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Martha Would Be Proud...

I mentioned in Monday's post that the windows
in our house are clean and sparkly
thanks to my Colonel!

Our house has tilt-in windows,
every time I tilt them in to clean them,
the whole window comes out.

I'm left holding a window with no idea
how to put it back in!

I learned early on if I want clean windows,
my Colonel needs to help me.
He doesn't mind.
At least he tells me he doesn't mind!

Last year when he was in Afghanistan I was only 
able to wash the four windows on the front porch
and the two windows on the back porch.
Only because I didn't tilt them in!

So our windows were in need of a good washing.
And the Colonel just took over.
Here he is in the dinning room...

His tools of choice.
A squeegee, plastic gloves and THIS homemade cleaner ...

Don't forget the window sills...

He soon grew tired of tilting the windows in.  
I found him out on the roof washing the bedroom windows...

It was a beautiful morning to wash windows...

Have I mentioned before how much I hate THE BIRDS around our house...

If you really want to see the mess the birds have done around our house, read this POST .

Thank you Colonel for your hard work! Our house looks beautiful!

Do YOU need help washing the windows in your house?
Or do you have a BIRD problem?
Leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. Your home/windows look beautiful. You are all ready now for visitors for the holidays!
    To answer your question, WalMart has shelled/chopped black walnuts available in small packs. If you've never tasted them, pick up a small container of Mayfield black walnut ice cream and try it.

  2. Your Colonel did a spectacular job! I usually don't have the bird problem UNTIL I clean windows! This summer we pressure-washed the siding and garage doors and with in 2 days, the birds came and messed it all up:(

  3. Your home looks beautiful! Your colonel did a wonderful job! Yes, I need help doing the windows. I can clean the ones on the front porch that I can easily get to, but that is it. I have got my cleaning lady doing ours occasionally. : ) No problem with birds, however, after cleaning windows at Mel's, I have come to appreciate the fact that I don't deal with tons of flys like she total nightmare for windows, haha. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Good job to your hubs! I am not aloud to clean windows. My hubby says I make of mess of them. lol.

    To see what the bed springs are for look up "Primitive nodder" on etsy. :)

    Did you know you are a no reply blogger? :(

  5. Your windows look all shiny. I wash the inside windows, but my grandson (20 yr old) who lives with me does the outside, cause the screens need to come off, and he is so good at the job.

  6. Mom always said,"if the windows are clean, the whole house looks clean." good job colonel.

  7. Sounds like a good cleaner...nice hubby to help out too! Once in awhile a bird will hit one of my windows but that one got you real good1 ;D

  8. Oh, I hate doing windows! So nice of your hubby to help out with that :) Your house and windows look beautiful!

  9. Hey! It must be in the air or sthg as I washed our windows ysterday and yes! there was bird poo too! I remember your BBQ after the birds!
    Glad the Colonel helps out - your home is beautiful!

  10. Lois I hate birds around my house too! Last January I had a flock (maybe a hundred or so)of speckled blackbirds roosting under my porch roof and under the roofline in the back of the house on the window mantles and above the front door. They were hiding under there because we were having an ice storm. Well they went into a pooping frenzy all over the window mantles, siding, windows, porch floor, light fixtures, rug,and every piece of outdoor furniture we had on the porch. As fast as I would run from the back door to the front door to chase them away they would return in a few seconds. I even stepped in a nice mess when I tried to go out the door. In the spring we power washed everything but some of the poop is still there. It just won't come off the lights. Disgusting is right!!!! Well now that I have that off my chest....... you really do have a special hubby. You are blessed.

  11. Your windows look great. Are they the kind that move forward and backward to clean? Lucky you. And for the colonel!

    I am not going to tell you about my windows!



  12. Your home is just lovely and what a sweet Colonel to help wash windows!

    I have the tilt in windows, too. I love clean windows and wash mine in and out weekly all summer long. I also look forward to our 'January thaw' so that I can tilt the windows in and feel the hope of spring soon to come. :)

  13. There is nothing better than sparkling clean windows! We have had problems with birds but of a different kind. There are times you would think the birds had taken over our porch. Why does momma bird always think our porch is the perfect place to build her nest and have her babies. Now mind you it is not the bird and the nest that is the is overly protective momma bird that wants to squawk and fuss when anyone goes out on the porch...that is if she does not fly towards us to scare us away. What is momma bird thinking?It is MY porch after all not hers!!
    Anyway... enjoy you windows and you have a beautiful home. And I have the same problem with the tilt windows...they are always falling out on me and I do not know how to put them back in either.

  14. So does the Colonel do blogging friends' windows? :) Mine need it. I don't have tilting windows but we do have birds...lots of them...blackbirds that are quite messy!



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