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First, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in 
Tuesday's Question.

I agree with your comments!
I really wanted to know how everyone
responded to a "visitor" comment.

I've been visiting a lot of new blogs lately and leaving comments
on some FABULOUS posts.
Some respond with a visit back to my blog, 
and others...
well, don't.

I still visit their blogs because I really do enjoy them.
Just not spending the time to leave comments
unless it's something I really enjoy.
I really do try to visit everyone who leaves a comment on my blog.

On to today's post!


I was able to get the Colonel to spray paint for me!

I've been asking for quite awhile.
And of course he will say I only asked once;
this past Saturday.

there was some serious spray painting going on in our garage on Sunday.

Over the years the Colonel has received many awards, certificates, diplomas, etc.
from the Army.
And like any GOOD WIFE, I framed them all and have them hanging
on the wall in our library. 

I always tried to get the same type of frame...

But for quite awhile I didn't like the way the frames 
didn't really match.
And I thought it would be nice if they were all BLACK.

So on Sunday, I took them all down and the Colonel
proceeded to spray them all BLACK.

I hung them back up yesterday and even he was surprised how 
nice they all looked...
The framed single medal is the BRONZE STAR
the Colonel received last year for his work
in Afghanistan.
He actually received it on Christmas Day.
That was a nice Christmas present while being away from home!

"We" did this a few years ago with our family
 picture wall at the top of the second floor stairway.  
Again, we had an assortment of
oak frames and they were looking rather old and boring.
I took all the frames apart and the Colonel very nicely spray painted
them BLACK.

The result is really nice...

So instead of running out and purchasing all new frames,
why not grab a can of spray paint
and see how beautiful old frames can look!

AND your hubby will be so happy you didn't spend the money 
on new frames.  Even if he does have to spend some time
in the garage breathing in spray paint fumes.


Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. Hey - what a great job - they looked great. They were all different colors and frames and you matched them - right?

    Is you guy still in the service - when does he retire?


  2. I'd say 1st class, Lois! Great way to fix the frames dilemma!
    They look great the way you grouped them!
    Best wishes

  3. Black picture frames are so striking and I'm with you about boring oak frames. I remember getting an army award for being a good army wife. I have no idea where it is. Maybe I ought to find it, frame and hang it somewhere where my hubby can see it every day. (smiles)

  4. The framed galleries look really nice! The black frames unify and make each photo stand out.

    Wish I could add a gratitude award to the Colonel from me and others that greatly appreciate his (and your) service!

  5. You and your hubby did a great job! Both displays look really nice. I love inexpensive ways to decorate.

  6. I like that idea! I have lots of frames and HATE all the different colors , wood etc. But if they were all the same color even with the different styles there would be some uniformity!ooohhhh, gotta tell my hubs.

  7. Ah, the blessings of a can of spray paint! Thanks for sharing the results and the reminder to be resourceful!
    Are you counting down the days until Thanksgiving? I get to go to Grandma Land this weekend!
    Love and ((HUGS))

  8. I've always said that every room needs a little black (or a lot like my house) and those frames were the perfect way to add it. Everything in the frames really stands out now and looks uniform. Love it! ♥

  9. Love how they turned out,you have them grouped so nicely too!
    Love it!

    Thank you for what you said on my post! You are so sweet an always leaving me comments an I do thank you for that! It makes me want to keep on posting heehee!

    XX Dawn

  10. Great idea!! And please add... Our heartfelt thanks to your husband for his service!! (and yours as well, Lois!) -Tammy

  11. Hi Lois,
    All your frames and your displays look very nice indeed. and Congratulations to the Colonel on that Bronze star medal, what a great honor that is.......and so nice they were thoughtful enough to give it to him on Christmas day while he was away from home. Made everything seem worth it on that day I am sure.........
    Great idea! I love the black frames, Megan, has their apt. decorated with photographs in black frames all over the place and it look wonderful.
    Have a good day,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  12. I really like the way this turned out.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  13. They look wonderful! Nothing like a good old can of spray paint!

  14. Congrats on that bronze star!! What an honor! and the frames look great. When we moved to this house, I got rid of most of our frames...they were mismatched and woodtone that I didn't like. Now, wouldn't I have been clever to spray paint them. I'm not that smart. I really like the display at the stairs.

    Not sure how I missed yesterday's question - I will pay better attention next Tuesday! Comments are fun for sure....last week I had one from Belgium (I think it was) and linked over to the blog...totally not in English. Couldn't read I didn't leave a comment:)

  15. Your frames look great! I love the idea of painting them all the same color to tie them all together.

    Congrats to your hubby on his Bronze Star! And thank him for me for his service to his country!

    The commenting issue is one that puzzles me sometimes. Earlier tonight I looked at Site Meter and I had over 60 visits and but only 17 of that commented! I really wish people would just say Hi or Something! Oh well.


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