Welcome Home...Sort of!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yes, my Colonel is home.  

Well he WAS home.

He left Afghanistan on 12/26 and arrived in the good old USA, 
Georgia to be exact, on 12/29.  
Five hours into his out-processing he was told that 
they were closing for the holiday on 12/30 and would reopen on 1/3.  

He was also told that HE would have to wait for them
 to come back on 1/3 and continue his out-processing.  

Well, that was NOT acceptable to my Colonel.
I mean, you would think the military would have 
their out-processing centers open 24/7 to get these servicemen and women 
back home with their families.  
He proceeded to get a 3 day pass and was home New Years Eve.  

It was so nice to see him.  
Even though we knew he had to go back and finish his out-processing.  
Which should have only been another 48 hours.

Instead my Colonel has been down in Georgia 
for a week waiting, waiting and waiting.  

For what?

A signature.  

That's right.  That's all he needs...a signature and he can come home.  

Oh and he's been waiting for this signature since LAST Wednesday. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting. 

Did I tell you he starts a new job this week?


And he's still in Georgia waiting on a signature so he can come home. 

Something doesn't seem right when you make your servicemen 
and women sit around waiting to get back home with their families
 after risking their lives for over a year.  

I hope to have good news in a day or so that he is home for good!


  1. What a disrespectful thing to put ANY service person through. How silly and down right stupid. I am so sorry that his homecoming is hampered by inneficient policies and pencil pushers who obviously have no idea what it's like to truly miss the love of your life.

    Please tell him the Butler family from New York thanks him for his courage, bravery and sacrifices. God bless him, and we are pleased your Colonel made it back to American soil, safe and sound.

  2. That's just awful!!! I am SO dreading my son's time in the army and it's just beginning:( I hope he makes it home SOON, thoughts and prayers coming your way:)

  3. Oh Lois,
    I am so sorry to hear that, bless your hearts. How awful!!
    That is the most absurd thing I have heard lately. I will sure be praying he gets that signature tomorrow so he can get home. Maybe they will let him at least delay starting his job till next Monday. Hope so!!
    I am glad he is out of Afghanistan at least, and know you surely are too, but of course, want to spend time with him. Hard to celebrate when you just had him for a day or so.
    Love and Blessings, Nellie
    Give him a hug and a thank you from us.

  4. Since I live in Georgia, it makes me sad to know our state has not been kinder to your colonel. I live in an air force town. Could he be here in middle GA? I hope it is resolved soon so he can be home where he belongs!

  5. Good grief! Maybe we should start a petition to get the Colonel home. You'll get my SIGNATURE for sure!

  6. OH...MY...GOODNES!! You have got to be kidding me!! That is just downright ridiculous and sooo unfair. How disappointing that they would do such a thing after all you have all been through. Just not right!! Wish there was something we could all do but pray the waiting is over and he is on his way TODAY!! But praise God he is back on American soil safe and sound!! YAY!!!

  7. That is just so wrong!!! On one hand, I'm glad he's on American soil. But on the other hand, where is that hand that puts ink to the signature?!!! HAWAII? by any chance on vacation? Prayers that he is in your arms soon!


  8. Oh Lois,

    I'm so sorry he and you have to go through this waiting period.
    Praying he'll be home soon, if not already.

    Happy New Year to you!

  9. Oh you must be so frustrated, praying he gets home very soon. man someone sign those papers. so glad he is safe, I think of you often, pray that you willall be together very soon.respectfully yours, cinner

  10. I honestly didn't think these kinds of things could happen to someone with the rank of Colonel. I mean it would be disrespectful to ANY returning serviceman...I'm so sorry this happened. Oh I was SO looking forward to hearing about your shouts of joy when he finally made it home. This is just absurd! I'm getting angry here...

  11. Oh. my. goodness. But I am so happy!! that he is home:) Hoping you are all together again - to stay - very soon!! Welcome home, Colonel!!

  12. That is wonderful news that he is home. I'm so sorry he has to wait so long to get processed!

  13. Lois, I am so excited for you!! I know you can not wait!! I hate that it's taken your honey forever to get a signature...the military is so crazy, they have some messed up ways sometimes! BUT...GOOD THINGS COME, TO THOUGHS WHO WAIT! I love you Lois....and I am so excited that your hubby is coming home! Thank God for answered prayers!

  14. Lois,
    Ughhh Im sure its so frustrating for you all. I hope hes not trapped with the weather they are having in Atlanta!! God Bless him for serving his country, and God bless you for the enduring his time away!!

  15. What wonderful news. Well I mean at least he is back in the USA. It is so sad that the gov treats our men and women like this.
    Prayers that he will get his signature and be back home with his family again.

  16. Lois, I am so sorry about you all having to go through this, it is almost unbelievable. I bet you felt like this has got to be the icing on the cake, with all you have been through this year. You need to write a book.
    Tell him thank you for serving our country, and thank you for your service too.
    Much love,

  17. Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh! And we thought our military was run efficiently! Well, this, too, shall pass. God bless the General and your family for all the sacrifices you have made for our country.

  18. i almost can't bear it!! please do tell us when he is home and put up a super wonderful post. i've been on pins and needles for the past year for you!!
    Now take advantage of the horrible day and go buy some sexy valentines lingere for the reunion ;-)

  19. Hurry up and wait...I'm sure you're familiar with that saying in the military. I'm a retired military wife, hubby is now a civilian contractor supporting the Army in Afghanistan. Saying good-bye is so very hard but waiting on being able to say hello can be even harder sometimes.

    My blog is dedicated to deployed families both military and civilian. Oldest daughter just didn't get enough of military life I guess, she married a man who joined the Army and has just returned from Iraq.

    I pray you will have a long stretch between seperation again, oh and by the way I'm a mean mom too!! LOL Have a blessed day. By the way, I'm Cindy :)

  20. Oh Lois, how very frustrating! You would think that the military would get their act together! But soon he will be home for good and this nightmare of a year will fast become but a memory.
    Rejoicing that the "end" is in sight and praying for his quick return.
    Love in the Lamb~

  21. How frustrating it is. Just pray that he is doing fine and that he will get the signature that he's waiting. God bless you and your family.

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  22. Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

  23. You are right--that's just wrong to keep a serviceman away from his family because of some clerical hold up! I hope by now things are moving and he's home.

    Sorry it's been so long since I last visited!

  24. I hope he was not stuck here with the ice and snow we had here? I wish I had known he was here as I would have had him over for dinner. I hope he is home now but if not you have my address so tell him to call us so we can take him out for a meal or have him over for a welcome home meal.

  25. Hi Lois,
    I dying to know if he is home yet. Any good news?
    Praying you guys are with each other catching up and just don't have time to post.




  27. YAY! So glad your man is back here sweetie! Yes, I know...I had to leave GA without my man, too, but it was soooo wonderful to know that he was back on U.S. turf and out of harm's way. His processing only took 4-5 days, though!

    I praise God for His unfathomable goodness in the Colonel's safe arrival home, and know that you are so thankful and thrilled!

    You need to get some time away by yourselves now!! ;o)

    Love you and share in your joy!

  28. PLEASE tell us that he is home by now:) Hope you are all enjoying every day of being together again!!

  29. Can't even begin a comment that will fit into this box!!!!

    Glad the Colonel is safe and sound.

  30. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  31. Hi Sunshine,
    Are you okay?? Just wanted to check on you since you haven't posted in awhile. Hope it is just cause you are having such a good time having Phil home!
    Hope all is well sweetie,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  32. Just checking on you and hoping everything is okay! You're in my prayers!


  33. Lois I have named you as the recipient of an award on my blog today, please swing by and pick it up. :)