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Update on the Colonel

The Colonel arrived in Maza E-Shariff  last Friday.  

All is well.  

He said Northern Afghanistan is beautiful.  
Below is a picture of some of the mountains that he gets to see every day.  
Really pretty, huh?

Here's a picture of him with a Danish soldier with the last name,
 only spelled with a "K."   
You have to enlarge the picture to see their names on their uniforms.  

I'm really not too sure what he's doing now.  
I do know he's a Deputy Commander of an RST unit. 
 And yes, he's explained it to me a few times, 
but I never fully understand what he does.  
Please don't tell him I said that.  

The best news is he has his own living arrangements. 
Well, he's still in a shipping container, 
but it's split in half, divided by a solid wall.  
He's happy, I'm happy.  

He had sent me pictures of his other shipping container in Kabul.
This is his section of the container.  
Not too bad.  
He made the bottom "bunk" it into a little desk area for himself.  

This is his roommate's side of the container.  
You can see how narrow the container really is in this picture.  
The bunk bed JUST fits. 

But it's still better than living in a tent in the middle of Afghanistan.  

I have to say the Colonel is much neater!

Back here at home we enjoyed a nice Easter weekend. 
The kids arrived home from their Youth Convention LATE Friday night and then proceeded to sleep most of Saturday morning.  

We went to church on Sunday and then to my sister's house. 
I didn't take any pictures, sorry. 

Just wasn't in the mood.  

I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Easter!

I haven't forgotten to tell you about my fall from the platform 2 weeks ago!
You'll just have to come back another day to hear that story!

Enjoy your day!


  1. After a tearful Easter of wondering where my son will be for next Easter, this post is just what I needed! So nice to see the Colonel there all well and settled into a *nice* container that looks quite homey actually, lol, thank you for sharing with us:) Now...about that fall...??????

  2. How wonderful to get these pics (he looks great) and see for yourself that all is well. His little area looks pretty good actually. Glad Easter was good. Soo, that sounds like quite the fall? Hugs...Deb

  3. Bet you were glad to hear from hubby and see that all was well. Room isn't too bad. Could be a tent. Bet he is glad it isn't.
    So tell us about this fall?

  4. Nice pics! The mountains are pretty! I'm glad everything is going ok! I think of you often! They are so inventive with their rooms (like making it into a desk area!) God Bless!

  5. Glad to hear all is well with your hubby! May you have a beautiful week!

  6. I'm glad the Colonel is doing well and has nice living quarters. I hope you're doing well, too. You take care of yourself, k?


  7. Such good news re. the Colonel and love the photos of Afghanistan. That's a place I'd love to visit but, probably, never will.
    Hope you're feeling better after your fall.

  8. Good to see those pics, and that he's doing well. Hugs to all of you - I know this year must be moving by pretty slow. I'm sure it's comforting every word you hear from him! -Tammy

  9. SO glad the hubby is safe and doing well...and YES he definitely is much neater. :)

  10. Lois, I am so glad that you get to be in good communication with Phil! What a blessing! And to see photos of him or actually see him when you get the chance to!

    I know that doesn't lessen the whole ordeal, but it is something a lot of women don't get. God is definitely looking out for you both, huh?

    It does my heart good to see pics of him, too. I hold him up in prayer often, as I do your whole family. May God continue to show you His perfect care for you, and give your heart peace and rest.

    Love you lots, sweetie!

  11. Hi Sweetie,
    Glad you got the pics from Phil and that he got there safe and sound, and looks like he is doing pretty well inspite of it all.
    Glad you went to your sisters for Easter, at least it must help to be out of the house and to have family around.
    Hope you didn't hurt yourself too bad when you fell. My sister-in-law fell at school yesterday, fortunately, she fell in sand and not on the concrete. PTL!
    She was hurting pretty bad last night but she was doing much better tonight. she actually went to school today! Couldn't believe it.
    Well, you take care, good to hear from you sweetie,
    Love and blessings, Nellie

  12. Hi Lois, well I am glad everyone arrived safely at there destinations...the kids are home, and the Colonel looks like he has got himself one nice looking space! Glad to hear everything is going grand! HUGS!

  13. Very interesting, two military men with the same last name, different spelling! Long lost cousins of some sort?!

    So happy he has a more private shipping container now!

  14. woohoo you are already into April. These days are just speeding by! Cool pics of the Colonels living place. Makes it more real for us all as we are praying!! God Bless and keep up your spirits!

  15. Good report, Dear Lois! I'm glad things were pleasant for you over the weekend with the family. I know you miss the general terribly!
    Sorry about your fall and hope you are doing better. My mom and I were painted a bedroom today. She got caught off-balance and stepped into the brand new bucket of paint and fell. I do so worry about Mom; she's such a clutz, poor thing.

  16. I am glad you got to see he was fine and a nice container and not in a tent. glad you Easter went okay, I did not take any pictures either. I was with all my husbands family and him. Continued prayers for you and your family. You are a strong woman.
    Hope your week is well.

  17. Hi Sweet Friend,
    Love the photos of your Colonel.
    The LORD is with him!
    Glad that you spent Easter with family. We had three other couples join us...all without family in the area, like us.
    "Because HE Lives we can face tomorrow." The best is yet to be!

  18. Hi Lois I have to say that I was pleasently surprised to see how nice the Colonel's container is. It is not too different from my nieces dorm room size wise. He does keep a neat corner! Is he that neat when he is home ;)It was good to see pics of him and see he is doing well. Hope you are feeling well too. Hugs

  19. Blessings to you and your family, Lois! Glad your DH is in pretty decent accommodation. Thanks for the update.

  20. I'm glad to hear the Colonel is doing well and his side of the container looks quite homey and neat. The mountains do look really pretty. Glad your Easter went well.


  21. I have to agree the Colonel does look much neater! Reminds me of college...why did I always get the "less neater" roommates?? Glad he is happy...and you are happy!!

  22. I am so glad to hear that hubby is doing well. Prayers to continue for his safe return.
    Happy to hear that you had a nice Easter.

  23. I'm so glad you had a nice Easter! My brother-in-laws last name is Christensen and his grandfather was Danish and immigrated here. I guess Christensen is a very common Danish last name.

  24. Some how my Google Reader dropped you off. I love the pictures of the Colonel and I am sure you loved them even more.... I hope you had a happy Easter. I am off to read up about you for the last month.


  25. Thanks for the update...I'm sure it always helps to hear from your hubby, and get some pictures too! Take care and God bless you and the family!

  26. Praise God he is well. Please don't forget that his safety is in the prayers of a lot of people! I hope this year passes very quickly for you both!


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