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It's Looking Like Fall...

Like many other bloggers, 
Fall is my favorite season.

It's actually the Colonel's favorite season also.
So, the other day I asked the Colonel to please bring
my "orange" boxes up from the storage room.
Felt so good to unpack them.

I didn't unpack them last year.
My Colonel was in Afghanistan last year and
I didn't feel like decorating.

Not this year!

I also don't go "crazy" decorating.
Just a few items to make our house look and smell pretty.

My FAVORITE scent by Yankee Candle.
Kitchen table...

An Amish bowl we've had for YEARS.
We found this bowl at a barn sale when Olivia
was a baby for only $1.00!
I love it...

The hutch in our kitchen...

Full view of our hutch.
I love this furniture...

View of our eating area in the kitchen...

Candle arrangement on the coffee table in the living room...

Dining room table...

Leaf candle holders.
I have three and this one is holding a tiny pumpkin candle...

Full view of our dinning room table...
As I said, I don't go overboard on the decorating.
Just enough to make us feel even more 
warm and comfortable 
in our home.

Did you decorate yet?

Leave me a comment and let me know!
I'd love to see what you did in your home!



  1. Your decorations are beautiful - and I have seen a lot of people have decorated for fall - which is my favorite season also - but I haven't - yet!


  2. I love your fall decor! Just getting started decorating here. Fall is my very favorite season, wish it lasted longer!

  3. Hi Lois,
    Love your dining room furniture too,
    so pretty, and your table decorations looks so pretty. Like that tablecloth too.
    Everything looks very festive. I have never smelled the Autumn wreath candles at yankee candle, will have to go in and check them out the next time I am at the mall.
    Hope you are doing well hon, so glad you have Phil home with you all the time now. I am sure you do feel like decorating..........
    How are things going with Olivia,
    and how is Mom and Dad holding up???
    Well, I hope, thank the Lord for all the new technology course, it still doesn't match a hug or kiss,
    but definitely better than nothing.

    So glad to have you coming by to visit again!! Have missed you!

    Love and Blessings hon,

  4. Hi there Lois!

    I enjoyed seeing your home decorated for fall. Like you, I don't do that much either, but it's just enough for me also. I think yours looks very homey and cozy! So glad you have your Colonel home this year! I do remember last year! You have alot to be thankful for, don't you?

    Fall is also my favorite season! :)

    Have a great upcoming weekend!

  5. Oops...I forgot to answer your question. I have my tub of decorations sitting on the sunporch and have been decorating off and on this afternoon and evening in between other things, so hopefully mine will be up by tomorrow afternoon for sure! It's starting to feel cozy!


  6. What a pretty home! And we can see that your Fall decor really makes is cozy.
    Having just "settled" in, I might not change up my decor this season, but I have been thinking about it. Can't wait for cooler temps!!!
    Blessings sweet friend ((HUGS))

  7. So decorating you felt like decorating this year and that you have your colonel home!
    Everything looks so pretty!

  8. Sooo glad you feel like decorating for fall this year, Lois! And great the Colonel is on hand to help!!!
    I love all those pretty fall accents in your home - it does feel warm and cozy!

  9. uh oh, i'd better get going :) no decoratiing here, still in summer mode. i usually end up waiting a bit and just decorating for halloween-the kids love that!

  10. Everything looks warm and cozy! I too love your furniture and we share a love for the same Fall Yankee Candle! I bought mine recently and have just started to enjoy it at special times! I'll bet you and the colonel find this time of year especially special because you're together! I'm happy for you!

  11. Your decorations look lovely! Having the Colonel home is certainly a good reason to feel like decorating! I will have to share some pictures of some of my fall decorating. Still working on the porch though--I need a mum or two. Happy fall! ~Karen

  12. I love the fall colors we are having right now.
    Your decorations are pretty. I have not yet got mine out but you gave me some inspiration.
    Have a nice weekend.

  13. Good morning! I love you Fall decor! and your warm, cozy house in general. The hutch is REALLY good and I like the way you have it done up. I also like the tablecloths etc. I decorated right after Labor day. Like you, I don't have alot (or what I haven't had for years anyway) but I love it too. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  14. I have decorated the front porch and have a few things around the house that look fallish. I tend to overdo but have tried to keep it simple this year. Your home looks lovely.

  15. Oh, I love that you decorate for fall! Very sweet!! I do not decorate for fall, I don't really like it at all because it's the prelude to 6 months of crummy winter here. lol

  16. Hi, Lois! Good to see you! I missed you, too! I'm so happy that fall is here! The summer was l-o-n-g! Your fall decor is very welcoming and festive. Good job! So glad the General is back in the saddle again. God bless 'im! As far as decorating, I haven't yet, but Mom gave me a big sack of silk flowers to use, which are still in the sack. :) I love pumpkins on my porch, so I'll probably get some this weekend. You're an inspiration! Better get myself busy. Take care, my friend.


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