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Happy Anniversary!

23 years ago I made the best decision of my life
and married the Colonel.

Here we are on our wedding day with my parents. 
I'm wearing my mother's gown.  

Our photographer wasn't the greatest. 
He kept "squishing" my dress and in most of the pictures you can't see how pretty it is.
It was a real princess dress with tons of sequins and tulle. 

I loved it.    

This year is quite different with the Colonel over in Afghanistan.

Oh we've been apart on our anniversary through the years 
but we've always been able to speak to each other. 
This year, I probably won't even get to talk to him.
And I didn't think it would bother me as much as it is. 

To be honest with you, I haven't heard his voice in almost 2 months. 

My mom is taking Olivia, Michael and myself out to dinner
  today to a nice Italian restaurant after church.  

And I know the Colonel will be thinking of me.

Which makes me happy just knowing that!

Here we are this past November. 

Love you Colonel!


  1. Oh Lois~
    I am so sorry you are are apart!
    I hope you have a good day with your Mom and children.
    I appreciate ~so very much the sacrifice you are making for me and our country, You are a hero for sure. I am praying for your husband too!
    Happy Anniversary to you both!
    Love and Prayers~

  2. Lois I am so sad that you and the Colonel are apart on your special day. My prayer for you is that some way, some how you'll be able to talk to him today! Enjoy your dinner with mom and the kids. You are an amazing woman. I don't think I could sacrifice as much as you have done. Thank you for that and thank you Colonel for your service! Happy Anniversary! Hugs
    ps you made such a beautiful couple and your gown was gorgeous!

  3. You were a beatiful bride, and the groom was handsome. You both still are. I'm so sorry he isn't there to celebrate it with you. I'm sure you're on his mind. I'm glad your mom is still nearby to support you and I think it's wonderful that you wore her dress! Happy Anniversary, Lois and Colonel!

  4. It saddens me too that you are apart on your special day, hopefully next year he will be right at your side:) Happy Anniversary to you & the Colonel!

  5. What a beautiful dress!! How special that it was your mother's too. It makes my heart heavy that you can't be with him today to celebrate your special day, but I have no doubt you are together in spirit, and his thoughts are FULL of you. I am glad you get to celebrate with your kids and your mom. I had no idea you could go that long without even hearing his hard that must be. The sacrifice you are ALL making can just never be thanked enough by all of us. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both, and may the Lord shine His face upon you now and for many many years to come. HUGS, Debbie

  6. Good Morning Lois,
    And Happy Anniversary to you and the Colonel!
    You are a beautiful bride and your Mom's dress is gorgeous! How precious that you were able to wear it...what a blessing.
    Praying that somehow Phil will get through to you today with a call.

  7. Hey there Lois, I know what you are going through..Hubby was out to sea on many an anniversary...not gone as long as your colonel is...but still hard..Hang in there and enjoy the day with your mom..and know that all our military members are always in my prayers...Take care pretty lady.:)love the dress too.:)

  8. Dear Lois,
    Can I just say that in the more recent photo you are simply luminous??!! You just light up wherever you are...I just know it!!

    You were a beautiful bride indeed, and it blesses my heart to hear how honored you were to wear your Mom's dress. It is so lovely.

    My heart is heavy with thoughts of you and Phil being apart on your anniversary, but I know my God, and I know that He will fill your heart up with His love, and hold you close, and comfort you.

    Praying that your day is filled with special blessings...and that you will hear the Colonel's voice soon!

    Love you dear friend!
    So appreciate your sacrifice!
    Big Warm Hugs

  9. I'm so sad that ya'll can't be together today. I love that you know he's thinking of you! You look beautiful in your dress!

  10. You haven't changed much... still lovely! Funny, I posted pictures of mu wedding dress last night.My mother made mine. I pray that our Heavenly Father will hold you in His arms today like the colonel would if he were there.

  11. I am so sorry Lois, that you are apart this year, you both are as beautiful as ever. May you have many more anniversaries together. I think of you and pray for you so often.
    Enjoy tonight as I know the Colonel will be there in spirit.And I hope you will soon hear his voice.

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband who I know is thinking about you today and every day. Your dress is lovely and how wonderful that you were able to wear your Moms dress and hopefully your daughter will be wearing it one day too as the Colonel walks her down the aisle.

  13. You are untouched by the years, Lois, you always look so pretty, but livin' with you burned the hair right off the poor Colonel's head!!!

  14. iesiLois,
    This just breaks my heart...I am so sorry that you haven't heard your husbands voice in 2 months. People here have been calling me at home and they say, "I call you and the phone just rings, and rings." The answering machine doesn't kick on anymore because it is full of the messages that Noah has left me. He even called me the other day and asked why the answering machine never picked up. I told him and he just laughed he said "your a silly woman!" then gives me another laugh. I think it really made him happy though. I think you are a very beautiful and strong lady! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary! I still pray for you and your husband every night...maybe I should pray for a phone call for you....It can't hurt!! I was wondering have you ever heard of skype?

  15. That is so awesome that you wore your mom's gown! I have saved my gown and maybe Mary will want to wear it for her wedding someday:) Happy Anniversary and I am so sorry you are not able to talk to your man. I haven't experience that yet but I know I would be really missing him if I did. Blessing to you today!

  16. Happy Anniversary, Lois! I can only imagine how hard it must be to be apart and not even get to talk to each other.
    I hope you are feeling better and had a good time with your family.

  17. Lois, You were a beautiful bride and are beautiful today! Lovely pictures. Happy Anniversary- to you both. My heart goes out to your as your apart from the Colonel on this special day.

    Thank you both so much for your sacrifice for our country! I am praying for you.

    I hope you are feeling better also.


  18. Hope your anniversary is a blessed event this year. Praying for his safety and protection, praying for your heart, knowing how much you miss him. Lovely picture!

  19. Congratulations Lois, I am so sad that you are not together. That Colonel is a handsome fella that I know you love so much. I hope somehow you get to hear his voice, and I hope that soon you will all be back together. hugs, love and prayers.

  20. Lois you are as beautiful now as when you first got married!!! I'm serious!

    Sorry you and the colonel are apart on your special day...but I'm sure he is thinking of his bride!

    Praying for you.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  21. What a lovely couple - then and now! Congratulations to both of you! Hubby and I were apart for this, our 31st anniversary.. back in April. However, we weren't *that* far apart. Even so, still hard, so I can't imagine what you are going through on a daily basis. May God Bless the both of you, and return the Colonel safely to you. Hugs! Tammy

  22. Happy Annivesary to the both of you! I'm sure the Colonel is just as sad not to be able to be with you on your anniversary. Your mother's gown is beautiful and how special that you wee able to wear it! I hope you get to talk on the phone soon! Prayers going up for both of you and also for the kids...

  23. You are such a pretty bride! Happy anniversary wishes to you and prayers that you and the Colonel will share many more "Together".

    Thinking of you, Lois!

    Kindly, ldh

  24. beautiful pics!! my prayers are with you. you are over half done :-) less than 6 months to go...... God speed to it going fast!!

  25. Happy Anniversary! I am sorry that you and the Colonel are apart from each other. I trust that he is safe and continue to prayer for he and the rest of the troops daily.


  26. Happy anniversary and I am sure you are looking forward to him coming home!! Next year's anniversary will be better, won't it? How much longer must he be overseas?

  27. I am late to the party but you both look so beautiful. Happy Anniversary!!



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