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Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!  These past few days have been so crazy around here at Walking on Sunshine.  
I've hardly had time to do my favorite blogs!  

Saturday was our church flea market.  Every year our girl's program holds a flea market to raise money for our summer programs.  We charge $10 a table.  
Whatever you sell, you keep!  Great!

I've been participating in these flea markets for about 5 years now.  
And every year I dread them.  
 The work involved..going through everything, pricing everything, packing up the car, getting everything to the field, etc.  
And every year when the flea market is over...I've had the best time!  

This year was no different!  All week I dreaded the work involved.  I finally made it down to our storage room on Thursday.  I sorted through a bunch of stuff and threw out a bunch more! 
 I promised myself that whatever didn't sell I would just get rid of.   

Saturday morning, bright and early, Michael and I loaded the car...
...oh yes, the Colonel usually gets to miss this!  
He's only been around for one! 
But, Michael is such a good kid, he always helps me and he always has his own table, selling toys that he's grown out of and this year my mom gave him a bunch of things to sell,
 letting him keep the profits!  

After a quick stop at McDonald's for pancakes for Michael...hey, a bribe does help...we made it to the field by our church by 8:15 and unloaded the car, set up our tables and proceeded to have a great time!  
Michael did fantastic.  He's a true salesman!  

And I'm happy to report, I came home with only my crystal goose.  Almost everything sold, and what didn't sell I gave to a friend who was going to donate the odds and ends to a homeless shelter for women starting over.  

All in all I made about $100...I know that's not a lot, but I've learned to price LOW. 
I may even attend the fall flea market.
But I'll have to find stuff to sell, there really is no more "junk" in this house!

Well I'm off to spend the best part of my day...visiting with all my wonderful friends!
Enjoy your day!


  1. I love making memories and money together with my family. I'm always happy for you when your husband is home. :)

  2. what a great kid you have, and all just for a few pancakes, so easy to please, what a blessing:-)

    Hey $100 is a nice chunk of change, I shop cheap , so it could go pretty far here.

    Now about the crystal goose did you keep him:-)He could be the begining of your fall sale.

  3. This sounds fun--and also like a good fundraiser.

    Hope you have a good visit today with your friends☺



  5. Happy Monday to you too! I know it feels so nice to have our house de-junked. Good for you! Have fun spending your cash earnings~Carrie

  6. Morning! Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! We laid around all now I need to get to cleaning...Mr. Wonderfuls niece will be here for to two weeks and arrives next Monday....need to clean up the guest room!

    Have a great week!

  7. Hi, I've helped my two daughters and their families do garage sales for years and I never make more than $20. plus at the end I just give things away so congratulations on your sales. Have a wonderful day!

  8. It sounds like you did okay for yourself if you price low and got rid of all that stuff.
    I went to a City wide garage sale and I purchased more stuff and I might as well tell you that I shop cheap. lol
    Have a great day.

  9. Enjoyed reading here today. I haven't had time to post or read so today I thought I would stop by and get a smile. Thanks for the blessings.

    Have a great week!

    God is so Good!

  10. I haven't had a lot of time for blogs either! I really love reading your posts! About the flea market, $100 is better than nothing and you got rid of stuff you didn't need.

  11. Church yard sales are my favorite.

    Happy Monday to you!!!


  12. What a great time you must have had.. and with Michael! That's just great mother/son bonding.

  13. $100??!! That is awesome!! And such fun to boot!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!
    I'll be getting ready to go to my sister's for 4-5 days up in north Florida.

    Love and hugs, sweetie!!

  14. Sounds like a good day! I bet it feels nice to be "junk" free!


  15. Yay for you! Happy Monday to you, too!


  16. Awww.... special memories with family is the best!! :>) Happy Monday to you, Lois!!! Hope you are having a great beginning of the week.

    Blessings~ Jen

  17. You did really well! And shared the day with your sweet son :)

  18. Hey Sunshine! I always dread stuff like that and like you I usually have a good time before it is all over with. Feels good to clean out some stuff too, I bet.

  19. I remember I once had a garage sale with my grandson Thomas and he has never forgotten it. You and your son will always have memories of the times you shared together getting ready for and then selling at your church. I think that is awsome ♥ Besides both of you made some money too :>)

  20. Hi Hon,
    Thanks for stopping by today.
    That is funny your mom used to tape
    Pastors too. There are some good
    Pastors out there!!
    Glad the outcome of your church yard sale was good. That sort of stuff is always a lot of work, but I always love it cause I love talking to people that I don't know. You run into some pretty neat folks, and sometimes you get
    an opportunity to be really nice to
    some grumpy folks, and they wonder
    what planet you came from!! ha
    Have a great evening.
    Blessings, Nellie


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