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Dear Dr. Martucci...

In the future when I come to your office complaining 
of various symptoms that require you to place me on an antibiotic, 
will you please

antibiotic that you have access to? 

For example, at the beginning of the year I came down with something.  

I have no memory of what it was.  
All I know is we went through 3 antibiotics before one finally worked.  

And that meant I was sick for over two weeks.  

Another example, 3 weeks ago I came down with something 
and again, we went through 3 antibiotics before 
FINALLY last Thursday 
you prescribed a really strong antibiotic and guess what?  

I'm feeling better.  

That's right, no more coughing all night long.  

So in the future when I come to your office, 
please just give me the strong stuff first.  

I'm tired of having to go through antibiotic after antibiotic after antibiotic 
until we find the one that will work. 

And no, I do not want another Z-pack ever again!

I thank you, my family thanks you 
and I'm sure your office staff thanks you because  
they no longer have to talk to me after 3 weeks in a row 
calling and complaining how sick I am to them.  

And if anyone is wondering,

I am feeling better.

Thank you Lord!


  1. It's so good to hear you are feeling better:D and those dumb z-paks never work for me either!

  2. PTL you're feeling better! It's a shame to have to go thru so much before finding something that will help. The next time...and I hope that won't be for a looooong time...gently remind the doc your past experiences. I think he would agree with you to go with the strong stuff first.


  3. I am so glad you are feeling better. It is crazy how they do things. My sister was just in the hospital, she is fine now, but what a circus....all I know is that if I ever end up in a hospital my family better stick by pretty close or I could come out with a vasectomy....ok I am joking.....sorta. take care.

  4. YAY Lois! So glad to hear that you got what you needed!! Praise God!

    I am not a big fan of antibiotics but am definitely glad that they are there if we need them!! I know they don't like to use the big guns unless they have to because of the concern of the patient developing immunity to them. I was on two big guns before and after my appendectomy. I can say would be a good idea for you to take a quality probiotic when you finish these meds to balance out the good bacteria for your future health. You can also get probiotics through live culture yogurt, like Activia.

    I'll keep praying for you sweetie! You know that!

    Have a good week, ok?
    Love ya,

  5. Oooops...didn't realize I was on under Maddy!! It's me though!!

  6. I'm so sorry that it's taken so long for you to feel better- but so glad you are!

    Hope you continue healing and feeling alot better!!


  7. I am so glad you are feeling better, Lois. I don't like Z-pacs either. Now, young lady, get plenty of rest, lol. Hugs,

  8. Hi Sunshine,
    So glad to hear you are feeling better. I am with you, seems like they should just give you something
    that they know will knock it out quickly and efficiently. I abhor taking antibiotics cause they mess my stomach and system up something awful, so I feel your pain!! lol
    I have never tried a z pack before but I know some people say they work great for them. I just wait mine out and rest a lot and drink plenty of fluids and eat chicken soup, take vit c and b complex,
    that works for me!!
    Have a good day tomorrow since you are finally feeling better....but
    don't overdue it!! lol
    Love and Blessings hon,

  9. I am so glad that you are finally feeling better..geez..;) have a wonderful wednesday:>)

  10. So glad you are feeling better Lois! Make sure you eat lots of yogurt to replace all the good bacteria in your digestive tract. All those meds can really make your stomach sick! I haven't taken antibiotics in years but one time I had a sinus infection that lasted for 4 months. I went through 3 different meds but none worked until the doctor gave me a really strong antibiotic. She gave me a 14 day course and I finally started feeling better so she added another 7 days and it finally left! Four months of sinus pain and constant sore throats! Take care of yourself my friend! Hugs

  11. Happy to hear you are feeling better!

  12. I am so glad you finally got some relief! This has been a difficult Spring on many of us, with sore throats, bronchitis, congestion. I finally kicked mine too. Coughing in NO fun!

  13. I hope and pray that you will finally be on the up!
    Take care, sending hugs!

  14. So glad you are feeling better - and sorry it took so long. I don't understand those z-paks either...I've really never known anybody who thought they were helpful. So with all those antibiotics, hopefully you are now antibodied against any germ out there:)

    Treat yourself to some of that french toast - YUMMO!

  15. Thanks for the praise report Lois. I'm so glad you are feeling like yourself again. Praying for continued strength.

  16. I;m so sorry to hear you've been sick.. Just so ya know for future reference, they never give ya the strong stuff first becuase then you wouldnt have 4 more appointments plus the kick backs they get from hawking all the latest meds from the salesmen they spend more time with than they so with their patients.. Add to that the fact that they more they make- they more golf they can play:) those fees just keep going up and the money has to come from somewhere lol.. your pocket is their CC of choice.. In the meantime take some vitamin C and rub the soles of your feet with vicks vapor rub and see , YOU can make yourself better - faster- than they can....
    Just my opinion of course:)
    glad you're feeling better..


  17. I am glad you are feeling better, just sorry that your Dr. has you on the "keep coming back" sort of schedule--more money in his pocket I'm guessing.

    Hope you are feeling normal very soon!

  18. Write down the name of the medication and just hand it to the doctor when you walk in! Glad you are finally feeling better!


  19. Ahh, what a bummer with what you have had to go through! I hope you are feeling better.

  20. I'm so glad you are feeling better and if that office staff doesn't put in your request for the strongest stuff first I'm sure there are alot of us friends who would be more than happy to call the office too and put in a request for you-can't you just imagine?! LOL. I'm praying you get healthy and stay health Lois.
    Hugs & prayers,

  21. Lois....girl i am so sorry that I have not been to visit your blog first off I am glad to hear you are finally feeling a little better, by the way a z-pack is about the only thing I can take. so I understand that subject! 2nd I had to read a few posts back to get caught up...I have the answer to your bird poop problem see we have a boat and ducks would keep getting on it and doing their business so we got a RUBBER SNAKE and it never happened again!! try it and let me know!!! by the way the french toast sounds good but I can't look I doing really good on my diet! By the way I think my husband will be home sometime in July! lets keep our fingers Xed. Hope you have a happy anniversary Sunday (I think)!

  22. So glad you are better. I use to have the same experience with my boys and ear infection. We had to go thru several antibiotics to get to the strongest. I knew it was the wisest thing to do, but it was frustrating most of the time. Thanks for visiting me!

  23. Glad you are feeling better and I am not a big fan of the Z pack. I found it took so long for it to work its way thru my system that it was not really that speedy like I thought. I just had a physical this week and I always go in with my note book where I keep a record of what antibiotics work for me. One time my Dr. gave me samples so I would not have to fill a script for the meds. Well the samples had expired a year before and no one in the office had checked for expiration dates so needless to say I was sick even longer. Crazy!

  24. I think he would agree with you to go with the strong stuff first.
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  25. "Hallaluyer"! Seriously, glad your among the livin' again!

  26. Glad you're feeling better! Those Z-packs do usually work for me, however once in awhile I get a really stubborn case o' somethin'! :) -Tammy

  27. Glad you are feeling better! I thought the Z-packs were strong antibiotics. Obviously I was thinking wrong. :)

  28. Glad you are finally starting to get some relief Lois. There is some nasty stuff going around that just doesn't go away very fast and it is scary!

    I'm so glad you are keeping up with your blogging as it is a good journal of your everyday life, especially during this trying time of the Colonel being off to war.

    My d-i-l has been sick and on the 2nd antibiotic. Took her to the dr again this week and he wouldn't even look in her throat ... just said it will take time to get over whatever "it" is. Then they tried to take blood for tests and couldn't get any to come out and said she was dehydrated!

    On top of all the other stuff you've been going through, it was the anniversary of your dear father's passing. My dad has been gone 2 years also and so I know how hard this is for you.

    Wish I could give you a personal hug, but I'll just say what I used to say to my kids and now to my grandkids: "Jesus bless you and keep you, and give you a good night's sleep!" You are loved!


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