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Spiritual Sunday

Here's a beautiful promise:

Psalms 32:7

"You are my hiding place; 
you will protect me from trouble 
and surround me with songs of deliverance." 

When I was a little girl growing up hearing my father preach, he once devoted every Wednesday Night Bible Study to the book of Psalms.

One Psalm, every Wednesday. 
Of course, he split Psalms 119 into sections.
I don't know how long this took for him to 
"Preach his way through the Psalms"
But I do remember enjoying these sermons. 

In fact I enjoyed them so much when my dad was packing up his library to move I asked for his sermon books on Psalms.

They now sit in my library and I love to open them up and read them and picture my dad studying for hours over the sermons he wrote.


I remember my father explaining the meaning of this word found so frequently in the book of Psalms.

He simply said, "Think on that."

So I will do as my father instructed me many years ago,
I will think on the above verse
and not be so fearful of the coming year. 

Thank you Daddy!

Please take some time to read other encouraging posts over at Spiritual Sunday.  
Enjoy your day!


  1. Well, that made me tear up a bit. Sweet thoughts!

  2. Beautiful. How wonderful to have had your father all those years and to have such treasured possessions and memories.

  3. I LOVE that verse. It has been put song and FOR YEARS whenever anxiety was rearing it's ugly head in my heart I would sing that song over and over. I love thinking of the Lord being my hiding place. So I think I will join you in following your daddies advice and..."think on that"...a while today. Thanks for sharing this. Blesssings, Debbie

  4. Hey Sweet Lois,
    Love that verse. I love the word SELAH. My sister painted a picture around that word last year and gave it to my mom. I will have to post about it sometime. We are both blessed to have Godly parents who knew we would need to know what God wants for us in these perilous times.
    Thanks for sharing your heart. You are an inspiration.
    P.S. Don't tell your mom what I have done to her dominoes!!! LOL.
    Hugs from Texas.

  5. It's so great that you have your dad's sermons to look back on and bring those memories to your heart and mind. What a special thing to do.


  6. What a priceless treasure you have there - and how wonderful to have that legacy...growing up with preaching, not only from you dad, but that also had such a lasting impact on you!

  7. Yes I remember too! All will be will.

  8. What wonderful memories you have. I love the Psalms too.
    We would be blessed if you would share this with us on Spiritual Sundays. Here's the url:

  9. What a Precious Reminder of God's loving protection.
    I rejoice that you have such a godly Dad and that a marvelous reunion awaits you!

    Indeed, GOD is our Strong Tower, our Hiding Place, our True Home.


  10. Hi Lois,
    What a beautiful and touching post. What wondeful memories you have of your dad and what a treasure to have his sermons to read. Have a blessed Sunday! Hugs, Loretta

  11. what a blessing to have your dad's sermon notes! what better way to feel close to him :).

  12. What a wonderful treasure you have in your father's sermons. Love the verse too.

  13. I love to read the Psalms. Selah is a beautiful word with a beautiful, simple meaning.

    Thanks for sharing your special memories with us.

  14. What wonderful memories you have. Memories are truly a blessing when there that good. I'm so glad you shared this story today.
    God Bless,

  15. That is SO beautiful! :)
    What a testimony...
    the Psalms have been
    such a source of strength,
    joy and sweet refreshment
    to me as well!!

    What JOY to have been
    under the faithful instruction
    of a godly father~ who was
    shepherding Christ's flock.
    Was your father a Presbyterian,
    Baptist or Methodist Preacher?

    Many Sweet Blessings~
    and *hugs* Love~
    Miss Jen

  16. Oh~ and something else
    I love 'Selah'
    infact when I was little
    I use to have a dolly named
    Selah (after the Psalms) :>)

  17. What a lovely treasure you have to remember your father and his Wednesday night messages. He must have been so glad when you asked for those notes.

  18. Linked from Spiritual Sunday. This is neat! I am preaching on Psalm 15this morning. I bet your dad's book is encouraging in many ways.

  19. Your thoughts on the Psalms and your father touches this old preacher's heart. Thank you for posting your heart.

  20. What a sweet tribute to your dad and his legacy of love!


  21. What wonderful memories you have of your father! Such a wise man, and his thoughts and teachings will also help get you through the coming year. A beautiful promise ~ so true! -Tammy

  22. Wonderful post, wonderful verse! "Think on that" a powerful phrase. God has left us with such a wealth of wisdom, truth, commands, comfort....Kind David surely was man after God's own heart, as I'm sure your dad is too. You are blessed to have been raised in a home with a godly father...what a wonderful representation of our Father in Heaven.

    God bless,

  23. Awesome post! I love the Psalms. We have studied through them with our children during our family devotionals at supper.

    You are very blessed to have been raised by such a Godly man!


  24. Beautiful. The Psalms are filled with emotions of every description. That's why I enjoy them so much.

    I'm a PK too. :)

  25. What a gift to treasure! I think that would be so special to have those sermons from Psalms, and all of the memories they bring of your dad preaching them.

    I love the Psalms. And they are so good to read everyday along with other passages.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  26. Such a sweet post ~ You are blessed to have studied about the Psalms as a child.

  27. Once again Lois, ...a beautiful post. We are both so blessed to have godly parents who "trained" us up so we may have a blessed life. So many precious memories that we can hold in our hearts forever. I am praying for you and your family during this Holiday season and in the coming year. We have so much to be thankful for. Love and Hugs :)

  28. Beautiful memories...wonderful isn't it that our heart is sort of like a treasure chest full of warm thoughts we can revisit anytime we want...prayers are being lifted for your family...blessings...

  29. How special to have your father's sermon notes! What a treasure to be able to read words from your daddy's heart!
    I love the Psalm's - they are such a comfort to me.

    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  30. Thank you for sharing and it's good to see someone else calling their Dad, Daddy. I get teased to this day because it's Daddy not Dad.

  31. What a priceless treasure you have in that sermon note book of your dad's. What a wonderful impact he had on your life at such a young age as well. Blessings abound!


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