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Going Home...

Two years ago today I spent the afternoon with my father in the 
rehabilitation center/nursing home he was moved to just a day earlier.  

Three weeks earlier, he had fallen down the basement stairs in 
the new house my parents purchased three houses down from our house.  
He broke all the ribs on his left side and had a small brain bleed.

He was not happy.  
He couldn't understand why he was in this place. 

And he kept asking to "go home." 

I decided to take him for a little "spin" in his wheelchair 
and after a few rides up and down the hallways, 
we went outside to sit on the front porch.

My father had not been outside in the fresh air in the 3 weeks since his fall. 

It was raining, but I made sure he had his sweatshirt
 closed and even put his hood on for him. 

We sat there together watching the cars go by and listening to the rain. 

My father was still a bit confused, not sure really 
where he was or why he was at this nursing home.  

I kept reassuring him that once he could use the walker, 
he would come home; that was the goal.  

He wanted to come home so badly.  

We all wanted him to come home. 

And my father did go home...

But not to the home WE wanted. 

My father went HOME to be with the Lord the following day.  

Home to heaven. 

Home to be with his Savior whom he preached about for over 50 years. 

And oh how I miss him.  


  1. I am so sorry for your loss..but happy that you were able to get him outside again...just knowing you were there was big to him I am sure..and looking down on you..he knew that you loved him...and he knows that you loved him as well..Please take care of yourself and know he is well..;)

  2. Lois, I am sorry for the loss of your father here on earth but what a glorious home he has gone to and what a hope you have also of going to be with not only tour earthly father but an All wise Heavenly Father!

  3. Oh Lois, it is just days apart that we lost our fathers, I am so sorry for your loss, when you said and oh how I miss him, I truly understand. a huge hug today and love being sent your way.

  4. Sending thoughts, love and a prayer for you today as you remember your dad!

  5. I know you miss him terribly. Sounds like you had a wonderful relationship.
    How proud you must be that he served his Savior so faithfully for sooooooo many years.
    What a reunion you will have one day.

  6. ((BIG HUGS)) to you! I know all too well about loved ones "going home", I have many that have passed on and it is so hard for us left here, but I believe they are still with us in their spirit bodies watching over us and loving us. I'm sure your dad is so proud of the lovely woman he raised:)

  7. Lois, I will be thinking of you and praying for you today, May you find comfort in knowing that you will be reunited one day, and that you both will have eternity to catchup. I still miss my dad, we had such a great relationship. There was nothing that I could not talk to him about,and we too will one day have a lot of time to catchup.
    Sending much love your way.

  8. I so feel your pain my sweet lady. Somethings in this life we just can't understand.
    Sending prayers and blessings your way.

  9. What a beautiful story and I know letting him go had to be hard for you - he just really wanted to go 'home'. Sandie

  10. Losing a parent is one of the most difficult things we must face. I lost my dad last Thanksgiving, and the memory of his final breath haunts me day and night. The words to this song always puts me at ease:
    "And with your final heartbeat,
    You kiss this world goodbye
    And go in peace to laugh on Glory's side.
    And fly to Jesus, fly to Jesus, fly to Jesus
    and Live."

    We live because He lives.

    May God comfort you and give you strength.


  11. Lois, I am so sorry about your loss.
    It sounds like you and your dad had a wonderful relationship.
    Prayer and hugs coming to you today.
    God will give you comfort and strength.

  12. I know you are so happy you were able to spend time with him that last afternoon.

    What a sad sorry...and hard for you to face it with yer husband overseas...hang in there.

  13. What a precious thought and memory today - glad you shared it with us. I'm so glad you had that afternoon with him...that special time and all the details you remember. I hope they warm your heart today. And what a treasure to know that he is at home in Heaven - and that a grand reunion day "is just ahead" for all of us who have placed our trust in Him!

    Loved that Daddy/daughter picture!

  14. Hugs coming your way Lois. Having to tell my own father he would not be going home was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Like your dad, my father finally went home to be with the Lord as well. Maybe our dads have met?
    Praying for you this sad day.

  15. Beautifully written, Lois. I am praying for you today. -Tammy

  16. The Lord does answer our prayers even though it may not be exactly what we had hoped for. But knowing your father is that most glorious place that we all long to be in is what keeps us comforted at times like this. Rest assured in the fact that you will one day be in glory with him and our heavenly Father. I pray this day will not be too difficult for you and I wish the Colonel could be there for you right now. For now we are here for you! Blessings

  17. Lois, I am so happy for you that you were able to spend that precious time with your Dad. It is what I long for is to go home to spend time with my Daddy. I am a huge Daddy's girl and I miss him so much.

  18. may God comfort your heart during this time of grief. our prayers are with you.

  19. It is so wonderful that you had such a close relationship with your dad. I love the story you once told about your dad standing with you before school each day to make you feel secure. So precious. A loving father is truly a treasured blessing.
    The missing our dads (mine went home in 2006) is only lessened by the joyful knowledge of where we KNOW they are! What a Savior we have!
    Praying for you Lois through these rough days for you.


  20. Dear Lois, My thoughts are with you. I know it is so hard to lose a parent that you love so much. What a blessed hope that we have to see them again along with all the saints that have gone on before.


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