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I'm Here!

This week has been CRAZY.  

I've hardly had any time to blog, as you all can tell 
by the lack of posts this week.

AND, I've hardly had any time to visit your blogs!

That never happens.  
I always find time to at least read what's going on in 
your lives through my Google Reader. 

But not this week. 

And I miss you!

I'm having some friends over this morning for breakfast.
A friend of a friend's husband left recently for Iraq 
and I thought it would be nice to meet her, 
so they're both coming over for some "girl time."  

Should be a nice morning.  

I'm hoping for things to get back to normal tomorrow. 

I plan on spending some time visiting you all tonight 
when we get home from church. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. God bless you for the sweet breakfast. It is times like this that we all need. There is nothing like a great friends to share our hearts with.

  2. Have fun with the ladies. We will always be here but you need these those opportunities. They are a great outlet for you.
    Enjoy every minute. Talk to you soon.

  3. You have a wonderful day being an encouragement to that dear lady. My hat is off to you both. You military wives are my heros!
    Have a wonderful day~

  4. What a wonderful and sweet idea to have breakfast and get to know her. ENJOY yourself. We are not going anywhere, that's the wonder of this blogging world. We all visit (eventually) according to WHEN our schedules let us. Have a great day...Hugs

  5. Oh how nice...I hope you enjoy the time with your friends at the breakfst gathering.

    I am glad you are keeping busy so that your year will pass quickly and you and the Hubby will be reunited.

    Don't fret...we blog friends are here for you anytime you want us.

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. Have a great time Lois, there is nothing like girl time. Hope you are well. I think of you often. Take care.

  7. Oh, it will be so good for that woman to meet and talk with you! I hope you have fun!

  8. I hope that your breakfast with the girls will be a great time.
    I bet she will enjoy talking to someone who is sharing the same experience that she is.
    GOD bless you all.

  9. Praying your "girl time" is a great morning for all of you - often exactly what we need. I spent the morning with some friends over breakfast as well..and met a new lady from church. Love it.

    Have fun - look forward to your visiting soon:)

  10. Breakfast with friends is fun. Glad to hear you are keeping busy. We actually had snow here in Atlanta yesterday...OK stop laughing at our one inch of snow. I am headed north to the base to see my son and can't wait to hold the baby. Catch up when I get back. Stay warm.

  11. hope you had a great time at your breakfast with the gals..take care and have a wonderful wednesday:>)

  12. Hi Sunshine,
    So glad you are okay hon. Hope you had a nice time with your friends this morning. That was a very nice thing to do to get together with this dear lady who just sent her hubby off. Nothing better than talking with people who have been there done that or are going thru it too, that is such a help to both of you I am sure.
    YOu have a great evening hon
    Blessings, Nellie

  13. Hope you had fun entertaining the girls. Such a sweet act of kindness.

  14. am thinking of you! its nice that you are getting out to do girly things :-)

  15. Hi Sweetie!

    Glad you are able to make a new acquaintance, and I'm sure you will be a huge blessing to her!!

    Have a joyful Thursday, and know that you are continually in my thoughts and prayers!! (and of course, the Colonel, too!)

    Love you,

  16. So glad to hear from you!
    I know that your time of fellowship must have been a great blessing.
    God bless you always sweet friend!

  17. How precious you are Lois. Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister to other soldier's wives. What a blessing! Hope you have a terrific Thursday and get to visit around in Blogland some! Always enjoy your posts!

  18. I hope you had a really nice breakfast and that the Lord blessed your day!!

  19. Life does get crazy sometimes....just enjoy! We will all be here waiting :)
    xoxox Susie

  20. We all have weeks like that and when we do - we do the same thing -sometimes you just have to let things go for awhile.

    I love your blog decorations and colors by the way.

    About the squirrels - we are having what you had done - and they are putting some type of rainguards over the gutters as well and making some repairs.

    Still squirrels are expensive aren't they?

    Hope you week gets less 'crazy'.


  21. Hey girl...I was just thinking about you and I saw that you had left me a comment on my blog. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the clip of the older couple playing the made me want to go and bang around on mine! Have you talked to your husband lately...mine has not called in a week. I hope I get to hear from him soon. I have been praying for you and your husband every night. I hope all is well with you! HUGS!


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