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Another Pearl...

A woman once fretted over the usefulness of her life. She feared she was wasting her potential being a devoted wife and mother. She wondered if the time and energy she invested in her husband and children would make a difference.

At times she got discouraged because so much of what she did seemed to go unnoticed and unappreciated. 

"Is it worth it?" she often wondered.

 "Is there something better that I could be doing with my time?" 

It was during one of these moments of questioning that she heard the still small voice of her heavenly Father speak to her heart.

"You are a wife and mother because that is what I have called you to be. 

Much of what you do is hidden from the public eye.

 But I notice. 

Most of what you give is done without remuneration. 

But I am your reward.

Your husband cannot be the man I have called him to be without your support. Your influence upon him is greater than you think and more powerful than you will ever know.

 I bless him through your service and honor him through your love.

Your children are precious to Me. Even more precious than they are to you. 

I have entrusted them to your care to raise them for Me. 

What you invest in them is an offering to Me. 

You may never be in the public spotlight. But your obedience shines as a bright light before Me. 

Continue on. 

Remember that you are My servant. 

Do all to please Me."

~ Roy Lessin ~

Isn't that beautiful?  


  1. Not only very lovely, but very loving!



  2. Thanks for reminding all of us that what we do that really matters doesn't always have to be noticed by all.
    So glad to be back among my bloggy friends!
    Your new look is great on your blog.
    Have really missed your inspiring posts. Thanks so much for your prayers. They are much needed. I am feeling better already just knowing I have prayer warrior friends.

  3. That was great. It's so good to remember sometimes that God cares, no matter what He has called us to do.

  4. what a wondrful reminder that we are doing the Lords work as moms and wives, and our influence is great- we are raising the leaders, teachers, scientist,ministers etc of tommorow.

  5. From the male perspective ... it is great. And true. How many men will be in heaven b/c of the patient loving devotion of their wives which led them to Christ? How many children? The greatest evangelists are the moms.

  6. Nothing can be added to your post, except LOVINGLY WONDERFUL!! TTFN ~ Marydon

  7. It's hard to "go against the flow" in this rush-rush-rush careers-only-matter world! Thanks for posting that!

    Yer blog is looking fantastic!!!

  8. TY for the lovely comments. Where are you in PA I am in MD. Happy Anniversary, may you be blessed with many more. TTFN ~Marydon

  9. With the rush of the world out there sometimes it is hard to remember we are hear to do the Lords work.

    Thank you for sharing this, it is beautiful!

    God is so Good!

  10. I love your new blog layout it is beautiful!!! It is probably not new but I havent been on here in so long, it was a nice surprise.

  11. Yes that was so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless

  12. Great message Lois!! I have read this one before but it is always so good to read again!! How is your garden growing sweetie?? Can't wait to see your harvest!!

    Blessings, sweetie!!
    Love ya,

  13. Very very beautiful! I love it! Being a wife and mother is a very high calling and such a blessing!


  14. Yes, Lois this is so beautiful, I can just imagine my Heavenly Father having this conversation. Thank you for sharing this most inspiring post. We as women really need to take this to heart.and realize everything we do should be done as unto Him.Great Post!!!

  15. Very meaningful inspiration. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. I love that you wore your Mom's wedding dress. It is so beautiful and what a nice tradition. Queens? I grew up in Westchester NY and hubby grew up in Brooklyn and Long Island.

  16. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    I have been asked to speak two churches this fall and was thinking of this exact topic. I have been praying so we will see.


  17. So true~
    It does us well to be reminded often!

  18. Just a beautiful post my friend...loved reading it...May you have a great week...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps I just added my name to follow your blog...

  19. What a lovely reminder of who we are as women and mothers in God's eyes! Thank you for sharing! Blessings, Loretta

  20. That is beautiful. I don't think there is any greater calling than being a wife and mother and being there for the children. I'm so glad I was able to be at home when my children were at home, even when they were teenagers as they need someone there at that time as much as when they are small in my opinion.

  21. What a gorgeous post Lois. I am going to print this off and keep it in my Bible to remind me to be thankful when I am having days where I wonder whether being at home with Amelie is the right choice. Such a beautiful and timely post - thank you so much, Fiona x x

  22. Definitely needed a reminder of this. Thanks so much Lois!

  23. Very wonderful posts and good words to remember!


  24. Hi Sunshine,
    That is a beautiful post. I sent an ecard to all the Mom's I know with that same message from Roy Lessin. It is a wonderful work of
    encouragment, and needs to be read often by all of us Moms as a reminder.
    So sorry to hear about your hubby,
    will surely be praying for his knee and the infection.
    You have had a lot going on will pray for you to have strength and peace as well.
    Take Care
    Blessing hon, Nellie


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