Another Update!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Here's a quick update on the Colonel...

They opened the bandages yesterday and it was pretty disgusting. The nurse kept pulling gauze out of the wound and it just kept coming and coming and coming. 
It reminded me of a magician pulling the scarves out of his sleeve. 
The hole is that deep. 

They attached him to the wound vac which is a portable machine that will continue to drain "stuff" out of the hole in his leg and aid in his healing. 
If the wound vac doesn't close the hole, he will need a skin graft.
 I did offer some of the extra skin I have around my butt. 

Today the PICC IV line goes in and hopefully we can leave the hospital this afternoon. We need to stop by Ft. Dix for the doctors there to examine him and sign him up on medical leave.
 Once we are home, we will have nurses come to the house three times a week to administer the antibiotics to him through the PICC line 
and change the the dressing on the wound vac and empty the machine. 

Here are some pictures of the last few days...

Michael enjoying some McDonald's in the hotel room.  
For some reason he's enjoying this "vacation."

Phil's "wound."  Trust me you don't want to see what's under this bandage!  
Phil and Michael enjoying Father's Day...
Thanks for your prayers.  
I'll keep you updated! 
Love my blogging friends!


  1. My heavens what a nasty infection Phil has been attacked with. I will be praying for him and for the rest of your family as well. Keep us posted.

  2. Wow, I can't believe how serious this got. I will keep praying for his healing.

  3. Ewww, this sounds so gross and nasty. I know you'll be so glad you have your dh home so you can pamper him. Prayin' here.

  4. Wow, you all will be in my prayers, Lois. What an ordeal!

    I think Michael's grin in these pictures is hilarious! He's definitely looking on the bright side of the situation!


  5. My goodness, I will surely be praying for that recovery to come quick and fast!

  6. Oh Lois, I feel so bad for him.
    I'm praying for him, and for you and the kids.
    Hang in there!

  7. My husband had a strep infection in his leg earlier this year. These things can get so bad so quickly! Tell the Colonel we are thinking of him!!!

  8. I hope that he appreciated the sacrifice that you were willing to make for him by offering the skin off of your own behind! haha Prayers are with you and him. God bless.

  9. I am finally catching up on blogs....I have been behind since my vacation and internet outage. I am so sorry for your husband. I will be praying for all of you. My mother had a staph infection several years ago, and she had to be on the antibiotics through a PICC line for a few months. She did make a full recovery! And I am sure that your husband will too!

    love the new background.

  10. You seem to be handling this well, which shows what a wonderful wife you are. Your offer of extra butt skin is so giving. Seriously, you are to be commended for keeping it together, and taking the time to update us.

    I hope you are all home today, so he healing can continue. It is always much nicer in your own surroundings.

  11. All of you continue to be in my prayers. I hope everything goes well and your hubby gets to go home. I will be thinking of you.

  12. Hi there,
    I'm a new blogging friend and will pray for your husband and your whole family. May he experience God's healing touch and you - God's strength and peace.
    Love in the Lamb.

  13. Loving you right back Gal!! Great pics!! You know I'm praying for the Colonel and your family!!

    Trusting that you will all be back home soon!!

    Love and BIG HUGS!!

  14. I'm still praying and wait to hear of good news and a homegoing. That is to your house, of course.

  15. I am praying with you for a fast recovery for your hubby. I'm so sorry that this infection is causing so much trouble! What a way to spend Father's Day, huh?

    Hope you all get home soon!


  16. Lois,

    Gosh, I just now caught up on what's been going on. I'll add the Colonel to my prayer list. Staph can be a bad thing! My hubby is still dealing with a wound from a spider bite and it's been almost 9 months now. They talked about skin grafts too!

    Thanks for keeping us posted! Funny how the kids can make a vacation out of any trip! Your son is cute! :)


  17. Hugs & Payers!!!
    May the Lord give you strength
    and guidance during this time!

    Love~ Jen

  18. I am just checking in with blogging and will definitely be praying for your husband and the rest of you. Gosh that is one tough infection.
    Hugs and prayers for you all!!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  19. Hi Sunshine,
    Guess I can start calling you Lois, I kinda like sunshine it sorta fits you I think.
    Just wanted to say hello and to let you know you have been in my thoughts and prayers. In fact, Becky and I were talking and praying for you today on the phone.
    Hope to hear Phil is home tomorrow.
    Will continue to pray until he is up and around hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  20. wow what a serious wound he has , will be praying for the meds to healit quickly.

    Your son is sweet, maybe his happy attitude was to help keep you uplifted in a difficult time, I am sure he is nice to have in the evenings to talk with .

  21. Oh my goodness, I had no idea you were going through this. I can't believe how terrible his infection is. I pray that the antibiotics will stop it and God will heal him completely! You poor thing, you have been through a lot. I am so glad that some of the stress is being relieved. I have been really seeking the Lord through my tough Spring of 2009, yet I feel like I am not close to Him. It is a weird thing being in a valley. I pray things get better for you soon.

    God bless you!

  22. hI LOIS, I was so sorry to hear about Phil, No wonder you have not been around. My dad did pass away the end of mAY was a nightmare, supposed to be a hip replacement...they don't know what went wrong....anyway we are all coping as best we can and I am ok most days. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...Take care, Cinner

  23. oh wow! heavy stuff. make sure he is getting his greens and taking his vitamins. really beef up the nutrition (though he may hate you for it). i will keep praying