Busy, busy, busy...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know WE'RE all busy. 

Work has been wonderfully busy. 

I know some of you might say, "Wonderfully?" 

 I'm grateful for the work. 

Grateful to be able to bring a little extra income into our household 
and not have to leave the house!

Michael is doing much better. 

But then again he always does good while he's on an antibiotic.

He went for blood work on Friday. 

Everything came back PERFECT.

We went back to the specialist on Friday as well.

He wants Michael to take allergy medicine in addition to his antibiotic. 

I've heard from quite a few people that have been struggling with a lingering cough.

I know everything will work out.  

I know he'll be okay. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. I'm glad Michael is feeling better. Could he be having an allergic reaction to something at school? I wanted to share this story with you. My son never had an ear infection before he started preschool. Three weeks after he started he had his first infection. He suffered from infections for an entire year before they found that the room he was having class in had a severe mold problem growing in the walls causing Michael to have a severe allergic reaction. The teachers had also been complaining of sore throats and asthma like symptoms. The only reason I mentioned this is because you said his problem started some time around Labor Day which is when school starts around here. I hope he continues to improve and is soon completely well. Blessings, Loretta

  2. Allergies can definitely cause problems. Although I did not have a cough, I was on allergy shots for years and they really helped.

    blessings and hugs,


    p.s. Loretta could be on to something also!

  3. Have a wonderful day~
    Sending Autumn Blessings your way!

  4. Glad your keeping busy and glad your son is doing better! I have terrible allergies and asthma, so I ALWAYS have a cough:(

  5. Thanks for sharing the good news from your home. You're in my thoughts.

  6. I'm so glad Michael is doing better and all blood work was good.
    It's nice to like the work you do. It makes life easier.
    Enjoy your day, too.

  7. I'm happy for you, both that work is going well, (and you like it) and Michael is doing better...YAY...My son suffered from allergies and asthma for years, had allergy shots for 3 years and did MUCH better. However, even now as an adult he is just much more likely to get every cough that goes around, and have it last much longer than everyone else. But I agree with what some have told you, some of those nasty coughs going around just seem to linger and linger.. Have a GREAT day..Blessings, Debbie

  8. So glad he is better and that you are staying wonderfully busy! Bad time of the year for kiddos, allergies, etc. Hope all of you stay well!!

  9. ITA with Loretta. I could write a book on it, so if you have any questions, please email me. Allergy meds will help to a point, but getting to the cause of the allergy is most important.

  10. I'm glad Michael is doing better. It's so hard when they aren't feeling well.

    I'm glad you're able to work from home! That's such a blessing!


  11. I am so happy to hear that Michael is doing better.
    Prayers for continuing health for him.
    Have a blessed day.

  12. Happy to hear that Michael is better! Oh, to have a work-from-home job. Lucky you! -Tammy

  13. Glad to hear Michael is doing better and that you are busy with work. It is always better to be busy.

  14. Hi Lois, I am so glad Michael is doing better,and for his great blood report. You are right everyone seems to be coughing. I will continue to pray.

  15. Glad Michael is doing better. Hope you all have a great day!

  16. I'd love to join you in being wonderfully busy with paying employment!

    I hope our son just continues to improve. It is so scary to have them sick, to have their health sapped by something.

  17. Happy to hear Michael is feeling better and has good reports!

    Zach suffers form allergies and they can cause some strange, unexplained problems - including a chronic cough.

    Blessings to you all!

  18. What good news to hear your son is doing better! Great to hear about your job. I wish I could find something where I wouldn't have to leave home. It's kind of like having the best of both world. I hope you have a lovely evening ♥

  19. Girl, I know what you mean about busy. Why is that! Seems like I can't keep up with everything this school year! UGH!
    So glad to hear that Michael is feeling better. I prayed for him to recover quickly.
    I am seeing a lot of this very thing at school with students and teachers alike. Mine has been a lingering sinus headache! Wears you out.
    Sending blessings your way!

  20. Yay for Michael feeling better!
    What is it that you do in your home?

  21. so glad your son is doing better!

    It's looking like it will be a rough year for a lot of folks with illnesses abounding...

    hang in there mom...I know it is so hard when you don't have the answers so you know what to do to make it better.

    Thankful his bloodwork came back great!

  22. I've heard people say they get this virus (not a flu, just some other virus) and they have a cough for 3 weeks or more!! I hope he gets better soon. There's a ton of stuff going around this year. It's going to be a long winter, I'm afraid!