything...
I used card stock and printed an image along with 
each person's name on the front and the scripture inside.
Then cut the card stock to the size I wanted...
Can you see the cards on the table...
You don't have to use the computer.
When my mother first started this tradition she used index cards
and hand-wrote the scripture verses.
You can even have your children cut out leaves from
construction paper and write the scripture verses on the back
with your guests names on the front of the leaf.

Be creative!

I love this tradition and it wouldn't be Thanksgiving
if we didn't spend some time giving thanks
to the Lord for all His many blessings.

Let me know if you start this tradition with your family!

Remember when I said I was insanely organized above?
I made out a seating chart for our meal next week...


  1. Girl - you do so many wonderful things. That looks like a fabulous idea, but time consuming. Have you done yours already for this Thanksgiving and how many people are you having over?


  2. What a nice idea! I think I may try to do this :)

  3. Such a lovely tradition Lois. I do something similar at Christmas with each person reading aloud a verse or two from Luke 2:1-14 that is written on their place card before dinner. It's these small things that make the day special and remind us what the day is all about.

  4. That's a wonderful idea and always a good reminder to be thankful! We have so many blessings to be thankful for!
    Girl, you are having a table full for dinner! Enjoy each one there!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Good morning! Yes, we have been doing this for about 3 years now but yours are SOOO much nicer...I just write mine out by hand with a gold colored pen....we also started up just last year with the tablecloth we all write out our thanks for that year on. Have you heard of that One?

    Here is the link for last years post that has both the cards and the tablecloth on it. It also talks about our FIRE, haha...

    Have a good day Lois!


  6. What a wonderful tradition! You are blessed to have so many family around your table! I used to have several, but so many have passed now so it'll just be my 2 adult children, my hubby and I. We won't need place cards, but we do go around the table and say what we are thankful for after our prayer.
    Have a great day!

  7. I love this idea and plan on using it this Thanksgiving. Our family started a tradition a few years ago and plan to do it every year from now on. We always invite a few extra dear souls that aren't going anywhere for Thanksgiving over to our home. They might be friends, neighbors, or someone from our home congregation. Last year we had four extras. We played games afterwards and had a great time.

  8. Such a good tradition. It emphasized that we have so much to be thankful for.

  9. A wonderful idea! Pretty too!

  10. yes the place cards are the tradition I love most, wouldn't Thanksgiving without them! And you make them so pretty, I never seem to have time for that! Looking forward to next Thursday, gonna be a wonderful day, even though my MAN won't be with us this year!

  11. What a great idea and tradition!! I love it. Thanks for sharing your many wonderful recipes too! Will try to get caught up on them, and sample a few ;) -Tammy

  12. Lois, I just love these! Oh my you are insanely organized! Sigh, just beautiful. Love the step by step instructions.

  13. Oh, this is such a beautiful idea! Might just have to borrow!! :)

  14. That is such an awesome tradition! I like it a lot. We tried you cresent roll recipe with the ham and cheese. We used thin sliced turkey, swiss cheese and spinach. It turned out really yummy! My husband loved them. So I think we will add that on our list of dishes:)

  15. What a wonderful tradition, your mom was a smart woman! :D

  16. What a wonderful idea...I think I will make some of these with my daughter for us to take to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. I can't think of a better way to spend some quality time with her in God's word looking for scriptures and decorating cards. Thanks for the idea and perhaps a start of a new tradition for our family!

  17. What a brilliant idea! They are beautiful also!!


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