Thank You!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I cannot begin to tell you how surprised I was with all the 
wonderful comments 
you all left for me here yesterday.  

I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and prayers for my son.

We went to the doctor yesterday and they did a flu test on him which came back negative.  

Sort of glad about that.

Sort of not.

Would have just loved an answer to what is going on in his body.

The doctor said it's the same upper respiratory infection he's had since 
Labor Day.  

Same cough.

More antibiotics.

Michael is going for blood work today. 

He has an appointment this afternoon with the specialist he saw 2 weeks ago. 

Thank you for praying for him.  

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Will continue to hold Michael up in prayer.

  2. Still praying. God has all the answers. In his time.
    Warm Hugs,

  3. I will definitely continue to pray. Maybe the blood tests will hold some answers. Poor guy, that is a LONG time to feel yucky. Have a good week-end. Many blessings to you all, Debbie

  4. Will keep praying for Michael and you too so that all kinds of healing (from worry too) can happen.

    blessings with prayerful hugs,


  5. We'll be praying for him and you too. Hope the doctors find an answer to what ever is wrong with him.

  6. Warm Hugs,,,,First time here, just read someone is sick because of respiratory infection, I dont know if it would help, but someone I knew feels better after he inhale & exhale slowly...sitting at one place and continue to get relaxed, just like an exercise but one has to keep patience and go thru it. He also took steam bath quite often, which helped in loosening off the mucus in his get rid of congestion..Dont worry...He WILL be fine..

  7. Hi Lois,
    This is kind of scary. That is a long time to be sick. I will add Michael to my prayer list.


    P.S. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes! It has been a wonderful birthday so far! :)

  8. Hi Lois,
    So glad that Michael doesn't have the flu, but can understand the feeling of not knowing, please know that I have already prayed for him today, and will continue to pray.
    Please tell him I am thinking of him and praying for him.
    May the Lord strengthen you as you minister to your family.

  9. Will be praying for Michael and for you as well. The road you are walking with him reminds me of my oldest dd as she was growing up. It's so frustrating!


  10. Gracious! I know that's frustrating. I hope he heals soon.

  11. Will continue to pray for Michael! Hope the doctors are able to determine what is wrong and find a perfect treatment.

  12. I'll keep praying. There have been a couple of kids I know of that had the upper respiratory thng going on for over a month and they are both better now.

  13. I wasn't by yesterday, but will start praying today. Glad it's not the flu but at least that would come and go away-- will be praying that the doctors can easily treat what is going on with Micheal.


  14. Hi! Sandra at Sister.Faith let us know your son has been sick, and so we are praying for you, for him, for quick wisdom and unusual insight for the doctors. Blessings! KATHY

  15. YAY for it not being the flu! Praying that they do find out what it is though.

  16. So glad he does not have the flu but will lift his name up in prayer.

  17. Sorry your son had not been well Lois. Hopefully they can find out what is going on. 90 other sick kids,,,not good.I will keep you and your family in my prayers, more prayers for a speedy recovery for Michael.

  18. So sorry to hear about Michael. I hope he is doing better. Our grand daughters had a very long bout with something similar. They coughed so hard they threw up.
    The whopping cough could be the culprit. It is also known as the 100 day cough.
    I'll pray for him.

  19. I'm so sorry to hear about your son! I know how frustrated you must be with this lingering so long. Now that he is seeing a specialist hopefully they will find out what it is. In the mean time I will start praying for all of you. I took a look back on your blog. Snow already! The cider mill pictures are nice. We go apple picking every year.

  20. Will be praying!!!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  21. Hi ~

    I have been off line and out-of-touch so didn't know that Michael needs prayer.
    How is he today?
    Will pray for God's healing touch!
    AND wisdom for the doctors.

    Hang in there Precious Mom.

  22. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Didn't know Michael was sick. I will pray that he has a quick recovery.

  23. Poor thing, let's hope and pray he will be all better soon. {hugs}

  24. Hi Sunshine,
    How is Michael doing? Better I hope, will definitely pray this round of antiobiotics works! Is he about 10-12?? When my son was around that age he got strep and as soon as he went off the meds he got it back, and the problem was because of his growth the doseage was too small for him. Just thought I would throw that out in case this doesn't work you might want to mention it to the Dr.
    Guess what?? Our Pastor is still in ICU but they believe he is going to make a full recovery.
    We are all rejoicing!! Thanks hon for your prayers.
    Well, we had a fantastic time at our social, but forgot all about pics. Silly Me, I do it everytime.
    Sorry!! lol
    Hope all is well at your house
    and that you have a great afternoon.
    Love and Blessings hon,

  25. srill praying, I htink its mroe then a respitory thing, hopefully you will get answers. Theres nothing worse then a sick child.

  26. Will continue to pray for him!!!! It took us weeks,but came up as only the normal influenza here. It's more scary to not know what your dealing with, then to be able to know and face it head on! I will pray for him and for some answers for you all! *hugs*

  27. Oh I hope he gets better soon! You will all certainly be in my prayers.

  28. Im glad it was negative. Maybe he is just worn down and got the old timey flu.
    Girl put Temptations on all your Christmas list. Now is the time to order they have great specials. You deserve to have great things in your kitchen that you enjoy. I know my home is my haven!
    I feel better,but I did to much when I was able to get up so im taken it easy again.So hard for me to lay still I wanna bake =)
    Thanks for the well wishes.