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So What's Been Going On?

How was your weekend?

Ours here was good.  
Getting to the weekend was really interesting. 

I took Michael to the doctor on Thursday for a school physical and decided to make an appointment for myself because I still have this COUGH.  

During my exam I was surprised to find out I was even running a fever. 

"No problem," my doctor says, "I'm going to give you a stronger antibiotic
 and hopefully this cough will be gone forever." 

"Okay" says the non-suspecting patient...ME.

I take the medication around 9:00 Thursday evening and  
go to bed only to wake up around 2:00 feeling really sick.  

I try to get up and go to the bathroom and I'm so scared.  
I really feel like I'm going to pass out.  
My heart is racing so bad and I'm so dizzy.  
I get back to bed and lay there trying to breathe and calm myself down.  

I get up at 5:30, thinking, maybe I need to eat something.  
Maybe my sugar level is way off.  
I didn't eat much of anything the day before.
So I have a glass of orange juice and a banana and get the kids 
up and on the bus.  

I crawl back in bed, call my mother and tell her what's going on.  
She prays with me and I sleep for the next two hours.  
I get up around 9:00 and I'm still dizzy, but I need to take another dose of my medication.  
My heart is still racing.   

At 11:00 I realize something is wrong and I call the doctor.  
"I'm sick" I try to tell the nurse.  
I can barely speak my heart is racing so bad.  
She takes my message and I crawl back in bed thinking I'm dying.  

The Colonel will be able to come home early from Afghanistan...only to attend my funeral.  

I can be very dramatic at times.  

The doctor calls back and tells me to stop the current medication I'm on.  
It seems I might be allergic to a little tiny ingredient in this medication...CODEINE.  

I spend the rest of the day slowly recovering from this medication.    
My heart rate slowly returns to normal.  
I manage to make dinner for everyone, fold a few loads of laundry 
and crawl back in bed and sleep through the night.  

I woke up Saturday realizing that the Colonel WON'T be coming 
home from Afghanistan early to attend my funeral.  
I survived. 

I told you I can be a little dramatic sometimes.  

Oh and my cough is better.  
I guess the codeine was good for something after all.  


  1. Oh Lois, what a scary thing for you. Some of the medications out there are so bad because of the side effects. At least you knew to call your doctor, I wonder what could have happened if you took that second pill. Goodness, I am glad you were able to talk to your Mom. My hugs to you while Colonel is away. I know you must miss him dreadfully. My prayers are with you from Canada.

  2. How scary! I'm glad your ok now! I've noticed different things do that to me with the racing heart and one of them is decongestant tablets, I can only ever take one or two, any more than that I feel like I'm having a panic attack. Hope you are all better now:)

  3. Allergic reactions are scary and REAL! So glad you are better. I've had a cough for a week now and it always gets worse at night. I am just worn out from whatever it is. Once I had an allergic reaction to blood pressure medication I had been on for 2 whole years. My lips swelled up, my tongue, too. I looked like a catfish! The ER doc knew immediately what my problem was. So glad you you were able to get off the cough med when you did.


  4. Oh my goodness what a scary thing you went through - although the way you write it was so funny!

    Glad you are okay. Hope your cough is gone.


  5. I am so sorry that happened to you. I'll bet it was scary. I too am allergic to every narcotic in medication, so I share your angst.
    I'm glad your doctor stopped that and I hope you get something to help you and you get well soon.
    Hope you have a better week!
    Hugs, Debbie

  6. I bet that was really scary. Sometimes the reaction to the med is so much worse than what you're taking it for. I'm so glad you called the doc and stopped taking it. I'm glad your cough is better though. I know you miss the Colonel...prayers to you.


  7. Oh Lois that had to be soo scary. Thank God they were able to figure out what it was right away. I can idenitfy with being dramatic. It tends to be my middle name when I am sick. I am soo sensitive to most medications I can't take much of anything at all. My cough is STILL pretty bad and I am approaching two weeks now. Soo exhausting. My heart feels for you without your hubby. I will keep you more fervently in prayer. Have a good day. Hope you are feeling totally well now. Hugs, Debbie

  8. Oh my Lord Lois, I bet you were scared out of your wits. I am so glad you are okay now. Its amazing how something that is supposed to help you can do such harm to you at the same time. Thank goodness you are off that medicine now and on the road to recovery. I will continue to pray for a full recovery from your cold.

  9. What an unpleasant experience! I'm so happy you're still here. So are your kids, hubby, and Mom.
    Glad the cough is gone and hope you're back to full speed soon.

  10. Yes, opiates sure help with coughs and intestinal problems, but gosh, make them write on your chart now that you are ALLERGIC!!! You don't want that to ever happen again! Scary!

  11. I know how scary that must of have been since the Colonel is not home..glad you are feeling better though...Hey what are your colors and things you collect..and I need your address.;)

  12. Oh my what a scary experience. Michael and I have both had allergic reactions to medication but only hives. So glad you are feeling better and that your cough is almost gone. It's wonderful that you have such a sense of humor about a very scary thing. Blessings, Loretta

  13. Goodness, what a scary ordeal!

    I'm so glad you're better and at least you know now that you're allergic to it so this won't happen again!

  14. Sooo glad you are feeling better and found the source of the problem. I know that was very frightening. Rick has an extra electric pathway to his heart, and when it's triggered, his heart rate soars. Very scary when you feel like you've run a marathon and the heart won't slow down. I hope you are recuperating fully.

  15. Oh my goodness, how scary! I hope the Dr. office noted that reaction in your chart--you might want to let the pharmacy know as well in case something with codeine gets prescribed at some point in the future.

    Glad you are ok!

  16. Lois,
    That is very scary...alhough you did make me laugh, a pictured you on your bed with your arm over your forehead like Scarlet oHara-lol...seriously, glad your better!!

  17. Only you could turn such a horror story into a comedy. I have such admiration for you, carrying on as you do and with such pluck (it's a word, really it is). Thank goodness for medical science but honestly at times the cure is worse than the illness!

  18. Been there....done that....I have an allergy to Codeine...but lots of it...A doctor ordered it for me years ago....over many years built up in my body and one day....that was it...collasped right there in the bedroom...Paramedics came and all I remember is hearing them say "We're losing her" about scary....So you were very very lucky to realize early that you can't take that nasty stuff....Hope your feeling better and next time (and lets hope there is no next time) Call the doctors office right away.....

  19. Oh wow - that is scary. I don't think I've ever had an allergic reaction..but I have been known to be a "tad dramatic" sometimes:) I've certainly uttered "I'm dying" more than once! Glad you are feeling better - and cough free, too!!

  20. Well, you told this story in a funny way, but I'm sure it was very scary! When I was pregnant with the twins they gave me a med that would sometimes make my heart race. It was not a pleasant feeling at all, and I knew it was a side effect. I'm sure this was far worse, especially not knowing the cause. I'm glad you're feeling better.

  21. Lois, sounds like you had a close call there! Glad to hear you got that cough under control. Hope your feeling better! HUGS :)

  22. Lois, please don't scare me anymore! I know what that feels like - it is not fun! You take care and remember, we are all here for ya!

  23. Oh~ dear Lois!
    What scary thing!!
    I will be praying dear
    for a speedy recovery!!!!

    Love~ Jen

    ~ISAIAH 40:31~

  24. Hi sweet Pea,
    So sorry you are having such a time of it. That is very scary to have a racing heart, that happened to me one time way back when I was in my early 30's and you do feel like you are gonna die. I kept thinking we are gonna have to go to the emergency room, and I just laid there praying and finally went back to sleep and when I woke up I was fine. Still don't know what caused it.
    My son had a bad reaction to meds with codine when he was 21/2 yrs. old, and we were right in the middle of our move to central fl.
    at the time. What a mess, but Dr.
    realized what it was and changed his meds thankfully, then all was fine. He had real dark circles under his eyes and looked terrible.
    Hope you are feeling much better now hon. I swannee, some times these meds are worse than the problems we have. I have to be really careful about taking most sinus meds cause their is something in them that makes me hyper and I want sleep for days
    after I take them. Fun!! lol
    I remember when my kids had chicken pox, Scott got them first
    and I gave him benadryl and he slept thru the whole thing, then Dee came down with them, gave her the benadryl and guess she takes after her Mommy, cause she was awake around the clock, and so was I trying to keep her from scratching. Amazing how differently each person can react to the same meds.
    Well, Hope you have a really great day Sweetie, and keep up that singing, it does scare the devil away especially if the name of Jesus is in the song!! Thanks for coming by this morning.
    Love and Blessings dear,

  25. beautiful one, that is AWEFUL...and scary. (gentle hugs and very gentle pats on the back)

    mean ol' medicine...kick it to the curb.

  26. Oh Lois, what an ordeal! I don't think you were being too dramatic... I'd be really scared if my heart was racing! Happy to hear you survived! :)

  27. Sounds like you and I have been in the same boat lately. I don't know if the meds have made me sicker or the virus I have been nursing for the past month! I am also allergic to codeine. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you continue to heal really fast. We both some well days!
    Yes, I do sell my domino necklaces for 15.00 a piece. I only have a few made up right now, but I am continually making them. Interested? Certain colors or designs?

  28. That sure was scary Lois.
    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better.
    Hugs and prayers for you and your family.
    take care

  29. Wow! Did you just develop the allergy? Haven't you had Codeine before? How very scary!It would never occur to me that I might be allergic to the medication. I'm glad your okay!



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