Mean Mom...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yes, I am a Mean Mom.

I won't let you drive to work when it's snowing outside and the 
town we live in forgets to send out the salt trucks.

I will pick you up at 11:30 at night because
the snow that fell earlier is now turning to ice and 
the town we live in STILL didn't send out the salt trucks.

I won't let you drive to school when the roads are 
still icy and it's only 11 degrees outside.
I will make you ride the bus so I know you'll be safe.

I will make you go to school when you say you're too tired from working.

I will make you do your homework and clean your room and 
clean the bathrooms. 
Everyone needs to know how to clean a toilet. 

I will make you make your bed. 
Even if you're just going to get back in it at night.

I will make you eat a good dinner and not have a bowl of popcorn instead.

I will make you go to church when you want to stay home and play on the computer.

I will make you study your math even if you 
will never use it again.

One day you'll look back and see that I did all 
this because I love you more than my own life
and you'll think maybe I wasn't so mean after all. 


  1. You sure are a "mean mom" and hopefully your kids will never forget how "mean" you are! ;)
    Great post Lois!!!

  2. You are the best mean mom I know! Don't worry, they know it too! Hugs

  3. The world needs more mean moms like you, Lois!!

  4. Yes Lois you are a "Mean Mom" and the Lord will bless you for being this way. Its funny how our kids look at our love for them as us being mean. Keep up the good work!

  5. First of all that is a WONDERFUL picture of the "mean" mom and her kids...How pretty you are! And second of all thank God you are a mean mom and your right, SOME day they'll thank you for it. Mine EVENTUALLY all did, haha...Hope you are enjoying this season...HUGS

  6. Very well said!!! I was a mean mom too and don't regret a minute of it;) Be careful on those roads and the late night outings!

  7. One day they'll understand. Probably when they're being the "mean" parents!

  8. You're a good mother and you're children are blessed! :0)

  9. And your kids will look back on these your and KNOW that they were loved. Good job.

  10. Boy, you are mean. Join the club. They will thank you someday. Our sons are 30 and 34 and are grateful for all the "no's" they heard growing up.

  11. Oh how I remember those days, Lois! The girls said I was the strictest mom they knew. But I was their mom and wanted them to live and be safe.
    Great post from a great mom!

  12. Lois you have summed up so EXACTLY how I'm feeling - it's funny the way you put it, but at the same time scary being a 'mean mom'- know what I mean? Maybe in 10 yrs or so they will get it!
    God bless you all and keep you safe!

  13. Lois,
    Some days I get so tired of being a mean I can be as mean as I need to be ;)

  14. I agree you are a mean mom!!:)
    I know that they will look back and finally know that it was done out of love.
    My #1 grandson gives his dad that all the time now. Hopefully he will also know that it is our love for him that we do what we must do.
    Great photo.

  15. You ARE a mean Mom! I'm a mean Mom too (grin)! Love your photo!


  16. ...and they will survive, and they will excell, because they have caring wonderful parents who set a good example and set high standards. Then when they have families, they will be the mean parents they will need to be too. It is hard to stick to 'safe and right', but the rewards are worth it!

  17. Thank you to all those Mean Moms out there that do keep their children safe. loved the post Lois,, hope you are well and in good spirits. hugs.

  18. Yea, I was a card carrying member of the mean mom club when my kids were younger. They probably still think I'm mean! lol! We just gotta do what we gotta do, popular or not.


  19. I love this reminds me of my mom. Gosh you sound just like her...SCARY!!

  20. "Parent Power!"
    What a blessing your love is to your kids. They WILL appreciate you someday. ((HUGS))

  21. great job being a "mean mom" and great cartoon too!! Aren't you due to have your husband back about now? I remember it was right after Christmas that he left right? So when is he due back? I will be so relieved for you!!

  22. Now that my "children" are adults and have kids of their own, I am not so mean after all. Now they are, LOL. I prayed for this day, LOL!


  23. I bet some of O's friends wish their parents were as 'mean' as you!! She and M are blessed to have a 'mean mom' who loves them so much; and I agree: she knows you LOVE her!!

    Keep on keeping on, Lois, let the Lord be your strength; the Colonel will be home soon and you can step into the back-up role!!

    Big hugs

  24. Hi Sweet Lois,
    Good to hear from you hon!! I read all your posts but for some reason they have not been coming up on my dashboard.

    Good for you that you are a mean MOM!! So was I!! Kids need a MOM not a friend, they have plenty of those...
    and we have plenty of time later on to be their friend!!
    Keep on being a mean MOM for like you said ONE DAY they will understand and ONE Day they will probably be a mean MOM or DAD!! lol

    My adult children are at the point where they can appreciate the mean MOM they had.........Finally!!
    I thought I was gonna have to die first!! lol

    Well, not much longer till January.
    When exactly is the big day of Phil's arrival or do you know yet??? I have been praying that he
    would make it for Christmas. I know that would be the best Christmas present your whole family could get!!
    Love and Blessings to you Sweetie
    and May you have a Joyous Christmas Season being a Mean Mom!! lol
    God is proud of you!!

  25. Oh yea, that was a great pic of you and the kids!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  26. Yeah for mean moms!! I just knew we had much in common:) Love that photo, too!

  27. Exactly what my own mom would've done too.... funny how it doesn't sound sooo mean reading it about someone else ^^ xD

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  29. My mom always told me that if your kids think you're mean, then you're doing something right!!

  30. You are "Mean Mom" but the best "Mean Mom" for your children Lois.

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  31. WoW! that is so are really the best mom.=)

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