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Chocolate Chip Cookies...

A few weeks ago I made a meal for a lovely lady whose husband was in the hospital.
I also made her some chocolate chip cookies.

I knew giving her an ENTIRE recipe of cookies was too much.
So I did something I do quite often when I bake cookies.

I froze half the dough.

Last weekend, the Colonel was away AGAIN.
This time for 4 days.
I remembered the frozen cookie dough
and decided to bake some cookies to welcome him home.

Here's my frozen cookie dough...

I guess something "heavier" was on top of the dough in the freezer.
See the dent...

Once I have the dough put together, 
I wrap the dough in plastic wrap, shaping it into a log and then wrap the log
in aluminum foil and place in a zip lock baggie.

Defrost on the counter...

Slice the dough once it has defrosted...

Place on trays and bake...


All ready for my Colonel...


When I was preparing for Olivia's graduation party in June, 
I made 2 recipes of chocolate chip cookies
a few weeks BEFORE her party, froze them and baked them the day before.
Made life much easier while I was trying to prepare trays of ziti and 100 meatballs.

I saw this on another blog and thought
"What a great idea!"

Shape the cookie dough and place on trays as if you were baking them.
Place the trays in the freezer and once the cookie dough has frozen,
remove from the trays and place the frozen cookie dough balls in a zip lock baggie...

This way if you're craving cookies and want to be "good" you can only bake one!

Enjoy your day!


  1. What a great idea and what yummy looking cookies! Since the kids left home the only time we get cookies is at someone else's house!

  2. Morning Lois,
    Love these ideas you have for do ahead things cause I am all about that, cause I do not like being in the kitchen when everyone else is having fun, nor do I like to be stressed out when having a get together so I do as much a head of time as I possible can. So these were great ideas, cause my fav choc.
    chip cookie in the whole world is the Pillsbury slice and bake, but
    they have those dreaded hydrogenated oils, and are a NO NO for us, but making them into balls and freezing them is even better, cause then like you say you can just make one or however many you want. That was what I liked about the slice and bake, when the kids were lil I would make just 1 dozen,
    so we didn't overindulge ourselves.

    I am planning to make Lasagna and Meatballs for Dee's reception the end of October. I found a really neat Italian restaurant called
    "Giovanni's" and both our kids have
    eaten there and said the food is wonderful, so am also gonna order some others pasta dishes from there, so I am not overwhelmed, they have more selections and also
    are a bit more reasonable than Olive Garden, which was where I had planned to get food originally.
    Hubby says we actually have had
    food from Giovanni's too when we went to a friends condo when they were visiting our area, she got food from there, and it was delectable. So very happy for Scott and Megan's suggestion. Called Giovannis yesterday and the man was so helpful too, he asked how many people and said let me suggest something to you, and it was great cause I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to get, so he cleared that up for me!! So things are coming together.

    Can't believe that by next Friday at 4:30 my baby will be getting married. Pray that whoever video tapes it will do a good job, cause it will be a real bummer if we don't get to see it on tape.

    Well my dear, have a great day, and thanks for all the great freeze ahead ideas, love it!!

    Blessings for a good weekend,

    It is raining her this morning so am wondering if that means more cool weather, sure hope so.....

  3. I've never frozen cookie dough, but it makes sense! Thanks, Lois!

  4. This is a great idea for cookie dough. As a matter of fact, I use this idea a lot myself. It works with almost any kind of cookie. The only cookie dough I don't like to freeze is sugar cookie. It just looses some of its moistness in my opinion.

    I hope your neighbors husband has recovered and is home.

    Have a blessed week,

  5. That is a great idea and I will have to try it.
    They sure do look so yummy right now so I will bring my coffee cup and be there for a warm cookie.LOL
    Have a great weekend

  6. Yummy I can just smell them !
    Great idea thanx for sharing!
    XX Dawn

  7. So perfect for your Colonel! They look delicious and I think I can even smell them right through my monitor :)

  8. Good? Who is good these days? Certainly not me.. lol. I love this idea!! Your Colonel is one lucky fella - I hope he knows that. Thanks for sharing the tips - I will definitely use! -Tammy

  9. Those are both wonderful ideas!

  10. Slice and bake, how easy is that!!!!

  11. Great idea! Thanks for the helpful hints! They look yummy and I'm sure the colonel loved them.

  12. Great idea! I've been baking cookies for a very long time and have never frozen the dough. I will try this, thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. BIG ime saver, isn't it?? I just mixed another 3 batches of oatmeal and choc. chip dough just for the freezer. Never know when you might have surprise guests and need a quick munchie from the oven.


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