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My 10 favorite Christmas songs. 

Mary Did You Know
Breath of Heaven
The Messiah 
Silent Night - I especially love it in German
Emanuel, God With Us - Point of Grace
Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Josh Groban
Ava Maria
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Andy Williams
Oh Holy Night
Mary's Little Boy Child - The one we did as teens in Youth Choir

You may be wondering why in the world I have Andy Williams as one of my favorites. 

Well, when we were first married, I asked the Colonel
(of course he wasn't a Colonel then!) 
to please pick up some Christmas music during the week 
so when we put our tree up we would have something to listen to. 

He came home with the entire 
collection of The Messiah. 

He noticed the look on my face and asked, 
"What's wrong with the Messiah?" 
Well, I told him that I thought he would purchase something 
a little more "Christmasy." 

That's the word I used. 
He looked at me and said, 
"You asked for Christmas music and this is the best there is." 

He then really noticed the look on my face and said, 
"Okay, let's go pick something out that's a bit more Christmasy." 
We then went and picked out the Andy Williams CD that we play 
every year when putting up the Christmas tree 
and we STILL have a laugh over our definitions of Christmas music. 

Although I have come to love The Messiah as much as he does! 

So how about you?
What are your favorite 10 Christmas songs?

Leave a comment so I can come and check out your favorite songs!


  1. I guess "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" has always been a favorite of mine. And then there is the precious hymn about welcoming Jesus into our hearts. The chorus goes "There is room in my heart LORD JESUS, there is room in my heart for Thee."
    I think it has an awkward title: "Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne."
    Christmas Blessings to you and yours! Is Hubby coming home soon?
    Love, Jess

  2. I just love Christmas music and start listening to my CD's in October. Drives my family mad! My favorites are anything by the National Christian choir. Song of the bells is always good. I like all of yours. I'm old fashioned about my hymns and my Christmas classics:D

  3. What a wonderful memory! I have to smile at the the way wives and husbands communicate. My favorite one is the same as the first one you listed. Then I would have to include, "Oh Come Emmanuel" (the one sung by Enya.) I have always loved "Oh Little Town of Bethleham" from when I was a child.

    Bless you this Christmas. You and the Colonel are in my prayers often.


  4. haha We have had a similiar experience over here...My fav's are...Oh Holy Night, Chestnut's roasting, Joy to the world, Mary did you know?, Come all ye faithful, Let there be peace on earth, Silver Bells, Away in the Manager, Come Emmanuel, Little town of Bethlehem....I could go on and on. I LOVE Christmas music, haha...Have a wonderful Christmas and a new year FULL of His richest blessings, HUGS, Debbie

  5. My favorite is Mary did you know! It moves me to tears. I also love the traditional hymns with Silent Night being my favorite and of course I love Andy Williams! I remember his Christmas specials growing up! wishing you a wonderful Christmas day with much music, love and laughter.

  6. Well I love most of the same ones as you!
    Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas!
    God bless

  7. Wow,you list is really close to mine. I would have add The First Noel and Heirlooms by Amy Grant. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  8. We used to sing Silent Night in Germany when I was a kid...can still remember the words after over 50 years.

    Have a Great Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family. God bless the Colonel for being so brave, and allowing us to be with our loved ones.

    My favorite Christmas carol is Martine McBride's rendition of O Holy Night. Moves me to tears every single time.

  10. At least 5 of your 10 would be among my choices. Point of Grace and Amy Grant are a couple of my favorites. I certainly wouldn't question any of your choices--if you saw my Christmas playlist you'd see Christmas songs from the 1940's-2000's on it. The memories are the most important.

    Merry Christmas to you, Lois!!

  11. Wow!Christmas Songs so good to hear. I like Silent Night and Oh Come All Ye faithful.

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