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What I've Learned

Since my Colonel left I've had to do a few things that normally 
HE would do. 

The most important thing I've learned is how to unclogged 
a toilet using a plumber's snake.
Not a pretty sight.

And not something I'm happy to say I now know how to do. 
Oh and did I mention I also know how to clean it?  

And soaking it in bleach is NOT the way to go.  

One word...RUST.

But it still works and I still know how to use it.  

I've learned how to handle a small accident with our car.  
Yes, someone hit our car while trying to park her car 
next to mine in the bank parking lot.  
Thankfully she came to find me.  

I know how to set a trap for a gopher living under the back porch.  
True, I didn't catch him, but I still know how to set a trap and what type 
of food a gopher likes to eat.  

I've learned how to clean out our barbecue grill after 
a pair of "love birds" built their nest in it. 

I learned how to take our Christmas tree apart 
and drag it down the stairs to the storage room. 
Will I know how to put it up in a month?   Check back in a month!

I've learned how to pick out plumbing fixtures by myself.  
Find a plumber to install the new fixtures and to install a water softener.  
I've learned how to clean up three leaks under three bathroom sinks.

But tonight was the last straw.  
The handle on the toilet in our bathroom broke off tonight. 

Who puts a PLASTIC handle on a toilet anyway?  
So I now know how to flush a toilet without a handle. 

Something I never thought I would say.  

I will be so happy when this year is finally over
and my Colonel comes home in January. 

So happy.  

What Do You Think?

Saw this on Facebook last week and it really hit home to me.

I found this online and found it interesting:

I pledge allegiance - I promise my loyalty

to the flag - to the symbol that stands to represent

of the United States of America - each and every of the 50 states that form the united nation of America

and to the republic - a country where people choose their representative to form the government and represent them

for which it stands, one nation - the flag that stands for one country

under God - there is one Supreme entity for every citizen

indivisible - a country that cannot be divided

with Liberty - complete freedom of life and living being given to the citizens

and Justice - fair treatment being promised by the law of the land

for all - for each and every citizen of the country.  

When I was a little girl I use to add an "Amen" at the end of the pledge 
while we were reciting it in school. 
Took me a few years to realize that wasn't part of the pledge,
but I always said it, softly or in my mind.  

BUT now I think it should be.  

Amen, means so be it Lord.  

Sounds good to me!

A Little Clarification, PLEASE...

Okay, I need your help here.

What do YOU call this?

Growing up in Queens, NY we called them 

Since I've moved to PA, I've noticed that they're referred to
as GUIDE rails.  

I cannot bring myself to calling them guide rails.

At least I'm grateful we have them. 
I would have a HUGE problem traveling this road. 

As you can see there is NOTHING to keep you from falling
off the road and down the cliff.  

Please leave a comment and let me know what they're called where you live!

Still Alive..

I'm still alive. 

Don't worry.  

Just finding it hard to blog. 

I'm still reading blogs. 

Just finding it hard to find time to comment on your blogs!

Anyone else having these problems?  

Or am I completely alone?  

Enjoy your day!
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