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What I've Learned

Since my Colonel left I've had to do a few things that normally 
HE would do. 

The most important thing I've learned is how to unclogged 
a toilet using a plumber's snake.
Not a pretty sight.

And not something I'm happy to say I now know how to do. 
Oh and did I mention I also know how to clean it?  

And soaking it in bleach is NOT the way to go.  

One word...RUST.

But it still works and I still know how to use it.  

I've learned how to handle a small accident with our car.  
Yes, someone hit our car while trying to park her car 
next to mine in the bank parking lot.  
Thankfully she came to find me.  

I know how to set a trap for a gopher living under the back porch.  
True, I didn't catch him, but I still know how to set a trap and what type 
of food a gopher likes to eat.  

I've learned how to clean out our barbecue grill after 
a pair of "love birds" built their nest in it. 

I learned how to take our Christmas tree apart 
and drag it down the stairs to the storage room. 
Will I know how to put it up in a month?   Check back in a month!

I've learned how to pick out plumbing fixtures by myself.  
Find a plumber to install the new fixtures and to install a water softener.  
I've learned how to clean up three leaks under three bathroom sinks.

But tonight was the last straw.  
The handle on the toilet in our bathroom broke off tonight. 

Who puts a PLASTIC handle on a toilet anyway?  
So I now know how to flush a toilet without a handle. 

Something I never thought I would say.  

I will be so happy when this year is finally over
and my Colonel comes home in January. 

So happy.  


  1. Oh Lois!! There are no words. Really. Except thanks. To you and the Colonel.

    ...Oh...and I'll track you down next time I need to set a gopher trap!! Hugs!!

  2. Oh Lois! I just can't wait for you to get your Colonel back! There are just some things the men are better off handling.

  3. Oh bless your heart. I have told you both but I want to tell you again~ You are my hero!

    I am praying the rest of this time goes quickly.
    My son-in-law will be going in May. Please pray for my Ashley for she will need the grit you have.

  4. I will be so happy for you also when the Colonel comes home! Those are all good things to know how to do but.........they are better left to the guys! Soon Lois....soon you will not need to worry about those thngs and life will once again be back to normal. Stay strong...Monday is Nov 1st!!!!How many weeks until the Colonel is home? I'm thinking 10?

  5. Lois, bless your heart! I couldn't help but laugh about the 'bleach and rust' part. But I'm like you, I'd clean it just the same!
    If anything can go wrong with a toilet, it will! I've become pretty familiar with ours and try to solve the problems before I tell Handyman about it.
    I guess you have all the tools! I know the Colonel is proud of you.
    You go, girl. Can't wait to see the tree!

  6. Oh Lois, I think toilet problems are the worst because once they start its all downhill from there.

    You are doing a great job though!

  7. Wow, you have learned ALOT and I don't know why they use plastic for handles, not very smart:( Just a couple months to go now and I am SO proud of you and all you did this year on your own and I know your Colonel is proud too;)

  8. Oh have learned ALOT and endured ALOT and I've admired your attitude about it all as well. I think the gopher trap would have done me in. But it almost Nov 1!!! It's not much longer right? Then all can go back to how it "should" be, and you'll be a stronger, able to do "boy" things when need be kind of gal as well. Still praying for you all....BLESSINGS, Debbie

  9. Oh, Dear Lois, You have learned so much more during this time but these things were yucky stuff that anyone would rather not have to learn. I am so happy for you that you are on the home stretch of waiting for your dear husbands return. I know it has been way harder that I can imagine but you have been a trooper!

    Like Loretta, I was wondering if you have a return date?

  10. Morning Sunshine,
    Wow, you have had a few strange things to learn I would have to say!!
    It is during these times we really realize how much we count on our hubbies and how much easier and better they make our lives, and how very much we appreciate and love them.
    I had just pulled up your post but hadn't read it yet, and was saying to hubby that I think your hubby is suppose to be home in January, but I was hoping maybe it would be for Christmas! Monday will be Nov. 1st,
    so it is getting closer to his return, but we will be praying that it is sooner!!
    I know this has been a very difficult haul for you and the family. We do pray for you often hon, and for Phil's safety and protection as well.
    and we thank you all for these hard and difficult sacrifices you make for this country, and for us personally as a family.
    Love and Blessings to you sweetie,

  11. Good for you! Stay strong and just keep thinking it won't be long!
    Blessings to you and your loved ones!

  12. I am sure he would rather be by your side handling all these unsightly chores if he had the choice....but just think of how wonderful of an example you are to myself and all of your bloggy followers! You are showing us that you can do it, and we could, too. You never know how strong you need to be, until you HAVE to be....and you are doing it! I am proud of you, and I don't even know you. Hugs.

  13. Dear Lois...I am sorry you had to learn all those things. It's not like they will even look good on a resume...
    But, I am thankful to you and your Colonel for the commitment you have BOTH made to Our Country...
    Blessings to you...


  14. So sorry to hear of all the things breaking, Lois. You are developing some fabulous skills!:)

    Continuing to pray for your family as you wait for the Colonel's return.

    Thank you all so much again.


  15. Wow, that is a lot! You are very accomplished now:)

  16. You are having to get strong. A bittersweet situation.

    Thanks to both of you.

  17. I just have to ask...exactly what food does enticea gopher into a trap??! I have to admit - I am impresssed:)

    And I will not complain about my shoe size again...well, at least for several weeks! Sizes 12 and 13...bless their heart:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog..I always enjoy your visits!

  18. You are down to your last couple of months!! Congratulations :-) You will have your husband back soon and this will all be a memory!! Good job keeping a stiff upper lip on the bbq and toity ;-) Rah Rah Rah!! Godspeed to you!!

  19. Hey Girl, I will know who to call if any of those things happen to me and get your advice.
    My wish for you is that the time flies by till Jan. and your colonel is home to you safe and sound.
    Tell him again how much we appreciate him and you for your sacrifice.
    Take care!

  20. I'm so happy you'll be back together soon!

    All my admiration and thanks to BOTH of you!!

  21. I admire your tenacity and learning to do new things while the Colonel is away. I'm so glad he'll be home in just a few more weeks.

  22. Good Morning Lois, I too am looking forward to you having your Colonel back home with you all. What a testimony of how you have trusted the Lord through his absence.
    This was a fun read about the plumbing problems, they always seem to be the first to go. lol.
    I pray your time goes so fast.

  23. problems! He'll be home soon and I hope it goes quickly for you.

    Have a great weekend.


  24. I love the photo of the woman, tom


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