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Tuesday's Question...

"Do you respond to comments on your blog?"

I really would love to know YOUR answer to this question!

For me, the answer is...

It may take me a day or so, but I really do try 
to respond to all the comments left on my blog posts.

I live for comments.
And when you DO leave a comment on my blog, you'll see
a little plea from me in the comment box...
"I love comments, I live for comments, no seriously, I want you to leave a comment!"

Don't worry, I could never do anything that drastic for you to leave a comment! 

Comments are a little way of you telling me

Okay, sorry for being so dramatic.
But I've been to blogs and left comments on blogs
and I've never heard any response.
And I'm not talking about blogs with hundreds of comments.

I think it's nice when we respond to each other.
Don't you?

So, please leave a comment and let me know your view
on Tuesday's Question.

And I promise, I'll come visit!

What question should I ask next Tuesday?


  1. When I first started blogging I did not respond to comments. Actually I didn't know you could. When I noticed people were responding to the comments I left, I checked into it and found out how I could do the same.

    I may miss responding to one here and there but for the most part I respond. I think it makes things a bit more personal if you do.

    Have a beautiful day Lois,
    Blessings ~AMY~

  2. I really do try to respond to least I click on their name and read their latest post and respond on that.

    On my blog I say..."Show me some's no fun to write if no body is reading!"

    I have grown so close to my bloggy friends! And I think friendships are formed by back and forth comments and conversations. (:>)

    Have a blessed day girlfriend!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. I love to receive and to leave comments. That's one of the best parts about blogging I think..
    It's awesome to read what others have to say about your post .. So many different opinions.

    Have a great day..
    XX Dawn

  4. Oh, my dear blogging friend, Lois. I try to respond to every comment I receive as well as every post my friends publish. I really do try but sometimes, (okay, often) I just run out of minutes in the day.

    I have tried posting less frequently because I have an in-box full of comments and I don't want to get more before I answer those.

    Just lately, I thought about commenting just once or twice a week on the posts I read. Some folks post frequently and I love reading their posts but I honestly can't respond to each one. But my not commenting does not mean that I don't appreciate and love my blogging friends.

    Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed about the commenting I think I might turn off comments on my own blog. I have even thought of setting it to private.

    My blog is just a place to journal some of my life happenings and things that are important to me. I want it to remain a pleasant and fun activity but often I feel guilty that I can't keep up with it and regular living.

    I know there must be others that feel similar.

    I love visiting Walking on Sunshine and have known you almost from the beginning of my blogging experience (almost three years). I have enjoyed following Olivia and Michael's growing up posts and getting to know your mom and dad as well as prayed for the Colonel and you during those long separations as he served our country.

    Geepers... didn't mean to be so wordy. Hope I haven't offended by sweet blogging friends!

  5. Morning Sunshine,
    and yes, I comment on comments too!
    I think that people who are very relational really enjoy hearing from others, cause it is sort of like having a pen pal. and when I was a kid I had tons of pen pals and a mail box with letters daily

    and loved it!! So think that is why I enjoy blogging so much, it is a much quicker way to hear back
    from your electronic pen pal!! lol

    I have experienced the same thing when visiting some blogs, nary a response, so after about 4 times,
    I might visit but I don't waste my time leaving a comment unless it was a spectacular post, think those folks just aren't into blogging for the same reason I am.
    Too each is own.... I always say!!

    But I am very glad that you leave comments for me, and we converse back and forth, it's a blessings and a joy!!

    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  6. Oh yea...........and I love getting
    comments as well. Makes my day at times!!
    Have a good one!!

  7. I guess we all like to be liked! I love comments and I try to comment as often as I can! When someone leaves me a comment I try to return the favor and comment on theirs.
    However I should maybe look into emailing back though time on the computer is limited for me - not enough hours in the day!
    Thanks for being a great blog pal!

  8. Well I am not sure if I respond to comments as I know some send me e-mails in response to "some" of my comments. If this is what you mean,then no I don't do that unless someone asked me a specific question. I guess usually cuz I am not sure where to get their emails addresses. BUT!! I almost always comment on EVERYTHING I read. It is very very rare that I don't comment on everything my favorite bloggers post. And if I don't it is because I am so busy I really shouldn't even be on the computer in the first place, haha, or somehow a post slips past me. You are DEFINITELY one of my very favorite bloggers and I love to come visiting here. Blogging has become a definite part of my everyday life and I have truly come to care about so many of you. I too love the comments from everyone as I love the conversations and thoughts from you all. When someone is missing for a while, it bothers me too. In fact, I have a few friendships that I now carry on through emails as they no longer blog. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  9. I admit, I am very remiss in leaving comments, and I apologize. I will be more mindful in the future, I promise.

  10. I always like to leave a comment on those blogs I follow regularly. Yours is one! But sometimes I'm moving so fast I don't. I'm sorry!
    I haven't even had time to post lately! I used to answer comments, but haven't in some time unless someone asks a question that requires an answer. I am just so happy that your husband is home and you are happy. It makes me happy to see you that way!

  11. Yes, I do try my hardest to respond to each one. Like, you I have made comments on blogs for a while and never hear anything back. I just take it that they are not interested in being friends and move on. I have found a lovely circle of blog friends that makes my heart very happy:)

  12. Yes, I do love comments and yes I do try to respond to them IF i have their email address. I have found a lot of wonderful friends that way.

    Like you!


  13. I respond to comments in two ways - one, directly to the comment and then I visit their blog and leave a comment. I always try and return kindness for kindness although it's becoming more and more difficult as time is squeezed more. Dave has terminal cancer and I've got everything else and that means I have less and less time. It's difficult to cook 3 meals a day, clean, farm, tend to animals and squeeze out time for quilting, knitting, spinning, etc. That's what I have to do though, Christmas is coming and people receive hand made gifts. so, when time is scrunched, the blog takes back shelf and I can only hope people understand.

  14. Found your lovely blog through Chatty Crones blog.

    I think we all love comments.

    I don't respond to comments made on my blog but what I do is visit the blog of the person who commented and say hello to them there.

    Have a good week.


  15. Hi, I love to get comments but I don't always respond to them unless someone has asked a question. It you mean do I email responses to comments, then no I don't really have time for that. I've gotten some really nice emails, but I'm not sure they require a response. I can see that if you were doing that for quite a few people that it could take up a significant amount of time. It's hard enough sometimes to find time to read all the blogs and comment on those. I really appreciate all the comments, but don't expect anyone to reply to my comments unless I've asked a question. And then I realize how busy people are and if they have a lot of followers, it might be overlooked so I don't think anything of it. I'm like Fiona, I don't usually respond to comments made on my blog but try to visit the blogs of the people commenting on mine and comment there.
    Have a great day!

  16. Ditto to Cheryl above :)

    And to what Nellie said, too. People blog for different reasons and most of them are not about me.

    I try to return a visit whenever possible and leave a comment when I do...

    Good question here!

  17. When I have time I try to answer comments but I don't always do. If it is a direct question I try to answer.

  18. Haha... Had to laugh when I saw this post. I'm new to blogging (past 6 months) & have wondered that very thing. Thanks for bringing it to the table!

    I'll keep in touch! ;)

  19. Oh dear. I'm ashamed to say I never do. I don't even leave comments on all the blogs I read. I think it started around the time I joined FB. There aren't enough hours in the day :(

  20. Sometimes I respond & sometimes I don't. It most depends on the comment - if it is witty & demands attention then I respond. Sometimes I read blogs & don't respond. If I don't find the post interesting - I say nothing.

  21. Hi Sunshine,
    Well let me say I appreciate your comments! I have had trouble with commenting on my blog initially but since have resolved that. I love to respond to comments but am not sure the best way to do it. Do people come back to check or is an e-mail better. I sometimes do one or the other. So as far as responding to comments: I guess it depends on what is said. And if it is needful for me to add an appropriate response or just an appreciative, private smile. In His Grace,

  22. I try to respond to all comments, but I don't always do it the same way. Sometimes I will comment on my own post, below the comments already left. Other times I will go to the commenters blog and leave a reply there. If the comment left is by a Fb friend, I will write on their wall there...if it's an odd or negative comment, I ignore it.


  23. have lots of comments!
    Hope you'll still enjoy "hearing" from me. ;)
    I too, write to be "connected."
    Though I have had less time to blog, and find FB a quicker vehicle to stay in touch, I LOVE to get comments. You are not alone, my friend. Blessings to you and yours!

  24. I too love comments, and will often respond to them.


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