Don't you LOVE Facebook?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Girl in her dorm room...

Almost daily she sends me a picture of herself or a group of her friends
through either Facebook or my cell phone.

I love the time we live in!


  1. I like it, but I am so busy with blogger - but it does seem a lot of people are going over there. sandie

  2. I absolutely love facebook. A lot of people don't understand it but for me I like keeping up with old friends and what is going on with those I love.

  3. I'm not big on facebook, but my daughter is in Japan for 3 years and I just got SKYPE. We can visit face to face free whenever we want without being 'friended' by anyone else! There are a ton of choices out there, and for that I'm glad.

  4. Your daughter is beautiful! Looks like she's doing pretty good! :) I agree, this day and age of technology is amazing.

  5. I DO love the times we live in as far as this amazing technology! When my kids were young and my hubby traveled internationally all I had was an occasional FAX that he was allowed to send to my work! No cell phones, no FB, no skype, etc. Now with part of my family being out of state we keep up on a daily basis through twitter and FB, as well as blogs. The world is definitely smaller!!!

  6. Hi Sunshine,
    What a nice pic, and so nice she is able to keep in touch with you daily.
    That sure helps a lot!!
    she's a cutie like her Mom.

    She looks happy so that is good!

    Hope Mom is looking as happy!! lol
    Blessings Hon

  7. awwwww. She looks so beautiful. Dorm life must agree with her. It is wonderful to have her be only a few seconds away by phone and facebook! Hope you are coping as well as she is! ♥

  8. What a cute picture. Looks like your daughter is happy in her new home away from home.

  9. Yes, it is a good way for everyone to stay connected. And to see each others pictures! I love it.

    Is your daughter far away at college? Or close by? Either way, it is a good way to stay connected.

    Thanks for your was great hearing from you! (:>)

  10. Technology has definitely made our world a smaller place! So good of her to stay so closely connected too! Skype is my favorite communication method. I use it all the time so my parents can see the little one.
    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  11. Yes, I love it! It keeps us in touch with our loved ones when they are far away!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I hope you get to go to Branson sometime, it's a fun place to visit and so much to do there.

    I don't do Facebook because I stay so busy on Blogger, but my son and daughter love it. Your daughter is very pretty and I hope she's enjoying college! Loved your recipe for mac and cheese, I'll be trying that.

    Have a great weekend!