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Easy Steak Sandwich...

As most of you know, my son is on the football team at high school.
He plays on Monday nights and Friday nights.

Well, mostly he stands around on Friday nights watching from the sidelines.
on Monday nights he plays with the Junior Varsity Team
and gets some time on the field.

This past Monday was a home game.
 The Colonel and I were going to eat dinner first 
and then head down to the football field. 
On the menu for Monday night's dinner was:
skirt steak on the grill
oven roasted potatoes

The Colonel remembered at the last moment that 
he had to work one of the selling booths 
and needed to be on the field at 4:30 which meant he would be skipping dinner
or grabbing a hot dog during half time.

I thought I could do something better!

Saute onions and peppers...

Skirt steak all grilled and sliced thin, against the grain...

Add both to a nice soft roll...

Wrap and deliver with LOVE.

I arrived at the game just in time for the Colonel
to finish working the booth.
We both found a seat in the stands and watched our son play football.

The Colonel enjoyed his dinner in the stands
The "Bombers" WON!

Enjoy your day!

I am joining Foodie Friends Friday with this recipe!


  1. I'm not a real big *meat* eater, but WOW, that looks good!!!! I know my hubby would love it too;)

  2. That sure does look yummy.
    How sweet of you to deliver it to the hubs. I'll bet it tasted a whole lot better than a hotdog.
    I am glad to hear that your son won his game.

  3. Oh my goodness, now that looked REALLY good. I know he enjoyed that. I remember those football games with your son playing well. SUCH fun times. ENJOY every moment...GO BOMBERS! haha

    Have a good day! HUGS

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  5. I saw you on AMFT blog hop and had to come take a look. I now want that for breakfast it looks so good!


  6. Now that was a great idea! It looked delicious too.

  7. I just found you through LDH and think your cooking sounds wonderful. I am going to try the flank steak this week. That sandwich looks yummy and how sweet of you to that for your man. i'm your newest follower! Patty

  8. That is one delicious looking sandwich! How sweet of you to fix that for your Colonel. Congrats on winning the game!

  9. Aren't you the sweetest!! That sandwich looks SO much better than a hot dog!! I've never had skirt steak??? Hmmmmm...

  10. I saw your blog title at another blog...liked the name of it and came over to say hi. This is our kind of meal, looks so good! I like your blog and will follow, come say hi sometime! ;D

  11. As an underfed college student I just want you to know that looks AWESOME. I'll totally be imaginging that while I eat ramen lol.

  12. Looks wonderful.
    I see you changed to Premier Layout. Does it let you add a header and background?

    Had a fun time catching up with your sweet family!

  13. Yummy Yummy!
    Can you come cook for my family please.. LOL

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always leaving such sweet comments on my posts..
    XX Dawn

  14. I love those sandwiches - especially with the last ingredient - LOVE! sandie

  15. My husband would love this! Thanks for sharing at Foodie Friends Friday! :)


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