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What's Up?

Sorry for the absence.  

Or am I fooling myself in thinking that it really matters that 
I was gone last week from blogging? 

Oh I was around.  
I read all your blogs. 
Even visited a few. 
But when it came to writing on my own, 
well I just couldn't bring myself to type something out.  


Last weekend was a whole new experience for me. 

I was alone most of the weekend.

Both Olivia and Michael were away at a youth retreat with our church. 
They left Friday around noon and came home Sunday evening. 

Which left me alone in the house for the first time in 17 years. 

Not so bad!

I had worship rehearsal Friday evening and Saturday morning.  
Then I did a little shopping at my favorite country store 
and purchased a really nice tablecloth and some cute dish towels.  
Then off to the video store to rent two movies.
That I wanted to see!

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching the videos, 
making homemade pizza and basically doing NOTHING.

But I missed my kids.  
I missed the Colonel. 

And life returned to normal Sunday evening when the kids came home and the laundry basket overflowed and the computers were on and bowls of popcorn were left in the living room.  

And I realized how blessed I am.  

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Lois,
    Wow, I get to comment first!
    Soooooooo good to hear from you and you were missed. I'm wondering if your ears were "burning" last week? Three of us Central Florida Bloggers are cooking up a fun surprise. I need to email or call you about our idea!
    So glad you got through the weekend and sending my love!

  2. So nice to see you post again, I keep thinking how quiet the house will be when my son leaves in June, and it won't be a good quiet, it will be a lonely quiet:( Why do our kids have to grow up?!

  3. Hi Sunshine,
    Yes, we have missed you and noticed you weren't posting but was glad you came by to visit last week.
    So glad you tried the tip with the multigrain thins, cheese and apples.
    I will have to try it with apples now, I have only done strawberries and peaches so far.
    I know you must have been so happy to have the kids come home, but it is nice to have some time to ourselves once in awhile.
    Years back my husband you to have to travel to St. Croix every 6 weeks and would be gone for a week.
    My children were much younger then course, so was I (lol), but I was fine while they were up, but once they went to bed and the house was so quiet, and I was laying in bed I would hear every noise, and then it would make me fearful, cause our house at that time was surrounded by woods. I learned to go to bed quoting scripture till I feel asleep, and if I woke up during the night I would just start quoting scripture and I would go right back to sleep. I love that one in Psalm 34:7 "the angel of the Lord encamps about those who love Him." and Psalm 4:4
    "I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone o lord, make me dwell in safety.
    God word works when we think to use it! Course, sometimes you might have to keep quoting until the peace comes, but it will come.
    You have probably already learned this since your husband was in the military and gone at times.
    Oh yea, Did you get your computer
    problems solved??? and have you been able to have more calls from
    Phil??? Sure hope so!!
    I bet you have snow on the ground there too??? I know a few of the other girls that I follow their blogs are buried in snow. It has been quite the winter hasn't it.
    Think even us Floridians are gonna be real happy to see Spring come forth this year!! we are always happy but we will be even happier this year!! lol
    You have a delightful day hon,
    Praying for you and for Phil.
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Its funny how alone time is a good thing when we want it but when we don't, it seems like we are so alone. I'm glad the kids are back. Did they have a good time at retreat? Are you going to show us pictures of your new purchases or do we have to beg?
    Enjoy your week Lois.

  5. Missed seeing your posts. Hope you enjoyed recharging while you were alone.

    Have a good Monday Lois :-)

  6. Yes, I definitely noticed and missed your absence. But sometimes you just need a break, haha...Alone time definitely has it's place, but I know how you feel. Little snatches of it are all I am wanting. My kids are grown and gone so I get lots of quiet time. But with grandkids here a few times a week, I still live for those quiet moments even as much as I love those sweeties. Getting old I guess, haha...Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Debbie




  8. Too bad people can't get together when they are alone...wish I could organize a "tonight would you just stop by and watch a movie/chitchat/bake/clean the whole house (I can dream, can't I?) with me" group!

    You did great with your time, Lois!

    blessings and hugs,


  9. First, you were missed and second it's ok to just do nothing and third I know it must be lonely.
    Glad the kids are there for you and just know people are thinking of you and keeping you in their prayers.
    How's the Colonel adjusting? He's probably very busy and that helps his time to fly by.
    Stay warm and I hope your computer is all fixed now.

  10. I saw on your profile that you enjoy Jane Austen...did you happen to see the PBS movie last night? Did you get to watch those videos? Something about watches movies alone that just isn't that much fun?? Don't know why really. Glad the house is lively again - enjoy all that pickin up after everyone:) and, yep, we really are blessed!

  11. Oh THERE you are!

    I was wondering if that naughty computer was acting up again.

    It's nice to have time alone...the few minutes I get alone in the house...aren't alone...the DOGS make sure of's fun to be alone for a break, but it is even better when loved ones are near.

  12. Hi there Lois, So glad you enjoyed the quiet weekend, doing things you like. But when the kids are home there is nothing like it. Have a great week.

  13. I'm the same as you!! On the few occasions that I am totally alone, with none of the six children around---what do I do? I start to actually miss them! I loved the comment about watching a video you wanted to watch---and it's good you got a little time to yourself to recharge. I am sure the Colonel misses you as much as you miss him and I hope this year passes really fast!

  14. I missed you!! :) Glad you're back. I may take a blogging break as well this week. Hmmm, if I can stand it.. lol. I will not be able to resist catching up with everyone else however, I'm sure! Have a good week! -Tammy

  15. I loved this! It is nice to have have some alone time but having family home is the best! Even though I had to watch 3 Matrix movies with the boys last night I wouldn't have changed a thing. By the way what movies did you rent? Blessings

  16. So glad to see you are back. I sure did miss you. I am happy for you to get a little down time however.
    Prayers for the Colonel and your family to continue.
    Did the kids have fun?
    Also, did you find someone to fix your computer problem?

  17. That sounds like a pretty fun weekend to me! I missed you, though!

    Have a great week!

  18. Good afternoon Lois, It's good to see you back here again. I remember how weird it felt as by children got older and were out and about more often than not with their friends. Now I treasure my quiet moments but it took a long time to be able to say that. Happy Monday. I am keeping you, your hubby, and children in my prayers.

  19. Lois,
    Wow I can only imagine what being alone is like...seems like sometimes I long for a little quite around here, but I know this will come soon enough.
    I was looking for you last week, glad everything is ok. BTW...played your little game from your last post with the family..the 6 year old answered 2 questions right-we answered none-lol!!!

  20. Hi Lois,
    I've had that feeling before, too. Sorta nice to have the house to myself, but it only lasts a short while before missing everyone else sets in. And for us, the kids are out of the house, but it doesn't mean I still don't miss them!


  21. Some days/weeks you feel like blogging and other times life just gets in the way! Glad to see your new post, hope you're doing well.

  22. I tell you our time is special,but not having the family around can sure get old after awhile.
    Im doing the cozy,rest and TV thing tonight myself.

  23. Well, I know I am not the only one who loves reading everyone of your posts! I think of you more often than you probably realize and pray for you and your family. Nice visiting with you!

  24. You ARE blessed, and I am too. I love the "bowls of popcorn" sitting around. It gave me a total picture of a heartwarming home life.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  25. No I didn't cover floors, yet. Why are you having trouble with your new hardwood floors? Cleaning them. When I had my floors refinished, they said use warm water with Windex in the water. I have done that for 8 years and they still look great.

    Also, You are an awesome mom. Whether you stay home or work outside the home, your family will benefit from you!!! I know you miss hubby. My husband has been home and away for several years so I have adjusted. You are always so strong for the family, I am sure you will make the right decision.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers!!


  26. I agree that a weekend alone is nice every once in a while! Glad you had a good one!

  27. Such a refreshing blog. Glad you posted and I was able to locate you. Who knew that blogging could be so much fun and allows us to meet so many wonderful people that loves God as much as I do. Awesome. Prayers are with your husband and you daily.

  28. Hi Lois, alone time is nice but I too would begin to miss my Bear and our "kids"! Thanks for stoppin' by the ranch!

  29. Hi Lois,
    So great to hear from you. I can't tell you how often you and your family come to mind, and I pray for you all.
    So enjoyed reading this post. Your heart always shines through.

  30. Thanks for stopping by. I would love a nice quiet weekend.

  31. It did matter, you were missed, but I'm so glad you had some time to yourself. We don't get that often do we? I always feel like an hour or so is all I need, but I cherish that little bit of time.

  32. just stopped by to say "hello" and say i agree that most of us are blessed beyond measure!!!!

  33. Sounds like a well deserved weekend just for you!!! And those blessings, seems just yesterday my boys were little ones...and in the blink of an eye...well you know!!! Blessings my friend...

  34. So glad you enjoyed your alone time. And yes, you are blessed. :) Indeed..

  35. Wow you have 34, now 35 comments! It sounds like people do care weither youpost or not ;) I can completly relate to not knowing what to write or feeling 'lazy' with my blog. I really enjoyed this post though! It sounds like you had a nice time on our own. :)

  36. Lois, I'm thinking of you and praying for your family...Alone isn't bad once in a while...I like it best during the day (the rare times it happens)...but I do not like "alone" at night! It was hard when our kids left the nest and the times hubby had to be gone. When it happened in earlier years when kids were home, it never bothered me as much.

    I just gave me hubby your animal test and we are boh rolling on the floor. We needed a little levity around here, with all the snow and the lonnnngggg winter we are having too. THANKS...

    you should be convinced by now that you were indeed missed last are so loved!

  37. Me again,
    forgot to tell you I can't take credit for the verses spelling out
    the word Valentine. I got it from
    an email I got, and thought it was really neat! so decided to share it
    with yall. By all means tell your Wed. group. I loved it!
    Blessing Sweetie,


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