First Day of School...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Michael and Olivia leaving for the bus...

Summer went so quick!  
They had no problem getting up at 6:00 AM.  
I'm sure this will change in a few days.  The bus comes at 6:40 AM.  
Michael is riding the bus with his sister again.  
Junior High and Senior high are on the same bus.  
Actually they attend the same school.  
Well, the Junior High is in the back of the Senior High.  
Same building.
A little confusing?  

How grown up they looked...especially Michael. 
Watching him walk down the driveway made me remember when he was three. 
He had just finished brushing his hair and was "checking" himself out in the mirror and suddenly said, "The girls are gonna love me." 

I try to do something special for them on the first day of school.  
I'm going to make their favorite dinner and some brownies.  
Then it's off to work for Olivia.  
She's working till 11:00 tonight.  I really hope it's not too much for her!  

Enjoy your Wednesday.  


  1. LOL..."the girls are gonna love me", how adorable is that??? What a guy:) Hope they both have a wonderful year, my son is a senior this year, hard to believe! Hope they ,and you have a great day!!!

  2. Oh, Lois. Reading this takes me back to when my kids were still in school. It was hard seeing them grow up. I always wanted them at home with me! Yours look so cute; and what Michael said about the girls loving him is hilarious! I hope they both have a really good school year.


  3. Michael sounds like a hoot! I hope they both have a great day!

  4. What a great idea to something special for them! Hope other moms pick up on that. I too, liked what your son says...tell him he needs to say it now!

    blessings and hugs,


  5. I hope they have a great first day of school! Enjoy your special dinner!

  6. My son started his Senior Year of college on Monday and my daughter starts 8th grade on the 31st. It seems like summer only started doesn't it?
    I'll pray that Olivia can find a good balance between work and school. She's a smart girl. She will figure it out.
    Hope the kiddos had a great 1st day!

  7. It's so heartwarming to see siblings who are good and kind to each other! You raised them right, m'dear.

    How nice to have their favorite dinner for them!

  8. They look so cute. I hope it's a great first day for them. You are so nice to have a special dinner for them. You make a very secure place for them to come home to. I love that.

  9. Hope the kids have a great first day back to school!

  10. What a nice picture of the two of them. Hope they have a great 1st day back. Hugs, Loretta

  11. Thanks for sharing~ what a blessing you have!
    Hope you all have a Happy Back to School week!

  12. I hope that they have a great day at school,
    I think Micheal's remark is so cute.
    That is such a great idea to have a special dinner for them.
    Have a blessed day.

  13. 6:40 sounds soooo early to be getting on a school bus! I hope that they had a great first day and what an awesome mom you are for making their favorite dinner.

  14. Ouch! That is an early busride!! These are great pics of both of them:) You will treasure these- and what a great idea for their favorites for dinner--great memories!

    Have a great week:)


  15. I can't believe another year of school is starting already. Our grandchildren will be going back soon too. I hope your children have an awesome year.

  16. Hi Sunshine!! It's so funny that they are going back to school, and me and Maddy just started our break from school. She has her evaluation in August so we just go through til August each year (with a slightly lighter summer load) and then break for 4-6 weeks. Your post sure brings back memories for me, too!! My older three and I were all public schooled. The good old days!!

    I'm sure it was a great day!! What an awesome Mom you are to do something special for them!! They'll remember that always!!

    Have a terrific Thursday!!
    Love ya!!

  17. Awww, what cuties! I can't believe y'all have to wear jackets in August. That blows my mind.

  18. Oh... how sweet! :)
    *happy sigh*
    Hope the had a marvelous
    first day!!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  19. What adorable kids! It is wonderful they can ride the bus together and their schools are close. Happy new school year to all :) -Tammy

  20. worrying about the girls, huh:-) thats funny:-)

    Hope they all had a great day, and enjoyed the brownies.

    6am is early too early for me:-)

  21. Aw, they are so cute. Hahaha! boys! They are a mystery aren't they?


  22. How exciting for them. They do look all grown up and so neat waiting to go out the door.
    Time passes so quickly.
    I hope they have a great year.

  23. I remember so clearly my first days back at school after the summer break Lois! Where has the time gone - I know that I will blink and it will be Amelie's turn!! I love Michael's quote - what a little darling! Hope you have a lovely weekend F x

  24. Young today, married tomorrow ... time slips by without much notice. Darling pics of the kid-ligs. TTFN ~Marydon

  25. My youngest starts school tomorrow. He has a half day so I too will be taking a half day to pick him up and whisk him off to a lunch. He has a had a ball doing a few all nighters this summer so by the end of the week I am sure he will be exhausted!!! It's hard to believe how fast they grow!