Still Alive..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm still alive. 

Don't worry.  

Just finding it hard to blog. 

I'm still reading blogs. 

Just finding it hard to find time to comment on your blogs!

Anyone else having these problems?  

Or am I completely alone?  

Enjoy your day!


  1. NO, your not alone, I think we all go through times like that:) Glad to know all is well!

  2. No, you're perfectly normal. It comes in spurts with me. Sometimes it's been three weeks till I can post and other times it's more regular. It's life so don't fret about it.
    I do like hearing from you, so I know you're ok.
    Happy Fall!

  3. Oh no~ I am so behind in commenting.
    Welcome back~ nice hearing from you.

  4. I'm just like you, Lois! Sometimes I lie in bed and try to devise a plan on how I could possibly make it to all the blogs that I want to visit! I really think about my blogging friends much more often than I make it by to all of their blogs! Glad to know all is well!


  5. I'm like you too - sometimes I have more time then other times. Don't worry - we will still be here.


  6. Common problem in our too-busy world!

  7. You aren't alone. I'm having trouble getting new posts up with any regularity, and I AM making myself leave remarks, even when I want to hurry through. It's just a seasonal or hormonal glitch!
    Must need more coffee!

  8. Lois...It's ok if we take breaks from blogging now and then. I never have been one who does it everyday anyway.

    But you are one of my I'm glad you let us know you are ok.

    Love ya,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  9. Join the club, Lois.:) I've been really bad about blogging- had some computer problems/downloading troubles- still working through some... but haven't felt much like it sometimes either. I think that's normal. I hope so!:)
    I just did my daybook yesterday after a long absence.
    Just do what you can and don't worry. That's what's great about blogging sistas- we love ya no matter what.

    Take care and God bless!

  10. I think it must be the busyness of this time of year. I posted about having the same problem last week. I'm glad to know I'm not alone :-)

  11. glad you're still around!! your year is almost up :-) just a couple of months to go!!

  12. Definitely not many wonderful blogs and so little time to comment!!

  13. Life is like swings and roundabouts, as my folks say - there's always so much going on!
    It's good to know you're OK!
    Best wishes,

  14. I think everyone understands. Sometimes we have to just sit back and take things in.

  15. I am still not blogging again but read blogs when I have a free minute. I was wondering what was up with you. Fall must be glorious in your area with the trees turning colors etc. Enjoy the day and know the blog gals here in GA are thinking about you and keeping your husband in our prayers.

  16. Good Morning Lois,
    I agree with the other, You are not alone, I have had one of the busiest summers ever, and am still very busy, that I do find it hard to visit like I would like to.
    And like Rose, I do it in spurts too.
    I read your post about your trip with Michael, I was amazed at how much he has grown, Girl, what are you feeding him! lol.. Such a handsome young man.
    Hope all is well,you too have had a very busy year. I think of you often and pray for you.

  17. You aren't alone Lois. Blogging and viewing others blogs can be very time consuming for all of us. I think the majority of bloggers feel this way at one point or another. Don't fret it my friend.

  18. I am glad to see you back and I have been wondering about you and colonel.
    I know it is hard to blog daily so you are not alone that is for sure.
    It seems like life is so busy right now.
    take care

  19. Missed you but understand completely. I've just been blogging a short time and am now finding it hard to read or write something new.

  20. Raising hand I resurface among the blogworld.

    Glad you are ok :-)

  21. Glad you are okay. I have missed you.

  22. Oh you are not alone... I am so busy with all the stuff we have going on... I barely have enough time to blog.

    Hang in there.