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My 10 favorite Christmas songs. 

Mary Did You Know
Breath of Heaven
The Messiah 
Silent Night - I especially love it in German
Emanuel, God With Us - Point of Grace
Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Josh Groban
Ava Maria
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Andy Williams
Oh Holy Night
Mary's Little Boy Child - The one we did as teens in Youth Choir

You may be wondering why in the world I have Andy Williams as one of my favorites. 

Well when we were first married, I asked the Colonel
(of course he wasn't a Colonel then!) 
to please pick up some Christmas music during the week 
so when we put our tree up we would have something to listen to. 

He came home with the entire collection of the Messiah. 

He noticed the look on my face and asked, 
"What's wrong with the Messiah?" 
Well, I told him that I thought he would purchase something 
a little more "Christmasy." 

That's the word I used. 
He looked at me and said, 
"You asked for Christmas music and this is the best there is." 

He then really noticed the look on my face and said, 
"Okay, let's go pick something out that's a bit more Christmasy." 
We then went and picked out the Andy Williams CD that we play 
every year when putting up the Christmas tree 
and we have a laugh over our definition of Christmas music. 

Although I have come to love The Messiah as much as he does! 

So how about you?
What's your favorite 10 Christmas songs?

Leave a comment so I can come and check out your favorite songs!


  1. I wanted to say, first, that I love your village collection - from yesterday - and especially the schoolhouse! They look so "Christmasy"....that is a word right??

    As for songs - I love Breath of Heaven, too. Hopefully I won't sound goofy when I say I really like "Santa Baby" (I know, not too spiritual :) ) but it always reminds me of my mother and just some of the silliness - or fun - of the holidays. Kelli Pickler has her redention out this year and I love it! Another one that will always be an "our song" around here is "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey - my daughter was crazy about this song several years ago when she was a teenager and now it always reminds ALL of us of her!!

    But we really do enjoy the real spirit of Christmas around here too! :)

  2. Oh, there are too many Christmas songs to name! I think my favorite is the classic Nat King Cole song!


  3. Your list is great. I LOVE Oh Holy Night, Mary did you know, Marish Carey "All I want for Christmas is You, haha, JOY to the world, Chestnuts roasting on a open fire?, I guess I could go on and on. I love Christmas music. Have a wonderful day. Oh, AGAIN my husband and I had a similiar experience except he came back with Barbara Strisands Christmas album. We never listen to it without smiling about our first Christmas together.

  4. I too, have too many to list! I love so many but of my favorites has always been "The First Noel".

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh Holy Night, or any Christmas song by Bocelli, Dion, Groban, Pavarotti.

    May your holidays be blessed & beautiful ~

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Christmas blessings to you! I love all the songs you listed but grew up listening to Bing Crosby-so they are in my favorites too.
    Have a wonderful Christmas filled with the Lord's richest blessings.
    Hugs to you.

  7. Hey Sweetie!! I love a few of the same ones, and have to add Charlie Brown's Christmastime is Here, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World, It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Andy Williams!!) And Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Breath of Heaven always just stops me in my tracks, and redirects my thoughts...simply love it!

    Love ya gal!!
    Christmas Blessings to you!

  8. I like anything Karen Carpenter gosh, that voice...of course it's bittersweet since she passed away but at least her beautiful voice remains...I like the sort of sad songs but my all-time fave is the one about Snoopy and the Red Baron at

    Merry Christmas, meine Freunde!

  9. Hey Miss Sunshine,
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my tablescapes. I love the Christmas dishes too, they probably are not what I would have picked but I do really enjoy them
    so much, and it is a reminder of Mom!
    My first two songs would be the ones you have and my third would probably be joy to the world,
    and I don't know after that.
    It's too late for thinking! lol
    Well chickie, You have a joyously wonderful Christmas with that hubby of yours and that drivin
    teenager and son!! lol
    Love, Peace and Joy to you

  10. I have awarded you!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  11. I love Andy Williams singing Christmas songs too. In college I bought an album (the vinyl kind:) of his and almost wore it out. Now I have it on cd:) He still has a great voice along with his now white hair:)via YouTube!

    I love all the Christmas hymns. And Silver Bells may be my other favorite.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Lois!

    Linda C

  12. Hi Sweet Lois,Christmas Blessings to you and yours! 
    It sounds like your tradition is to open presents on Christmas Eve?What a trooper your Mom was that year!  I don't know if I could have pulled it off.I love your selection of songs, especially..."Mary, Did You Know?"This year, with Hubby playing the accordion with a local theater group, I was re-introduced to a popular song "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" sung by Judy Garland in the film "Meet Me in St. Louis."  Also, there is a song that has the chorus "We Need A Little Christmas" and the lyrics really seem to fit the state of our culture this year.Well, it's very late here and I am going to try to go to sleep AGAIN.So enjoying my family and I appreciate all of your prayers for me.You can count on my continued prayers as the Colonel heads off to serve our country.
    May the JOY of this Christmas time carry you through.
    Love in the Lamb.

  13. May this be your best Christmas EVER!! That driver story was soo sad!! My oldest is 18 and we can't get him to get a license!! lol!! He's not motivated to drive anywhere that needs a license :-) Guess i can be thankfull!


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