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Say it Isn't SNOW...

Yes, we had SNOW on Saturday.
Yes, it was COLD.

The Colonel and I headed out early in the morning to do a little shopping.
Hey, I had a 20 percent off coupon for Kohls 
and the Colonel needed pants for work.

But first we had to get Michael to the high school 
for breakfast with his football team.
His team was scheduled to play at another school
about 30 minutes away at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Not to worry...
the snow wasn't suppose to start until after 3:00 and 
not get heavy until much later.

This was around noon...
Our backyard...
My scarecrow and pumpkin...
There's a lantern under all that snow...
So beautiful...
Scarecrow and pumpkins look a little out of place on the back porch...

The Colonel left around 5:00 to pick up Michael from the high school...
And we didn't think Michael had enough time out in the snow,
so he helped his dad shovel out the driveway when they came home...
Making good progress...
The snow does look pretty...

Don't be fooled by this picture...

This is where I spent most of my Saturday, 
NOT outside shoveling the snow 
NOT in the bleachers watching my son
play his first football game in a blizzard...
Sorry Michael.
I'll be in the stands tonight!

With a GREAT meal for the Colonel and I to share!

Enjoy your day!

Come back tomorrow for Tuesday's Question.


  1. The snow is beautiful...we had snow here as well! But most of it has already melted. I spent most of my Saturday by the woodstove and even managed to get a little nap! And that usually NEVER happens. Happy Monday to you!:)

  2. Beautiful snow, but I remember how cold it was. I like it best when I can look out a window and admire it. Marti

  3. As I listened to the weather reports I thought of you. I like where you spent most of you Saturday ~ so cozy!

  4. WOW! THat is a lot of snow! Yuk! It's just to early!

    Glad you had a beautiful warm spot to wait ti out in!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Good Morning Lois,
    I have been thinking about you folks up north, and your early snowfall. great photos, Michael is a fine young man, I am amazed at how I have seen my friend's children grow up so fast. And I would be sitting right by the fire with you.~smile~
    Enjoy your day!

  6. BRRRRRR!!! Too cold and early for me to deal with snow but then I guess nobody asked if you wanted snow!
    The cosy fire like much more inviting!
    Best wishes

  7. Oh my....that made me cold looking at it, but it's so beautiful! I've seen several folks that have had snow. We are lucky to get 2-3 snows but we love snow....but not driving in it. Of course, they close down everything here with a couple of inches! :) Your fire looks so cozy!

    Oh, and I see you got your 300th follower! Yay! Congratulations! And I made a mistake in my hasty typing of my was 500 followers, NOT 600 for the giveaway!

    Have a great week, Lois!


  8. Snow is beautiful, but soooo cold!! I've always said if we could just train the snow to fall every where but on our streets and highways, I might like it better. :D Your photos are great, stay safe and warm!

  9. I will admit your snow pictures are really pretty - and everything looks so nice...but October is WAY TOO EARLY for snow - especially enough snow that needed shoveling. We had a lot of falling snow but it didn't stick - but even that was pushing the limit for me!

    Glad you made it to Kohl's though:)

  10. Ohhh, how I hate to see the snow come! Only good thing about it is the fire in the fireplace and hot chocolate...and Christmas..hummm, maybe it's ok after all! ;D

  11. Something is very wrong with this picture...BURR!!!

  12. WOW...the snow is beautiful! What handsome men your guys are! And you look great. I would have been in front of the fire that day too though. : )

  13. Oh my!! I was wondering if you got hit this weekend...we saw big, slushy falkes for about 5 minutes and then it was over as quickly as it came. Thankfully!

  14. That snow certainly is beautiful! But that fireplace is even better looking!!

  15. Can't believe the east is getting all that snow. Bummer! I remember sitting in a snow blizzard watching my oldest son play football. It was so much fun. Good memories for me because my dad went with us to every game and he loved it.

  16. Wow! That snow is just crazy Lois!! Hope it isn't a hint at what is to come! Hopefully this winter won't be as extreme!!

    Hugs to you!
    Have a great week!

  17. Hi Lois,
    I found you at Tammy's blog. I think I maybe had found your blog before and lost it. I'll bookmark you again!
    SNOW! Oh my word! I'm not quite ready for it yet! I'm sure we will get our share soon enough. I've been hearing about the NE....ouch!
    Are you dug out yet?

  18. Wow! You guys got a lot of snow. It looked very pretty and very cold!

  19. That is amazing but so beautiful. Your fire looks so cozy and warm. We haven't had any cool weather yet and I am so ready for it.


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