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I'm a Little Off

Okay, well maybe a lot, BUT there are some things that I just can't handle.
If I see a crooked picture, I must fix it!
 If someone has a tag hanging outside their shirt or jacket, same thing. 

I'm obsessed with the way I use certain things and 
I know you've heard me complain about this before, 

When our church switched out the piano to an electric keyboard, 
I never for the life of me thought I would have such a difficult time with it! 

First of all, the only way to hear yourself play 
on the keyboard is through the sound system.

I'm use to just bending my ear down to the piano keys and hearing music! 
Not relying on the sound man in the back of the sanctuary to adjust the level of sound for me! 

And let me tell you, sometimes he is not paying attention. 
I have been known to, after the song is over of course, let the sound man know from way up front where I'm sitting to please make the piano louder. 
How do they expect me to play the piano...keyboard...if I can't hear what I'm playing?

I need the chair at my computer a certain height 
when I'm working, you know, transcribing. 
Same thing with the monitor screen. 
My son has learned to stop messing with both or 
at least put them back in their original position. 

I also like our towels folded and placed in the linen closet in a certain way. 
When the kids or my husband put towels away, 
VERY RARE in this house, 
I go and rearrange them...they never get it right!

Now don't tell The Colonel this one, 
BUT I like the dishes loaded a certain way in the dishwasher.
I always rearrange things when he puts dishes in the dishwasher. 

I mean, whoever heard of putting plates on the top rack? 
And don't we all organize our silverware, you know, forks with forks, 
spoons with spoons, etc?

I was thinking of these little irritations of mine that I'm sure must aggravate quite a few people and I remembered how particular my father was about certain things. 

We had this table in our entry way at home that was referred to as "Daddy's Table" because the only things that could go on that table were things that related to my father. 
Heaven help us if we tried to put our school books there! 

This table was used ONLY for mail, my father's keys 
and anything that he had to take with him to church.

And our family car...if you had the privilege to be able to use the car,
you HAD to put the seat back to the original position for my father 
and adjust the mirrors and REMEMBER to turn off the radio when leaving. 

He hated coming into the car and adjusting the seat and 
hearing the radio blasting as he started up the car. 

But you know what? I'm the same way! 

Don't mess with my seat in the car either! 
The best thing about our car is that it has this magic button 
that remembers different drivers. 

You can program the position of your seat and like magic it remembers 
and adjusts the seat for you the next time. 

Now if I could only find a magic button to rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher 
or fold the towels, life would be perfect!

Enjoy your day!  Let me know if you're a "little off" as well!


  1. Goodness, I must be a little off right with you. ITA agree about the computer, the towels, the dishwasher, the car seat (mine has memory seat, but our others don't--and I'm spoiled!), and the radio.

    A similar experiences with "Daddy's table" as well. My dad didn't have a table, but a kitchen drawer since it was handy to the back door. Heaven help the person (daughter!) who opened it in his presence: "Do you have a hunting license?"

    Have a good Tuesday!

  2. How funny...we could be sisters! You were echoing my sentiments right down to the way towels are folded...they just fit and look so much better if folded the 'right' way!

    blessings and hugs and welcome to my club,


  3. Lois you are in good company!
    Add germophobia and I rank up there almost on a par with Monk (the obsessive/compulsive dectective on TV!)

    But it dawns on me that those of us who like are towels folded "a certain way" might have our Moms to blame!
    Aren't they the ones who taught us?

    May Christ have His way with us, adding flexibility and grace to our strong personalities! Amen.

  4. I've just begun to notice in the last couple of years that I am quite compulsive about some things. But I try and get over it so as not to make my family miserable. It's ok if I don't inflict it on them.

  5. I am the same way! AND I married a man who has his quirks too.
    I totally agree about the dishwasher - who wants to have to separate the silverware AFTER the dishes come out - it makes more sense to put them all together as you put them in. Even though I am extremely busy right now, I would much rather be the one to fold the laundry because I can't stand it if things are folded wrong. Maybe I am a control freak? Hmmmm! I MEAN well though - just set in my ways I guess :)
    My hubby likes me to put his seat back after I am done driving the car and I also try to turn the stereo in the car down too - I listen to my music LOUD - and he hates to get a shock of loud music when he starts up the car.
    I think that as we age, we find what is comfortable for us and we cling to it - so much of life is unpredictable- why not allow creature comforts when we can control them - right?
    Thanks for the giggle today!

  6. No's just you!! HA!! !! Are you kidding me? I have to make sure the sheets on my bed are crease free before I lay down. Don't know just bugs me to lay on bunched up sheets. I also MUST have a clean car and windshield before making a trip. Weird huh?

    We are all just full of quirks, aren't we?? My sweet hubby now makes sure the sheets are how I like them when he is getting ready for bed! How sweet is that?
    That's what 30 years of love and commitment get ya!!
    Thank You Lord!!!

    Love you, Lois and I'm praying for all that concerns you. Hope this week is a wonderful time of blessings for you all. Use that phone number ANYTIME!

    Warm fuzzy hugs and love to you,

  7. Oh my gosh yes!!!! The towel folding thing makes me crazy. My closet looks like the shelves at Macy's with only the folded pretty edge of the towel showing. Okay...the Colonel actually puts dishes in the dishwasher? Bless him....even though everyone knows dishes only go in the bottom rack!
    Thankfully I have the memory car seat too.
    It just makes me feel good to have certain things done a certain way. Hugs, Loretta

  8. haha WOW There are a lot of us aren't there? I have been like that for as long as I can remember. At my house we call it, "mom's buffing" My husband and kids would straigten a room, do a batch a dishes, make beds, etc. etc., and then I would come around behind them and "buff" which might mean, the pillows on the coach HAVE to be a certain way, each nick nack has a certain angle and placement, the dish cloth must be placed a certain way on the sink to dry, the blankets on the bed a certain smoothness, and don't even get me started on dishes in the dishwasher, I could go on but I will spare you, lol. I've noticed my daughter is following in my footsteps. haha Yes, there are A LOT of us...Have a great day....

  9. Morning sunshine,
    Becky's right, it just must be you!! lol
    I am a reformed fanatic about how things look. I have been known to beat myself off to not fix something someone else did as a decoration or something at church
    because they are more layed back in their approach to things. I always have to remind myself about the damage to the relationship when I allow my tendencies to get the best of me. Have to say I am not as careful with those I am closer to tho, cause I figure they accept and know how I am!! lol
    Course, I try not to rearrange or change things in front of them! lol
    but it happens on ocassion.
    I think we all have these crazy
    quirks, if it isn't this one, it's
    something else. May the Lord rescue us from ourselves, sometimes we are truly our own worst enemy!
    You have a great week hon,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  10. Ahhhh I LOVE it!! It's always so nice to see other OCD people, there must be something about knowing they are like you. :) Obviously I am the same way. I laughed at the rearranging the dishwasher after your husband, I do that ALL the time and Matt is like "why?...why?" :) He doesn't mind too much though because it really means there is not much for him to do around the house since I like everything in such a certain way. And I am really trying not to say anything when he doesn't put things away in the fridge where they belong...I know he just doesn't understand. :)

  11. This is fascinating. A neatnik!!! I wonder if your kids inherited this "neat-and-organized" gene?

  12. I'm WAY "OFF"!

    I'm learning to just let the towels go - Leah Kate's chore is folding and putting away towels . . . can you imagine how an eight year old does that???

  13. LOL- you and my hubby would get along great...while I like my house clean, I dont care how it gets that way...he is all business, has certain ways he wants things and whoa to them that disturb them-lol ...needless to say we have learned what the meaining of compromise is!
    Have a great day

  14. Although I hear where you're coming from, I would have been in a padded cell by now if I had insisted on those standards:) I think it's from raising 6 kids- 5 of them boys! Hey! If someone wants to fold 40,000 towels that just came out of the dryer, bless their hearts! Go to it!
    Of course, now with just our daughter living at home and going to college, I do get to do things more my way. But fortunately for my sanity, God made us all a little off-just in different ways:)
    Great post, Lois!

  15. I am definitely off about some things too. I'm so glad my car has the dual setting or I would be huffing and puffing everytime I drove after my husband!

  16. Oh yes mam! I am the same way. I wonder what that is? I have heard that women are like that because those are things they can truly have control over. Hmmm...
    I see my daughter being the same way. Guess I instilled that in her? Ooops, so sorry.

  17. I have some of those same hang ups! Espically the folding of the towels. Maybe a little OCD?

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my Thanksgiving stress. Hope you had a good one.

  18. Hehehe :)
    yes I am too!

    Love~ Jen

  19. We have a "disease" that runs throughout our family. We got it from our dad. We just go nuts if something is "lost". The world stops, and we search and search and search and cannot focus on anything else till "it" is found. All we have to say to one another is "so and so is looking for (fill in the blank)" ... and we all totally understand what is going on.

    My "skills" are pretty sharp too! I have found a contact in the dark inside a car. I also found the diamond from my ring (a week after it was lost!) hiding in the carpet of my son's bedroom.

    But I have to tell you, I have acquiesced that there is more than one way to load a dishwasher! I now err on the side of accepting help! LOL!

  20. I do not like change, and I am a control freak. Let's just say, Gary is a good man. I could never be married to me.

  21. I agree about the towels also.
    I like them folded just a certain way.
    Hubby puts dishes in the dishwasher thinking he is helping me. Which I am not going to complain about, but before I start them I too have to rearrange.
    As far as my car, well my sons and hubby are taller than me, so if they drive my car it is like getting in the back seat and sitting on the floor. I need it up and close so I can see to drive. So I let them know that it is to be put back my way.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. LOL, I'm the complete opposite. It's funny because my mom is kind of like you but her mom was more like me, and one of my daughters is more like my mom---it has to be just so! I wonder if it really does skip generations---we used to joke about that when I was younger.

  23. Apparently, I'm a little off as well :) I can relate! -Tammy

  24. Yep, I am definitely off too!! When I go to bed, I have to have the closet door shut, the window blinds pulled all the way down so no light comes in, the bedroom door closed almost all the way-kept slightly open so my kitty can wander during the night, and last but not least, my blankets have to a certain way before I can get comfy and fall asleep. Crazy?!! Maybe, we all have little quirks. That is what makes us so unique!!

  25. I am exactly the same way. I have a way of doing things.... and hopefully, my family doesn't know that it isn't the way they do things.

  26. If you are a little off.... I am WAY off!!

    You and your family will be in my prayers as you are separated from your hubby for the next year. I so appreciate his service to our country!!


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