Let's Go For A Drive...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here's the lovely view from the window...

Not too far of a drop...
Look out!  
Oh my, I see quite a few other people wanted to go for a drive today as well...
Can you even imagine driving on this road?

I first saw these pictures on Elena's Blog. 

They actually scared me!
If you know me outside of "blogging world" you'll know I'm a big chicken when it comes to driving up a mountain here in PA.  
I cannot begin to think of driving on these roads down in Bolivia.  

I sent a few of the pictures to the Colonel.

He had quite a laugh over them. 

He knew IMMEDIATELY what my response would be to the question, 
"Would you like to go for a drive?"

No thanks, I'll walk!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you would actually drive on these roads!


  1. Oh!My!Goodness!!!! BEautiful pictures! I remember mountain passes like this in Colorado in the 1960s -- very scary! So glad for our highway system now.

  2. I wonder what they do when they have mudslides or rockslides or a tree across the road. Back down? Wow! I would have to close my eyes the whole way.

  3. Noooohhhooohhhooohhho! In fact I am trying to repress the memory of those pictures...:)

  4. Oh my! I felt woozy just looking at these pics. No thanks, I'll walk! Actually now that I think about it I wouldn't be able to walk on that road either. I would surely get dizzy and fall off the edge! LOL

  5. YIKES! That is scary just to look at, LOL!!!!

  6. Nevah, evah, evah! :) Scary, completely scary. But beautiful! -Tammy

  7. Way too scary! I can barely looks at the pictures!

  8. Oh WOW....absolutely NO WAY, haha. How scary was that?

  9. Just let me out so I can cling to a tree with my eyes closed and pray!

  10. I about had a heart attack with the very first photo.
    I would never ever drive on that road:( Just call me a big Chicken.

  11. When I went to Costa Rica we had to take a 4 hour bus ride to the beach and we took roads like that! It was nerve wracking but all I kept thinking of was 'how in the heck are those goats able to stand like that without tumbling over??' haha! The scenery was beautiful though...it's amazing what this earth can look like. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Oh - I don't think I could do it either. I remember when we arrived in Barbados for our honeymoon - my first experience outside of my "comfort zone" much less the country and what a culture shock....especially the driving! I truly did not think we would survive the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. And, yes, we walked everywhere else while we were there. Oh my goodness.

  13. Well Sunshine, have to tell you
    we would be walking together!!
    When I looked at the first pic I
    thought she can't be serious,
    and I had a feeling it was from an
    email cause I had seen it before,
    Cracked me up tho, you are so funny.

    I can not even begin to imagine driving on a road like that, course, I say that an actually we have driven on roads like that in
    Germany and in the smokey mountains, course, they were paved and a lil bit wider, but still pretty darn scary.

    One year we were on vacation up
    in N.C. and drove over to Gatlinburg Tenn for the day, and when we came back late at night it was very foggy, that was a scary drive cause it some places there were no guardrails. We were driving pretty slow I have to say.

    We were in our 20's when we were in Germany but they have these hairpin turns and we saw people driving these big ole trucks actually stop right on a turn like that and get out to check something, course, guess there is no place to pull over but think I would try and stop on a straight of way at least.

    I must have blocked those experiences out!! lol

    Yea, I am enjoying my magazine.
    I only read 2 articles yesterday cause I figure I will savor it daily cause it only comes out once
    a quarter.

    I loved that quote too! Cause I love being a wife and homemaker,
    and doing for my family and others and keeping and making a nice home. I definitely feel called to the home, and unfortunately I think the home has taken a real backseat these days. That is why
    I love blogging so much cause their are so many ladies that have
    the same heart for the home I do.
    I just love that!!
    Well Sweet Pea,
    You have a great day.
    Blessings, Nellie
    P.S. That is good you gave Phil a good laugh with that road, I am sure he probably can use all the laughs he can get.
    Take care!!

  14. No...my husband and I were in Mexico a few years ago with one of his aunts and the road wasn't much better than that! His poor aunt was praying the entire way and I was too afraid to look out the window!! (We took that way because it was free---rather than paying a toll every so often---we took the toll road on the way back!!)

  15. Oh no! That makes me nervous just looking at it!

  16. I can't go for a ride there. And I can't go for a walk there, either.


  17. Lois, my hands literally started sweating when I saw that first picture! I'm a big chicken right there with you!

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  19. I hope you are not getting more snow up there tonight. I had to laugh at these photos. We drove up the coast in CA with the kids and their spouses in a big rented van during a major rain storm that were causing mud slides and part of the road was falling into the Pacific. Don't ask. I had to put the seat down in the car so I could not see out of the window and I cried until we could get off of the road which took almost an hour. My husband was driving and I am not a fan of his driving on a clear sunny day:) My kids still talk about the Christmas we were the only people dumb enough to be on the road. We missed the warnings on the TV that morning that said not to drive up or down the coast due to wash out of the road. Never again! I would be walking with you on that mountain in PA!

  20. Those pictures made my heart beat really fast and bad...I wouldn't even WALK on that road...terrifying...

  21. Thank you for your
    kind comment on Blessed
    Femina the other day!


    Love~ Jen

  22. that is really scary! we have a part on our road that looks like that (but it all doesn't look like that)! Everytime we drive by it i want to hold my breath, close my eyes and yell at my husband! Not that he's doing anything wrong, its just my natural instinct ;-)

  23. Oh my goodness Lois, took my breath!!!! I am so afraid of heights! When I first looked at the pictures, I thought you were in the vehicle taking the pics..... lol. Thanks for sharing. Have a terrific weekend.

  24. Nope, not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent! Oh my gosh, I'm watchin' the two trucks meet thinkin' that truck has to meet all those other trucks on that cow path! Unbelieveable.

    From the hills and hollers of the Ozarks, ya'll have a glorious weekend!!!

  25. Absolutely NOT! As a kid growing up in California, we drove up to the Sequoia National Forest a lot. Much later, I took my then 3 year old son to the forest and almost died going up the mountains on hairpin curves. They were tame compared to your pictures of Bolivia!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  26. Absolutely - positively - NOT! They look scarey.

    Thank God there are none like that in Georgia!


  27. When I saw these pics just now, the words out of my mouth, yes, out loud, were...Lord, have, mercy.
    I lived in CO for yrs and thought I drove on some crazy roads...guess not.

    Ok, just read your last post...did not miss #9 and DID scroll back up to see! lol I am also guilty of many of those. Ok, fine, all of them. ; )

  28. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Yikes!!! I can already feel my hands starting to sweat, my heart rate going up and my bladder needing a rest stop!!!

  29. I not only would, but I have, many times. Sometimes I've had to close my eyes and say a pray, but so far we've not gone over the edge. The first time I went to Bolivia I was 23 and have been on those roads many times since. I learned to walk by faith when the roads are out of my control.
    Just found your blog...Imagine my surprise when I saw the pics of "my old friend"

  30. Yeah, that's too scary. I'm afraid of that... whahhhhhhhh!

  31. Oh MY! I'm terrified of heights... I would never survive that!!!