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Three in a Row!

Three posts in a row. 
Wow, maybe I'm feeling like my old self again!

Thank you so much for all your comments on yesterday's post. 

I just wanted to make sure you all understood that the picture
 I posted yesterday 
WAS NOT where the Colonel is actually sleeping. 

That was just a picture I found on line.

I actually did some research on the "shipping containers" being used for housing.  
And apparently there are quite a few laying around that countries are using them for housing.  

They're stacking them on top of each other connecting them with hallways and stairwells and apartment house!  
They are dry walled inside and there is even a window.  
Unfortunately, the Colonel doesn't sleep on that side of the container.  
There are two bunk beds in each container.  

I was wondering about that...
does the Army actually plan on putting four people in one container?  

That would really be uncomfortable.  
Right now he is sharing his container with another officer.  

The Colonel read my post yesterday and promised to take some pictures.  

Also, Olde Dame Penniwig commented on the fact that we are paying for the Internet service in his quarters and how she felt the service should be free.  

I have to agree with her.  

When The Colonel was in Iraq, we opted not to pay the extra price and he would go to the communication room for us to chat.  But this time, we decided to pay for the service.  
And let me tell you, it's been wonderful to have this luxury.  

Before he was able to get the service in his room, he was using the communication room.  
And one time when he "called" me, the guy in the next booth was having a heated argument with his girlfriend.  

I was actually able to hear it!  
Phil and I both had a good laugh over our eavesdropping.  
But my heart went out to the soldier.  

I am grateful that the military has "communication rooms" set up for all military personnel.   And, of course, using these computers is free.  

Times sure have changed.  
Just a few years ago we weren't able to communicate so wonderfully. 

Becky over at Holiday in the Sun mentioned that when her husband served in Desert Storm, they could only write letters.  
I have a dear old family friend whose husband served in World War II.
She said they could only write letters and that most of his letters would come censored.  
And the letters weren't that frequent.  


He was gone for 3 years before he came home. 

That's hardship.

The Colonel being gone a year is hard.
But I get to talk with him and sometimes even see him.

Feeling very thankful today for technology.
The support of all my wonderful blogging friends!


  1. Just yesterday a friend was telling us that when he was in the army he would write a letter and it took about 3 weeks to reach his wife and then 3 weeks back from her. Now they can email their son over in Iraq. Yes, some parts of technology are a blessing. I saw something on TV about people buying those crate things and building houses out of them.

  2. Thinking of you both and glad you are able to keep in touch with one another. Thank the Colonel again for me for his service,


  3. Girl, I have missed your post and have to catch up. Rian has been in Afgan about a week. Not sure how he is sleeping,but do know they didn't even have linen exchange and his wife had to send sheets and pillow. I wish he would have got it so we could chat too I really miss him.Praying for our soldiers.

  4. The shipping containers sound better now that I know there are BEDS in them:) I guess I was picturing just a blanket on the hard bottom of a locker type thing, but they sound pretty big inside and I guess it would be nice and dry and windproof too:)Enjoy your day sweetie!

  5. I haven't read the previous post yet, however I just wanted to encourage you to keep on keepin' on. It is amazing to think of today's technology and how far we've come since WWII...

  6. morning Lois,
    You are sounding more like your old self everyday. Yea 3 in a row,
    good for you, and we are loving it.
    Good to have you back my friend.
    That is such a great idea that you can have internet service, that way he can contact you pretty much any time he has time.
    About 9 yrs. ago my hubby had to go to work in Germany for a month, and we had never been separated at that time, for more than a week. So that seemed like a long time to me, and I also was undergoing a lot of physical issues due to menopause. (just a wonderful time. lol) Anyway, that is when we first installed email,
    and it was so great to be able to
    hear from him several times a day or I could email him anytime I wanted especially if I had a question or needed his input about something! I felt the same thing
    about technology, it does help make it more bearable. So neat now that they have skype too!
    We had friends who had a son in Iraq and it really helped them so much to be able to see him and to see how his countenance was, cause you can tell a lot by that!
    Well Chickie, have a great day.
    Make sure you come by tonight.
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. Happy to hear he has a roof over his head even if the living space is a tight container. Sure beats sleeping out in a sleeping bag in a tent. Communications have come such a long way thankfully. I think the Skype freezes no matter where you are but I bet that will be improved in a year or so too. Say hello to the Colonel from our family here in Atlanta.

  8. The technology is not for the communication! I agree, too, we shouldn't have to pay for it! In Iraq, it seemed to change by base, $50 a month here, $77 a month there...I was like whoa! lol! But its so nice and when he takes pics he can email them right to you!!! I still have all the letters Brian and I exchanged 1st deployment!

  9. So glad you can communicate often. That has to make it easier for you both. Thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  10. 3 in a row? Your on a roll! haha I'm so glad you are doing well. The technology of today really does make all the difference in the world. My youngest son went on a missionery trip for 6 months to Indonesia a few years ago and he had to FIND a place that had computer and internet services and then pay for a very short amount of time to use it. We didn't get very many e-mails needless to say and some of his letters didn't come until AFTER he was back. There was an earthquake over there that summer and I was somewhat hysterical. He actually borrowed an American's cell phone that had service to call and called me as he knows me well. I was sooo grateful to that complete stranger. What you are having to do is soo hard I can't imagine, but having the communication that you do makes an unbearable thing soo much better. YAY!! Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Debbie

  11. Yay for technology! I am so glad that you and the Colonel have such frequent communication.

    Again, please thank the Colonel for his service and thank you and your family for your sacrifice for our country! You are what America is all about.


  12. I really enjoy your posts on your blog. I'm glad your hubby has the internet, making you seem a bit closer.

  13. I am sure you cherish each and every conversation you have with your dear husband!

    Thoughts and prayers! ldh

  14. oh the internet is a wonderful thing..hubby was on subs and during his time of service there was no internet..just the 8 family grams...or if they pulled into port..take care and know you are always in our prayers.:)

  15. The only thing that sounds good about those shipping containers is the fact they are very sturdy. And the window, too, is a plus...SOMETHING...but I'm still riled our military RIKSING IT ALL gets only scraps and bones while the government poobahs and big business fat-cats get the cream and the steak of the land...HMPH...

  16. I remember when my son was in Desert Storm and we could only write letters and it took quite a few days to get them. I am glad that you have this service available to you.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading the updates on the Colonel.
    Prayers for you and yours.

  17. Sometimes technology can truly be a blessing, and in your case, it is! It doesn't seem all that long ago that this type of communication wasn't even possible. Thinking of, and praying for both of you! May your chats and smiles be MANY :) -Tammy

  18. Technology is just great for loved ones long distance. It sure helps to bridge the gap some.
    Thanks for your sweet comments.
    I had hubby read your post yesterday and he said the same thing. It should be free service. I know you're thrilled to have it though.

  19. Boy, you are on a roll! So glad you are having a good week. Keeping you in my prayers.

  20. I just can't imagine how much you miss him. Just know that you are in my prayers!

  21. I'm SO glad ya'll are able to stay in touch with each other and that he has internet! I can't imagine being away from your husband that long. I know I'm a big baby and I admire you so much...your entire family....and I'm very thankful for your husband serving our country! The sacrifice you all make is amazing!

    I looked at your post below and that is very interesting sleeping arrangements!

    Have a great day!

  22. Wow~ how amazing! *sigh*
    Thank you for sharing, dear!!
    Isn't it amazing what a sweet
    blessing technology can be?!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  23. I'm glad you get to talk to him. How are the kids doing? I will keep praying for you.

  24. Suprise!! There is a blog award awaiting you on my blog!

  25. I hope they don't put 4 guys in there, although I seem to stack kids like that, but they are smaller people :-) I've been behind on reading, and just read your post about the BC. It was so funny! I'll be praying for you.

  26. HOORAY FOR THE INTERNET, AND SKYPE, AND OUR MOST WONDERFUL SOLDIERS! God bless the General and his lovely family!


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