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I'm Alive!

You know it's time to update your blog 
when your husband sends you an email from Afghanistan 
sounding like the Colonel he is 
insisting that I update with something!

It's just been so hard to find something, anything to write about!

Not much going on in my life.  

My Colonel is still in Afghanistan. 

And I'm still missing him. 

Michael has now added football to his routine.
He still does karate.
And he broke his toe a few weeks ago.   

Olivia is babysitting and out almost all the time. 
She is 17 and loving having her driver's license.

I am still here worrying about Olivia driving, 
worrying about Michael playing football and 
yes, worrying about my Colonel. 

BUT...I have pictures!

So if you come back tomorrow I hope to have some pictures of my Colonel's living arrangements over in Afghanistan.  

I have to say I'm very impressed with what he's done 
with his half a shipping container!

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