Happy Birthday...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I think you all know by now how I feel about this man.

He is my best friend and I love him dearly.

I love the way he takes care of me and provides for us.  

Every year we are apart on his birthday.  

EVERY YEAR he has work to do for the Army.  

And EVERY YEAR I couldn't be more proud of him.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Colonel!

  2. Happy Birthday Colonel.
    You are such a sweet wife. I can actually hear your love!

  3. I hope your Colonel has a great birthday and hope you find some time to spend with him:)

  4. Happy Birthday Colonel! Lots of good men born in July!

  5. Happy Birthday to the Colonel!

  6. Happy Day to your Hubby!! Hope you will get to spend part of the day together. ;)

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Colonel...may iy be a great one...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Hi there, Birthday blessings to your dear hubby! I know that you will make it a very special day for him.
    My hubby's birthday is Friday and as Jill said, many good men are born in July.
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. I see a very extra special birth-day coming on for the Colonel. Have a blessed day. TTFN~ Marydon

  10. Hi Sunshine,
    Please wish your hubby a Wonderful
    Birthday for us, and tell him we
    are very proud of our military men
    and women, and that we appreciate his service to our Country.
    Sorry that you can't be with him today and hope you got to spend time together over the weekend.
    When will he be home again???
    You are a great military wife,
    cause that is a very hard life on
    the man and his family because of all the unknowns and the separation,but you have a great attitude sweetie.
    Blessings, Nellie and Jim

  11. Is it just crazy coincidence that you are aprt on his birthday every year or is he in hiding because you might do something wild and wacky?

    No matter what, may it be a delightful day for you both!!

    blessings and hugs,


  12. Happy birthday to the Colonel! It's my mom's 77th birthday today too! Blessings, Loretta

  13. Happy birthday to your hubby.
    I agree many good men were born in July. My sweet hubby has a birthday on Wed.
    I know that you will make it a very special day for him.
    God bless.

  14. Happy Birthday! Hope you are together soon!

  15. Hi, Happy Birthday Colonel! I hope that he has a wonderful day! I also hope that you do to!

  16. Happy birthday to the colonel and a belated happy birthday to you! I hope you enjoyed your manicure and pedicure today. It's fun to be totally self indulgent once in a while isn't it?
    Hugs, Rhondi

  17. Happy birthday to the lovely Colonel - you are such a great couple, and your love for him shines through in every post Lois! Fiona x

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLONEL! Thank you for serving your country so well! May God bless you both with a lovely time of celebration soon, and continue to heal your leg!

    Love ya, Lois!

  19. I'm sorry...Did you say you were fond of the Colonel? LOL! You are a blessed lady! Happy Birthday to him! : )

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my little giveaway. Your name is in the pot. : )


  20. Happy Birthday to the Colonel! May he be blessed on his special day just as he is a blessing to you!


  21. HB to the Colonel. I am proud of him myself!

  22. Happy Birthday Colonel from the Mendoza & Hernandez family.

  23. Hoping the Colonels Birthday was a happy one for him!

    You asked about making the pulled pork in a crockpot... Since the oven is set at 250 it probably is not hotter than the crockpot. I have seen recipes that use a crockpot but using a different cut of meat. I prefer making it in the oven. It's just as easy and really does turn out delicious.

  24. Lois, happy birthday to the Colonel, and a happy blated birthday to you. Think of you often.

  25. Hi Lois, first thing first, I want to wish the Colonel a very Happy Belated Birthday Wish, and am so glad he is doing so much better.
    I am always so inspired when I read post like this, I only have to read your post and I can see the love you have for each other. I know my dh and I share the same, it's like our lives are so intertwinned together.

    I also read your last post and was smiling all the way, you got it kiddo, there will come a day and they won't be needing you in this way but trust me they will in other ways. And it is always so great when that phone rings, and they say "Mom I need to talk, or Dad what do you think about this."

    And Yes there does come a time when they actually thing we are smarter than what they thought we were for so many years. Ahhh sweet revenge. LOL
    Hugs, to you my dear friend.

  26. Such a sweet post. To honor the man in your life. Delighted to meet you. Your blog title caught my attention and I just had to stop by. So glad I did.

    Blessings from this missionary mommy,
    Sarah Dawn

  27. Happy Birthday, Colonel!!! :)
    The name of Lois's blog would
    not be so sweet without you.

    Blessings~ Jen

  28. I hope your Colonel had a wonderful birthday...your love for each other is the greatest gift...