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And Now a Word From...


"The vehicle I'm sitting in has a double acronym 
for a name.  
It's called an MRAP-ATV, or MATV.  
It stands for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected 
All Terrain Vehicle.  
It is essentially a small tank, and far tougher 
than any tank we fielded during 
the early and mid 20th century.  
It is all engine and wheels.  
Very small cabin, very cramped, and very, very, safe.
Please convey my thanks for all 
the wonderful comments."

So I guess he really does read my blog, huh?


  1. glad to hear that the colonel is safe..:) and it is cool that he reads your blog..mine doesn't...have a wonderful thursday..:)

  2. I like the part about very, very, safe! That's just what we want to hear!

    Thoughts of you dear, Lois!

  3. It's so good to hear from the Colonel. So glad he is safe in that awesome tank!
    Lois I can't even imagine going over the TZ bridge in those winds. I'm surprised they didn't close it. We were only around 30 minutes away from each other. Maybe some day we will have he chance to meet! Hugs, Loretta

  4. Awesome vehicle in that it is *very safe*! Glad to hear the Colonel is safe and well and reading your blog:)

  5. That's so sweet of The Colonel!
    Key word: SAFE!
    Blessings and hugs

  6. Well, that's certainly nice to know about that vehicle! If it holds up for him, I bet our storm chasers here in Oklahoma could use a hefty tank like that! Or maybe commuters on the freeway in California...ya think the price would be a little cost prohibitive for the average person? LOL

    Looks like he has a safe vehicle to take those Sunday drives!


  7. That is such a great photo Lois.
    Like I said before...I know you are so very proud of Phil!! And you should be! He is such a patriot, and our country is so blessed to have men like him representing us and defending the defenseless.

    Praying for you usual!!
    Hope you're having a great week. I have most of my Dr. appointments behind me, so I am back full on blogging!! WooHoo!!

    Love you,

  8. Awww, what a sweet Colonel! He looks very manly sitting in that ATV. Did you swoon???

  9. Of course he reads your blog - what a sweetie he is. Glad to know he is safe. sandie

  10. I LOVE that he reads your blog...and I love how SAFE they have made those tanks. I KNOW you just love that picture of him. He looks soo strong, and handsome and SAFE...Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  11. Hi Sweet Lois,
    Good to hear from you and also good to hear from the Colonel. I am sure that makes you happy to know he is riding in that safe vehicle, course, I am sure you would be happier if he was home riding in your vehicle!! lol
    Thanks for praying for my neck, I finally slept a whole night for the first time in 3 days. I have been running on 4 hrs. a nite, so
    not great!
    Well, we got a BIG unexpected surprise last night - hubby got laid off at the end of the day,
    so he is home with me until.......whatever the Lord has next for us!
    This is the 5th time we have been thru this in our almost 40 yrs. of marriage, most were Company closures, this was just downsizing cause of a huge contract they lost. There is a slim possiblility that if they are able to renegotiate the contract that he could be rehired in June or July, so we will see, meanwhile, we have to seek the Lord and his direction.
    That is neat that he reads your blog, he probably loves reading it
    cause it keeps him close in heart to his beautiful wife!!
    Blessings to you and yours hon,
    We are praying for all of you,
    Neat you would be a bed too!!
    Do we love our beds or what!! lol

  12. What a great photo of your hubby and I am glad to hear that he is safe.
    I will continue to pray for all of you.
    Glad to hear it is safe.
    God bless him for what he is doing for our country. GOD bless all of our troops and may they all be home safe soon.

  13. I know you must miss your husband terribly, Lois! Glad to hear he's safe and please tell him again thank you for serving our country. And thank you to you and your family for the sacrifice also!


  14. so cool....a military man in middle of it all and still finding time to read his wife's blog:) That's the best!!

  15. I was just talking about you and the Colonel to my hubby a few days ago, when he has time he wants to see pics of his living quarters that you posted. Glad he is safe, praying God keeps him that way :). Hang in there Lois, I know you must miss him.

  16. Thankful he is safe. May God be near to you and the Colonel!

    Love ya,

  17. Thanks for coming by and for the is getting HOT and I never wanted this.

  18. Very neat to hear from your hubby!

    I'm in AWE of the sacrifice that you precious military families make.

    THANK YOU!!!

  19. I was telling my husband about the Colonel living in the container. He wondered how they cool them. Glad he is safe... pray that he continues to be.

  20. I think it's so cool that you can keep in good communication with him! I remember the Vietnam War days when there was very little news from either the warfront or home. The technology now is incredible. I can imagine he feels better travelling in that type of vehicle. Awesome!

  21. With all those horrible roadside bombs, I am glad he is in such a safe machine.

    But I wish we could just get everyone home from over there. Just throw a big bomb on their poppy fields or put a fence around that place and let them sort it out. I don't like our people over there with the populace so against them.

  22. Just saying thank you to you and him both...they also serve who wait!

  23. How sweet to know he reads your blog!! Tell him thanks so much for his service!!

  24. Hi Lois , The Colonel looks great, please tell him I am praying for him and you all.
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day.
    Hugs, and blessings,

  25. we will keep him in our prayers :-)

  26. Hi Lois,
    I have missed your blog. Glad to hear all is well.
    Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. What a beautiful place to have brunch.

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